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A New Beginning Part Two
Posted By: Bryce<emperorpenguin11@msn.com>
Date: 12 March 2003, 12:14 AM

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A New Beginning Part Two:

"Good Job Master Chief, the Covenant cruiser was
completely obliterated by the HAVOK Nuke you and your team
placed near its main plasma warp drive. The Covenant now know where we are, so it will just be a matter of time until they strike again. Moreover, when they strike, they will strike hard, fast, and without warning. I want you and your SPARTAN teams on full combat alert until further notice." "Yes sir, Admiral Keyes." As Master Chief left the command bunker, he saw some of the ODST's testing out one of the UNSC's newest weapon. It was similar to the Covenant Shade gun emplacement. However, this one had shields to protect the gunner. As he walked over, the ODST's saluted and asked for some ideas on where to station them around the UNSC Command Complex. When Chief had given them his opinions, he continued to the UNSC Hospital, where Stephanie, SPARTAN 118 would be. Her left arm had been badly burnt by an Elite's plasma rifle. When he arrived in her room, he noticed her to be reading a book, a book he had written about combat tactics three years earlier. "They are all wrong you know sir, it's hard to believe you are the one who wrote them!" "Well, things have changed over the past few years, we have better weapons to work with. I checked with the doctor, he said you could check out tomorrow and go back on the active duty roster in two days. Your MJOLINIR battle suit has been repaired, and is back to near perfect quality, despite what you put it through!" "Ok, good. But did the brass have anything bad to say about the outcome of our mission?" "Other than the use of $876 to repair your suit, no." In two days, report to my office at nine AM. All of the SPARTANs will be going through a series of exercises to test aim, endurance, strength, and tactics. We will then attempt to capture one of the Covenants frigates, the Ancient Mariner. Our sensors have picked it up about 867 KM outside out border. I and four others will undergo this operation, those not going will train for polar warfare. I'll see you in two days." As the Chief left the room, Admiral Keyes radioed him on the secure frequency. "Your Pelican D has been prepped and is ready for Operation Salvage Mariner. Keyes out." Great he thought, the Brass must really want that frigate, the pressures on now. At training, the Chief was very unhappy, the performance of his SPARTANS was not even satisfactory. "Are you ladies going to step it up, or am I going to have to find me some new SPARTANS?" "You don't need new SPARTANS, sir!" "Damn right I am! Ok, I have reviewed your performance statistics and have chosen the four who will go on the operation. Stephanie, James, Chris, and Tim, meet me in the Ops Room in thirty minutes, congratulations." In the Ops Room the Chief noticed Stephanie having trouble lifting her Modified X13-11 Sniper Rifle. "You ok, does your arm still hurt?" "I'll be fine, it's not much, don't worry." "Ok, but if you want to stay here let me know." The chief briefed everyone on the upcoming mission, and asked them to select and ready their selected gear. "Stephanie will be giving cover fire from any high perch she can find, James and Chris will be going with me, and Tim will be sabotaging the Slipstream drive engine. Sabotaging them is an essential part of our operation. If they are not destroyed, the Covenant could enter Slipstream and return to their home planet before we could get off the ship. Scratch that, Stephanie will not be able to find a sniper perch, she will come with me and Chris and James will stay behind near the airlock and provide cover." Chris and James protested, "But Sir, that will leave you one man short going in to gain control of the bridge! In addition, Steph does not even have a full auto weapon. That will be suicide!" "First off Lt.'s, that would be Commander Stephanie to you and it will not be suicide. I have trust in her ability to take down multiple opponents with a Sniper Rifle." As the Chief finished talking, Stephanie started to blush deep red. "Yes Sir! Chris and I will stay back and provide cover for the rest of the team from the airlock near the bridge." As the Chief finished talking, he told them all to meet him at launch bay I-77 the next morning at 8:00 AM sharp. "See you then!" After all but the Chief had left, he started to clean and oil hiss battle rifle. He put so much oil on the main bolt assembly that it slipped out of his hands and fell to the floor. It snapped beyond repair. "Damn! Oh well, that's what spares are for." He replaced the bolt and finished cleaning his gear. Then he started thinking about his team of SPARTANS. They were a good bunch, but being the only female must be hard on Stephanie. She was a to notch fighter. With her sniper rifle, she could put lead on target farther than 130 meters away! Since she had the procedure done to stop aging, she appeared to be a short, good looking, brown haired brown eyed 23 year old. The Chief and her were very good friends, and they were great partners on the combat field. He left for the SPARTAN Barracks AA, the one for him and his personal group of Spartans. As he dozed off, he started dreaming about the battle to come. "Bleep! Bleep! Bleep! His alarm clock went off and he stepped into the shower. He got dressed in his black combat fatigues and went down a flight of stairs to mess room. He ate with his team as they talked about what they were about to do, steal a Covenant ship and get back alive. They would have to do the impossible to make it back alive, and that is just what they were told to do. They got in the Chiefs personal Warthog and chided him about his poor driving skills. As they strapped into their pre-assigned seats, Admiral Keyes stopped by to wish them good luck. The Chief replied, "We don't need luck Sir, we have skill! Hoo-Rah!" "Ok Chief, I don't care what you believe in as long as you complete this mission." We'll do just that." The Chief replied. The Pelican started up its plasma drive, and the marine pilot took off and headed out into the void of empty space. Soon after, the cloaking device was activated. They were on an approach vector on the Covenant frigate when all around them bubbled with green light. "Great, more Covie ships! This must have been a trap. We should turn back and scrub the mission!" "No, we are still cloaked. And since there are a few repair ships, so this can't be a trap. We will continue on as planned. While we are inside the ship, we can have Cortana jam the airlock after we get in, preventing the other ships from helping." "Ok Sir, lets go." The Chief then ordered the pilot to lock on to the Frigate, and open the airlock.

To be continued in A New Beginning Part Three
(I know this part didn't have any action in it, but the next part will have tons of it!)

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