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Halo's Secret
Posted By: Bob Brown<ged@nvc.net>
Date: 03 July 2000, 10:27 am

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I'm writing this story so if somebody finds it they will learn the secret of the mechanical ring, orbiting a gas giant. The ring is named Halo. If you are reading this, then you will soon know the secret of Halo and why the Covenant are trying to destroy us and send help for the others.

   It started when our troop was making our way to an abandoned covenant base about 160 miles downwind of us. The troop consisted of about 100 soldiers and 15 specialists. We planned on getting the specialist there and have them download any data files that were left behind and review them when we got back to base. The soldiers were just there incase something ha to be moved or if there were any Covenant around. There were about twenty-five jeeps and five large troop transports.We had enough firepower to blow a hole in the construct.
   The trip went smooth to the base, it was an uneventful trip. The only thing that we did, the soldiers that is, is find those idoit specialists the wandered off the trail or away from camp. They can't follow directions at all. Anyways, enough babling. When we got there there was a few files that could be used and somebody found an old laungauge translator, the thing was old, probably some usless artifact that the specialists would pore over and deem it unusable.
   We were at the base for a week after finding the laungage/data translator. Since my friend was the one that found it, after the specialists were done with it because they had declared it useless, so they gave it back to him. We heard about the ruins about 25 miles away, so we took five friends and two jeeps and started on our way to the ruins. We got to the ruins and they were huge. They had the same type of language on them as on the translator. Somebody thought that maybe the translator was from the ruins, I told them that it probably was. We were exploring the ruins and trying to get the damn translator work, when it suddenly just turned on by itself. It scared the hell out of me and I dont know about the others, but they looked a bit pale. The group wanted to try out an Idea they had so they wandered off roughly north-west. I was alone in the middle of the ruins in a very large central cathedral. In the middle of the cathedral was what looked like a elevator shaft, it looked pretty intresting so I decided to check it out.
   I got over there and was looking down, down to what looked like a shaft to hell itself. There was a deep pulsing light at the bottom so I lay on my stomach to get a better view when some asshole said "boo", I jumped pretty damn high and as I wipped around to chew out the jerkoff that thought he was funny shit the sound of gunfire eruppeted about where the abandoned base was. "Shit!!!", i remeber saying, "haul ass to the fucking jeeps, sounds like trouble is happening!!!" We hauled ass back to base just in time to see the Covenant wipeing the floor with the humans. We were about 200 feet away, hoping the aliens wouldn't see us. "Fuck, we are dead" jeff said, "they are going to find us and mutilate us like any others they find, I mean rip out our guts and stuff 'em down our throats!".
   "Shut the fuck up jeff, they'll hear your hysterical ass yelling!" yelling softly i cussed him out for being a godamn pussy when we need soldiers. "It looked like they were ambushed," remarked Kat, "look around the defense guns, there aren't any spent casings." Damn, she was right, the humans didn't even have a chance.
   The battle last less than an hour, most humans fled in every direction, just to be blown to chucky bits of bloody meat by the Covenant snipers in the hills nearby. After the battle was over the Covenant slodiers searched for survivors, an if they found one they would brutally dismember, mutilate or maim them and leave them for dead on the battle field. One of them was heading torwards us and was searching around us and was about to leave when the idiot Jeff actually whimpered, and since most of the Covenant have bionic implants, the alien whipped around, drew his weapon of choice and came to blast the hell out of us. Lucky i had my .50 caliber auto cannon and i turned the alien asshole into quivering chunks of meat that were spurting blue blood. At that time i said, "Oh shit, our cover is blown anyways so lets die kicking some ass." Everbody agrred and started blowing up stunned and unexpecting Covenant soldiers. We either wanted the hover bikes nearby or the heavier armed and shielded medium hover transport, that was farther away and more heavily guarded, we decided on the bikes and any weaponry we could find. We were making our way torwards the bikes when a small group of human soliers came out of the trees nearby and started blowing the hell out the Covenant soldiers near the medium hover transport so my group changed their minds and went for the troop transport.
   When we got there the other group of humans was waiting for us, their apparent leaer came up and said "Thanks for going out there and supriseing those bastards, we would have never becuase they were too alert." "No problem," i replied leaving out why we did. Jeff turned away embarresed and said "Let's get the fuck out of here." "There won't be enough room." I turned around at the new voice, it came from a small woman, who was carrying a MKIII plasma cannon. I finally took a head count and saw that there would not indeed be enough space. "Fine" i said, "My group will take the set of hover bikes over there." and I pointed where they were. "Lets go guys."
   We headed for the bikes and checked the power and weapons power, they were a go, and we raced off torwards base, taking out any frustations on the covenant soliers on the way. We were a thrid of the way home when a energy b;ast demolished a tree nearby. "Shit!", i said over the com net, "the covenant have found us, evasive manuvers!" We were speeding through the forest and were heading torwards a small mountain range, "Head torwards the mountains, maybe we can find a cave to find shelter!"
   In a flash of light Jeff's speeder exploded into charged particles of dust. Well at least it was painless for the poor man. We raced faster to the mountains not one to be the target in back i kicked all power to engines and aft shielding. I risked a glanced a look behind and saw that the pursuing ship was a fast and agile type three assualt hover, we were screwed! We were almost there went a shudder went through my bike and it lost altitude and i jumped right before it hit, thank god the inflate suit! I saw the others continue on and the pursuing ship went right over head and knocke me down. It kept going but it dropeed a passenger off the side. I ran for the nearest cave, which looked artifical in a way, laser fire erupted over my head and around me as I ran torward the cave. As i plunged into total darkness as I entered the cave, i could hear my own ragged breath bouncing off the walls, i tripped and expecte to hit the floor, but i just kept falling and falling and falling untill....................................

I awoke about four hours later in a room at the bottom of the shaft i was falling, I walked over to the shaft to look up and i couldn't see the top. I must have slowed down somehow and hit softly, but still hard enough to be knocked unconcious. I checked my backpack to see what had survived the crash and the fall down, and i was surprised to see that every thing had and also the I had the translator. I didnt remember getting the translator form my friend who had it.....wait, now i remember, he had dropped it during the fight with the Covenant and was so caught up in the battle i must have forgot about it. Well its with me now, maybe i can find a use for it. All that i had with me was my p.d.d. or personal data diary, my timekeeper, two months of rations, and some entertainment data cubes. I'll have to make o without some key items, but i can rough it.
   The first week down in the "hole" as I call it was a living hell. I sparsly use my flashlight anymore for fear of the batteries running down. When i'm alone in the darkness i fear it. This is pure evil darkness, no light at all, no reference for keeping my sanity. I explore often sometimes i find switches along the wall and data banks. Often they are without power and in the same laungauge as on the ruins.
   In the second week i found a semi-lighted room at the end of the tunnel. I can see rows and rows of what appear to be controls for some kind of power-up sequence and engine controls. The room stretches for about 300 to 400 feet from end to end and with a slight curve to the floor. It is about 100 feet high, it is a very large room. Seats around the controls are set for what seems to be a humanoid shape about seven to eight feet high and multiple appendeages. I tried to power up some of the consoles, but most didn't work. I got one to work and got more lights on an a few enviromental systems up, then something beeped in my pack. I stopped what i was doing and checked my pack and the translator was working! I had an idea, so i hooked my p.d.d. up to the translator and the english scrolled by and turned into the language on the consoles, I have a translations for the equipment! For the next week i studied the laungauge and became fluent in the alphabet of theirs, which consisted of about 347 differnt letters. The laungage had separte letters for diffent meanings. It looked something like the Terran japanese letters.
   I went around and powered up the true enviro statoins and got some of the lights on in the hallways. The main AI was a high level and gone insane from no stimulation, and shut itself down about 1,000 years ago. The secondary AI had a program that processed the information for it and only awaked it when something important happend. I gave it a waking call. I had it start up the rest of the sysytems and start repairs on the main AI. Since it is a computer, it obeyed.
   I got the food prep statoins up and produced a semi-edible meal, hey it was better then the rations. I had been down here for about 3 weeks sofar. At the end of the first monthe the AI was back up and it wanted to know more about Terra and the fledling empire and also of the Covenant. I gave all the information i could give and it wasn't sastified. It asked me if i would want a cephlink, I said "What is it?". It replied that it was a nano grown low-level AI in my brain with links in my palm and in the back my head, that way i would have more access to the programs and files that It has. I was think that It could possibly wipe my mind clean, but then..what the fuck do i have to lose anyways?
   The operation took three and 1/2 days to install, it was painless, went to sleep on one day, woke up on the third. Now i have more access and am learning more about Halo. Here is its story.
   Halo was built a very long time ago by a long gone civilizationand they are called the Krang. They were brilliant, but warlike and always wanted more territory. So they built Halo so they could instantly transport their entire fleet of ships into a system and conquer. Halo is a large matter transporter that contains many small singularity mass'es, or I-mass, around the ring. Halo actually creates an wormhole any size to any sytem an dkeeps it stable for up to two terran months then the wormhole decays and collapse on itself. I-mass'es produced massive energy for Halo. I-mass'es are small, positively charged, collapesed black holes. So Halo started out as an entire ring of metal gridworks, weaponry, habitats, control rooms like the one i was in. The Krang built Halo so big so they could, in the possibilty, that they would have to transport their system of nine planets to another place in case of threats they could not deal with. They transported entire planets that had been converted into moving warships to sysytem to system. Halo was used to anhilate entire systems by not blowing them up, but by warping the planets into the wormhole and bringing them to the Halo andletting the I-mass'es rip the planets apart with their gravity wells. After a few thousand years Halo was beggining to move out of the Krang system, so they installed drives which tapped into the immense gravity wells created by the I-mass'es. They named the new drive the K-K drive. The K-K drives work like this: a gravity projecter projects a gravity well, ahead of the ship and the ship pulls itself along the path that the gravity well is projected on.
   After many times on destroying planets by ripping them apart, Halo had an atmoshpere on it and some matter was covering most of the Halo. About 10,000 terran years after it was built, Halo was neeed to save the Krang from being destroyed, a quasar was heading torwars their system. The krang powered up Halo and transported their entire system to where Halo is today, but in the process only two of the planets survived the transport and the rest of theplanets gave Halo the amotshpere that it has today. The of the remaing two, only one kept its atmosphere, the other only lost its atmosphere Halo.
   That is the end of Halo's history and i hope i ahve not bored you. I think i am going to try and start the weapons up and try to hook up the base's main comp to the main AI. Now the humans will have help against the Covenant.
   Two months have gone by since i landed here in Halo's main control room and i'm going to start up the I-mass'es, and try to get coordanites on the some Covenant worlds and ripp them a new one. Here it goes. Wish me luck.
   Power up in 10....9....8....7....6....5....4....3....2...1 Sequnce started. Wormhole projecters online, insert coordinates[ 998.str.MN-85673IJ.crr983]....ready?... Launch wormhole