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When Games Collide: The Tournament of the Century Chapter 2
Posted By: Brent Carmichael<tacomatinners@msn.com>
Date: 2 June 2003, 1:14 AM

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Hey there! =)

Before you begin reading Chapter 2 of "When Games Collide", I would just like to say sorry to some of you readers out there who found Chapter 1 to be a little confusing, some errors, and didn't exactly follow the Postal Dude's true dialogue from the game Postal 2. It was my first fan fic, so SHUT UP AND CUT ME SOME SLACK! Just playin' with ya! And hear me now and believe me later, Chapter 2 has corrected errors from Chapter 1. And later in the story, the Postal Dude's dialogue will remain true to his game, with some "subbing in" punctuation so the FanFiction.net doesn't come and lynch me for writing the Postal Dude's "actual dialogue". So, sit back, relax, and enjoy Chapter 2 of "When Games Collide: The Tournament of the Century" starring B.J. Blazkowics from id software's infamous game, "Return to Castle Wolfenstein". And sorry about the story's title- I had nothing else to think of. If any of you have any suggestions to rename the story's title, send 'em on in. I just might forget about my stupid title and change it to one of yours! Who knows... Anyways, here's Chapter 2. Enjoy!

-- Brent

Postal 2 is property of Running With Scissors, Return to Castle Wolfenstein is property of id Software, Inc. And Halo is property of both Bungie and Microsoft (Don't want to get sued by ol' Bill!)

Chapter 2

From Nazis to More Black Circles

Castle Wolfenstein, Northern German Mountains, 1943

B.J. jumped out into the open, his finger pushing the trigger on his Thompson. The Nazi personnel had barely any time to turn around and yank out their Luger's. In 30 seconds time, all except for B.J. were down.
"Stupid Nazis..." he said to himself.
Reloading his weapon, B.J. glanced around the room. "This is a new addition," he said. "Must've put this in shortly after I left."
The last time Agent Blazkowics was in Castle Wolfenstein was a year ago. He was assigned "Operation Resurrection", an operation that involved Nazis, the Occult, and bio-chemical technology. B.J. himself had to destroy Heinrich, an Occult-risen megalomaniac from 943 A.D. But the O.S.A., short for the Office of Secret Actions, saw to it that Agent Blazkowics completed his mission, destroying Heinrich and putting an end to Deathshead, the mad Nazi scientist who was responsible for creating the "Oober Soldat", German for "Super Soldier". The Super Soldier was part machine, part human. But in the end, Blazkowics put an end to Deathshead operation and the book was closed on "Operation Resurrection".
"All of you! Hans! In here!"
B.J. looked up from reloading his Thompson. Apparently, his little shooting run was kind of loud. Six Nazis stood at a doorway, all carrying MP40's.
"Son of a..." began B.J.
"KILL THE AMERICANA!" shouted a Nazi.
B.J. started firing his Thompson, and knocked took down one Nazi. He then jumped to his right to the wall again. Quickly yanking out a grenade, he pulled the pin and threw it out into the open.
"Look out! Grenade!"
An explosion echoed throughout the entire room. B.J. uncovered his ears and stuck his head cautiously out in the open. Dead bodies were lying on the floor, with a hole right in the middle. And, suddenly out of nowhere, a statue of a medieval knight fell to the ground with a crash, scattering metal pieces everywhere. Not a pretty sight for the queasy.
And, to complicate the matters, a little black circle was forming in the doorway where the Nazis ran in. It kept getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger.
Agent Blazkowics' eyes just got bigger. This circle was getting bigger. It was almost as unreal as "Operation Resurrection".
"I must be dreaming..." B.J. said to himself.
Soon that dream, now a nightmare, had turned to reality. A small gust of wind whooshed past B.J. from behind. Slowly, but strongly, B.J. started to float to the circle. But the speed increased, and it kept doing so.
"HEEYAAH!" B.J. screamed.
By now, half of his body was sucked into the black circle. He fought against the current of the wind to pull himself out. But then, things went from bad to worse. The top of the black circle began to shut. And it was shutting fast.
For the first time in his life, Agent Blazkowics had given up. The means of escape had now become impossible. He let go of the circle, and was sucked into darkness. The circle had closed, and Castle Wolfenstein was now quiet. Messy, but quiet.

Covenant Battle cruiser, Outer Space, 2552

"Get ready Chief, they're coming!"
The Master Chief cocked his assault rifle, finger on the trigger, ready to open fire. The Covenant was charging right at him. Two doors leading into a hallway had been bordered up by chairs and by means of locking the doors.
"Cortana, what exactly is coming at us?"
"Covenant platoon. Highest ranking. Brace yourself, Chief- this'll be Hell."
The Master Chief raised the assault rifle up to his eyes, enabling point-blank range. This Covenant platoon was coming. Their pounding on the floor as they came running to the door sounded loud and nerve-racking.
"Here we go, Chief. They're here."
Pounding was heard at the doors. It got louder, and louder, and louder. And then the Master Chief saw something that caught his eye. The doors were beginning to give way.


Chapter 3

The Master Chief carefully keeps an eye on the doors. The Covenant platoon is about to burst in, and so is something else...


For those of you who are familiar with Halo and if you beat the game and how it ends, the Halo portion of my story takes place after the Master Chief flies away into space. He most likely stopped somewhere and was given a new mission, and the Halo part of my story is his new mission. The same for B.J. and Castle Wolfenstein- that portion of my story is the same as to Halo's. B.J. returned to the O.S.A. and he was given a new mission to go back to Wolfenstein. Just tryin' to make it all make sense!