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The Book of Halo
Posted By: John Boscia<bosciaj@va.prestige.net>
Date: 31 August 2000, 2:16 pm

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Early in the morning, my mind was full of visions that I was gone from this war and back with my sweet-heart. She was the only thing that made me want to return, because other than her, my life was nothing. She had the power to change things from bad to good, dark to light, sad to....................then, all of a sudden, these lovely images were no more. Interrupted by the pearcing noise of the alarm. I woke up with my sniper rifle by my side. It took me a while to realize that alarm was telling us to report to the briefing room. I looked under my bunk to find that Killer was already up and gone. I prayed that I wouldn't be late.

I rose from my bed and my fore-head started to throb. A migrane or something but I had no time to think. I buttoned up my dirty green shirt, put on my belt, and grabbed my rifle. The electornic door opened and I started to run. The sound my boots clashing agaisnt the cold steel floor made the throbing even worse. My heart was beating like a bongo drum in an idian party or something. For the commander was very unpleasent when it comes to slackers. I turned the final corner and braced myself for the harse punishment that would arrive. But to my surprise, the last of the troops were walking in. It hit me like a cool breeze of air. I caught up and entered the room.

"Take your places men!" the commander said. "At 0300 this morning the armoy in the sigma quadrent was breeched by an army of alien convent. The forces put up an incredably good fight, but it was in vien. They stole massive weaponry and more importantly, The Book of Halo. As you know, we believe that this book might help us understand the secrets of this planet. So it is imparetive that we get it back. GPS satellites have found the troops retreating to a secret base just south-west of here. Intel suggets that there route my find its way right near here. So our mission is to not let these enemies get to their base. Here's the game plan." The commander turned on a gaint vid-map. "Ok, I want large attack infantry in this area of vegetation. You will attack on my signal; until then, stay hidden. Snipers, you each have different positions." I knew he would mention me first, "God's Warrior," and he did. "You are to go imediatly to the gaint mountain north-west 18 clicks. Sniper Bob, you are to report to the grassland and wait prone. Killer, take a jeep to your outpost in the north. You snipers are very important, cause if we do let them get by you can send their base a nice party. Then, I want all hitmen, Shadow, Bond, and Blood Venom, to go with the anti-armor squad to make sure those large tanks and hover-cycles aren't operating at their base. And finally some recon troops will intercept the convent before they reach us. You recons will be taking jeeps so if you lose any men retreat imediatly. This might throw off the convent. Ok, any questions?" Shadow stood up. "Yeah, why don't we just call the San Waun missile base and send some nice surface-to-surface missiles at 'em?" "We would execpt last weeks power outage left the computers out. That 'ill teach you never to rely on those poor engineer basterds! Any other questions? No? Ok, move out! I want you guys up there yesterday!"

We rose out of our seats and walked out. Before I left, though, the commander pulled me aside and said, "Next time, don't be late." He winked at me and I felt extremely stupid.

As we headed toward the prep room, Shadow caught up with me. "Hey GW, what do you think this thing really does?" He asked. "How am I supposed to know?" "Maybe you might have." "So Shadow, what do you think about those anti-armor guys?" "They seem stupid at first, but once you get to know them, they're not that bad." "Yeah, RIGHT. Well, good luck man." "Thanks. You too." I walked in confident. I know these convent guys are wimps. They act big but they have absolutly no skill. I placed each bullet into my rifle thinking of all the convent I would kill. I felt like someone was watching me and they were. I looked up to find Sniper Bob signialing to me. I walked over slowly. "What ya want?" "Just some new amunition for you. They're exploding tip bullets for that extra umph!" "Hey thanks man." I paused to load them in. "So, Sniper Bob, how many you gonna kill?" "Maybe 50 or so." "Well just leave some for me." We all walked to our locker and placed our helmets on. It kinda helped get rid of that throbing. The commader contacted us all via helmet radio. "Alright men. You guys are the best of the best. Lets kick some convent ass! MOVE OUT!" The gate opened and we rush out. I saw the other snipers running with ease, then noticed the heavy assault squad carrying rifles, grenades, rocket lanuchers, and I almost laughed out loud.

As I made my way across the wide open plain towards that mountain, my mind once aqain went back to my sweet-heart. Her face smiling right at me. I thought that If I killed enough of these convent ass-holes, maybe I could see her once again. On that thought I quickened my pace.

About a minute of no thinking and just running was stopped by the mountain. I made my way to the post and took a sip of water. Its cool soft texture revitlized me. Then I was notified that the recon team had arrived. At that moment I remembered what the commander said, "If you lose any men retreat." Now in a normal war, most soliders don't care if another dies because there are so many. But our numbers aren't as big and if someone died, it would be liked losing a family member. So I prayed that the recon team never had to retreat. And at that moment, I guess I made it worse cause the number four jeep hit a mine.

They came back and I readied my rifle ready to kill those bitches. I took a look threw my scope to see the convent now unprepared. The commanders plan had worked. So I waited for the commander to give the order to fire. It seemed like an eterinty but was only a few minutes. "FIRE!" "WHHHOOOO-HHHOOOOO!" It just came out of my mouth and I pulled the trigger. The bullet went right threw his skull and a small explosion lit up my eyes. Killer congradulated me, "Nice shot! Watch this one." I removed my eye from the scope to get a full view. I heard him fire and saw the aliens torso rip in two. From then on it only got harder cause the assualt squad was now in front. I took a couple of shots and none hit. From some unknown reason, I wasn't doing any good. This humiliation was confirmed when the commander contacted me. "Hey, what's wrong?" "I don't know." "Well start to figure it out! This was a hell of a time to have a bad day solider. Lucky for you the assualt squad is doing exceptionally well." "Sorry sir. I will not let you down. Just to prove this I'll kill the red general or I'll relieve my self." The commander readied his binoc's and focused on the general. I had a lot of pressure. All of a sudden I lost control of my body and my mind went back to her. I pulled the trigger unconsiously and it went right threw the generals chest. "Nice shot. I guess you can stay. Just don't mess up again! Commander out." Thank God.

Before I took my next shot, I noticed Sniper Bob. He was doing great. No, REALLY GREAT! He haden't missed a shot yet. He probably took out more than the entire assualt squad. I was amazed by him. That amazment led to sorrow as my radio came in. "The Hitmen didn't do so well. Only one convent was killed and Shadow is still out there wounded." His face flashed before my eyes. I climbed down the mountain and started to run toward the enemy base. "GW, what are you doing?" "Keeping a promise sir."

FLASHBACK: At the Recruiting station.

"So man, sure you want to do this?" "Yea GW! Always wanted to kill some convent idiots." "Well, I mean, this is a long way from earth. We might not make it back." "If we watch each others back, we will. Right?" "Yea." "Promise?" "Promise."

BACK TO WAR: Planet Halo.

That thought was in my head the whole time I was running. Then, an arm stuck out in front of me. I fell backwards very fast. I looked up to find a convent with an energy pistol pointed at me. I tried to run but my legs where frozen. The gun started to charge and I prayed. I heard the shot. Opened my eyes to see that it wasn't the convent that fired. It was Sniper Bob. "Next time, watch out." "Thanks." "No Problem." I got up and continued.

CONVENT SIDE: Two Captains on a mount far away.

"How are our forces doing?" Gartang asked. "Not good sir. I think it's time." "Me too." Gartang turned on his radio. "Unlock, MARLANA. Password: sdgsfcvxf."

At the secret base a camoflauge missile silo opened. But what was inside was not a missile at all.

HUMAN SIDE: My position.

I finally had Shadow in my sights. He waved to me and I sent his position to a medic. "Hey, you came." "What? You thought I'd leave you hear. Just stay still, I radioed for a medic. He'll be here soon." " Thanks man. You kept our promise." It seemed to mean a lot to him. The quiet moment was broken by a jeep riding towards us. He hit the brake right in front of us and the jeep went sideways. What was this guy doin'? He signaled for Shadow and then spoke to me. "The Commander said I should take you back if you wanted to." "No, I'm gonna stay and see if I can kill some more." "Alright. Commander, I've got Shadow and I am returning." As the jeep drove out of my view I ate my words as the entire convent army was walking towards me!

My first thought was, "What happened?" I tried my radio but no one answered. Where were they? It confused me but I could think no more for the convent was making a hasty advance. I saw a rock and hid behind it. I reloaded and held my rifle close to my chest. "Kate, don't fail me know." I named my rifle after her. I prayed. I prayed for the impossiable. I prayed that the aliens would just disseapper. Then something amazing happendend. My prayers weren't answered, but it was pretty close. A ship of BOB's landed in front of me. The cargo hold opened and they rushed out. They made a massacere. They killed the aliens so fast, I couldn't believe it. As they were finishing off the last of them, the leader came over and asked me something. "Are you ok son?" "Yea, I'm fine. I just don't know what happendend." "What do you mean?" "Well, I came this base to rescue a friend and as soon as he left all the aliens were here. I tried to radio but no one answered." "We saw your base as we were droping in. Your team was running toward your base." "Why would they do that?" "Well, why don't you ask them? Cause we gotta go." "Thank You again." "Don't mention it. Bye." "See ya. Who were they?" They flew into space as fast as a bullet. And for the first time in a while, I was truly thankful. So I pack up my gear and headed back.


On my way back I heard a small rumble. It got bigger and bigger until it was almost like a tremor. I turned around to see a giant figure in the background. As it moved closer I felt true fear. It was a giant walking tank! Knowing I had no chance, I thought I would make a run for the base. Before I turned to run, I noticed something on its chest. It was a name! It said....... MARLANA. Meaning nothing I turned around and ran towards the base. It got faster. I was running at full speed now. My legs not knowing when to stop. I just kept going. Then it hit me like a rock. My right leg went out. I dropped to one knee. The tank was closing in. In the last 24 hours I had come close to death more times then some people would in their whole life. I guess, It was my time to go. Tried crawling but no use. My time had run short. It was all over. Then all of a sudden, Shadow and Sniper Bob came driving in on the jeep. They picked me up and Shadow said, "I'll keep my promise too." As we were driving back, Sniper Bob took the gunner position and opened fire on the enemy. We made it back just in time, and as I turned around, the MARLANA was nowhere to be found.

As we got back in the base, the commander told me that they got the book and they had to retreat. "We would have stayed out to kill the rest, but I thought you rode back with the Medic. There is some good news also. They had already started reasearching the book. They think it leads to immortalitly. Our people are working on deciphering it. Nice Work. But one question, how did you kill all those convent?" "Oh, with some help." Then, a comms official came in with some news. "She's dead...Kate's dead." I readied my rifle.

The End