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The Unknown Planet (Chapter 1)
Posted By: blueshade<zackfair1402@yahoo.com>
Date: 27 September 2009, 8:32 am

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13:25 Hours

The Cryo chamber was dark, all but one light filled the room. Cortana appeared as a hologram and awakened his company, "Chief! Wake up!." The tube encasing him opened and he stood up only to float in the room. "We're re-entering a planet!" Said Cortana. Chief took her and put her into his head. He grabbed his Rifle and dashed of towards the stairs. Opening the door and jumping off the bars which held the stairs in place, the Chief asked if there was a Pelican on-board. "Cortana, are the're Pelicans on-board?""Yes, its on the last floor." Chief was falling slowly to the last floor. When he reached it he dashed off towards the door and went through.

The room he stood in was in utter chaos. "Go left Chief!" He followed the instructions and reached a deck filled only with one pelican. He dashed off toward the Pelican, kicking, punching, and pushing things in his way. "Chief, two minutes till re-entry." "Don't worry, we're gonna make it!" Entering the Pelican and opening the door in front of him. Chief started flight sequence. The U.N.S.C. logo appeared on one of the monitors. Chief flew the Pelican out the ship and re-entered the planet.

Chief was blinded by the bright light the flames produced. Finally being able to regain sight, Chief saw the ship they once set foot on started to break into small pieces. "Good thing we got out! By the way, how long have we been in there?" Chief took Cortana and put her in the panel and she appeared. Repeating the question, Chief looked at her while she looking down. "What's wrong?""We've been in there for 379 years, 12 months, and 4 weeks." What? Chief seemed to have misheard. He asked her to repeat the answer. She did so. Chief looked out the window. He didn't notice that they had entered the atmosphere and were flying in the clouds. 379 years, the thought made him mad, made him feel empty. The thought of Earth destroyed by some other species entered his mind. Was he the only human left? "Chief, I know that that time is long, but, have you accepted the thought that Earth is still there?" Thinking that she probably read his mind. Chief flew the Pelican over a mountain and landed on it. He sat there, frozen by the thought of Earth destroyed. He took his Helmet off revealing hi face, pale skin, scar on his left eye was now shown. He sat there for hours with thoughts in his mind..........

15:00 Hours
Crash site

"Search for any life X3.""Yes sir." The hooded figure walked towards a ship and entered, meeting another hooded figure. "Have you found this ship to be of any threat to our kind Yeva." Said the man. "We don't want another war do we""None, master. The ship seems to be of low technology and there are no signs of weapons that will be able to defeat ours.""Good, have you found any lifeforms?""None.""Good, our kind has suffered enough to be to sure about there surroundings.""How are the humans that we have found?""Good, they have been put in the cryo chambers. They call us 'The Forerunners' when I said that our kind we're the ones who built the rings. They also mention a person they believe to be a hero, a person named John."

???? ????, ????
15:00 Hours

Chief had finally stood up and made a fire. It was nearing sundown. He looked at the breathtaking view infront of him. Rifle still on his back, Cortana safely in the Pelican's panel. He stood up and went back into the Pelican to retrieve her. Putting her inside his head, he returned and sat down next to the fire looking at the view. "Amazing isn't it?""So that's why you took me with you here.""Well, anything's better once you've got friendly company.""Huh, never thought i'd hear that from you.""Well, I'm unexpected." After sharing a few jokes, Chief went back into the pelican and closed the doors. He put cortana back into the panel and lay down to sleep. He quickly drifts off into his dreamless sleep........

???? ????, ????
07:00 Hours

Chief woke up early the next day. Going to the panel and taking cortana into his head. Chief woke her and asked what day it was. "December 25, 2931.""Merry Christmas!""Not Yet.""Huh, oh and a happy 380th New Year!" Said Chief as if the thought has left his mind.BANG! An explosion made Chief go outside with hif rifle in hand. A ship was hovering above them, dropping 13 soldiers on the ground. Before he was able to fire, his rifle was blasted out of his hand. Without any weapon, Chief could'nt defend himself or Cortana. The ship had landed and a voice went in his ear. "WALK SLOWLY TO THE SHIP AND DON'T DO ANYTHING STUPID!" He walked slowly to what seemed as his final moments as a human. He entered the ship and got hit on the back and the following things we're blackness........