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A New Beginning
Posted By: Bryce<emperorpenguin11@msn.com>
Date: 30 January 2003, 9:04 pm

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Prelude To: A New Beginning-

"Sir! Covenant ships changing course. They are uh, um diverting away from the fleet as if they have seen a ghost, Sir! They just stopped shooting, turned around, and went full speed ahead outta here." Ok Lieutenant, you may be happy. However, we still have a job to do! Scan the area for anything odd, and if you find anything, page me. I'll be in my cabin, you have the Conn." "I have the Conn., Aye Sir! You heard the man, start a Beta Priority scan on the double." "Aye Sir!" Bleep, bleep, bleep! "Uh, hello?" "It's Lieutenant Makerson sir. We found something; it is looks like a massive plasma bomb. Anyway, it is about a half-mile outside Earth's atmosphere. If it goes off, Earth and anything within twenty miles is going to go with it." "Ok Lieutenant: Get our fleet right to the edge of where the explosion will end, if the bomb does go off. And get a signal to Earth and evac all military personnel to the fleet, and take the ship back up to red- alert with all crew members at their action stations." "Aye sir!" Three ours later, a huge explosion rocked the area. Most of the UNSC fleet had already been damaged, and the explosion destroyed three frigates, a few hundred Pelicans, and two destroyers. "Damage report!" "Decks 83 through 97 have lost pressure, no survivors. That's about all sir" "Ok, order the fleet to the coordinates listed in file 89-B6-7A. Then order all but the skeleton crews to the surface of the planet and have them start building a shelter." "Yes sir!" Ever since the fleet crews started to build a shelter, a semi-invisible alien sped up construction, built things, and helped the humans. They would come to be called the Forerunner, the ones who created the Halo device. It came to be known that they lived in a massive Super-Capital Class type ship that had shields and a cloaking device. They have the look of a human between the ages of 35-50 but they are definitely not human. This is because they have the power to heal, create, and to speed things up. They rarely use these powers, but for the humans they made an exception. The Forerunner Commander, Mumtazertlir, was talking with Admiral Jacob Keys as the new UNSC base was in the process of being created. They were both very happy about the Covenant retreating to their home planet. The Forerunner reached an agreement with the UNSC and the civilian human population. The agreement stated that: 1- The Forerunner would help the UNSC to create a home/base to live in. 2- The Forerunner would help the UNSC with any threat to human life. 3- The UNSC would do the same for the Forerunner. 4- The Forerunner would be allowed a safe heaven in UNSC controlled space. The Forerunner and the UNSC accepted this deal very quickly. Within seven months, The UNSC base was completed and ready to support human life indefinitely. During those seven months, the UNSC learned many things about Covenant technology, tactics, and ship design. This would greatly help them if another conflict arose.

Prelude To: A New Beginning Part 1-

Note- this takes place 23 years after the end of the Prelude To: A new Beginning

The UNSC was victorious in the brutal war with the Covenant, however Earth was destroyed by the Covenant. The Covenant now reside on a large planet called Theomal. They are still a force to be reckoned with, so human ships stall well clear of their planet. The Flood have been exterminated, so they will never threaten another civilization again. The Forerunner, the ones who built Halo, still exist, but without a home. They reside in a massive destroyer like ship. They are now allies with the humans, and they helped us to build a home in the Hope System. Their ship, First Explore, is never far from the Hope System. After the war, humans reengineered Covenant technology and they now use some of it. All UNSC ships have plasma weapons, artificial gravity, and shields. And the whole Hope System is surrounded by a very powerful shield, that can take more that three thousand plasma torpedoes and not even change to 99 percent charge. There is now only one place left were humans live, instead of the hundreds of places before the war. The human population is now roughly 101.6 million people. This place is called Hope. Hope is like a small solar system. There is one star in this "human" territory. It is called Keyes. Hope has three planets in it, and two of the planets have one moon each, the other planet has no moons. One of the planets with a moon in called Hope, and it is the planet where civilians reside. Its population is a little bit larger than 90 million. Its moon is virtually unexplored, but there are some medical testing facilities on it. The second planet, Sigmas Mendoza, is a planet where crops are grown, coal is mined, oil is drilled, and everything else that pollutes is done. It has a population of 3 million. It has no moons. Scientists have produced cells of all of the major resources. When nurtured in a lab they become large quantities of the intended resources. This ensures that the human race will never again be without the resources to survive. Scientists have also mastered a technique to prevent things like global warming. The third planet, Halsey, is a planet devoted to the military. There are no civilians are allowed without special invitation. The planet is heavily fortified and is home to the entire UNSC, other than the smaller bases located on the other two planets and moons, and the two fleets. (Except when they are docked) The Super and Regular Mac cannons, and everyone associated with the SPARTAN Project are also usually located elsewhere. It currently has more than eight million people on it, and 35,00 AI. All space docks are also located on Halsey. Halsey's moon is the base for the SPARTAN's. The moon is called Malice. There are now sixty- five SPARTANs, and they are grouped into six groups of ten, plus the Master Chief's personal group of four others. This group is by far the best, and so they undertake the most dangerous missions. This moon has only three thousand people on it, but it has four thousand AI. Master Chief, has undergone a medical procedure that will stop his mind and body from changing. This will cause him to live forever, unless is his killed in an unnatural way. (In battle, training exercise, etc.) The only other people that had this procedure done are Doctor Halsey and Admiral Jacob Keyes. The AI Cortana has been reprogrammed, and unlike all other AI, she will never "die." The humans consider a ten light year by ten light year "cube" of space theirs. This cube contains all human planets, moons, and one star. This area of space is heavily fortified. There are 300 Super Mac cannons, 500 Mac cannons, and the UNSC Home Patrol Fleet to guard it. The defensive fleet, Protectors, consists of 30 cruisers, 500 frigates, 50 destroyers, 5 carriers, 150 Plasma cannons, six dozen of EMP cannons, more than 4,000 Pelicans, over 5,000 Longsword fighters, and many other small attack craft. There are only 100 thousand people needed to man the fleet, because computers run most things. These defenses do drills daily, and are always fully staffed and ready to take defensive actions. The UNSC also has a large offensive fleet, Vengeance, which consists of a little more than five times what the Patrol Fleet has. This fleet is always atleast thirty percent staffed, and 90 percent of the ships operational at the lowest UNSC alert level. However, the fleet rarely strays out of "human controlled" space.

Part One of: A New Beginning-

"Sir! One unknown contact about to enter UNSC Hope System," yelled Ensign Peters to the Radar Chief. "On screen," said the Radar Chief. On the control room screen a small ship, the size of a Pelican B was sitting just outside the Hope System boundary. While the AI of the Radar station checked for an insignia, the ship entered the Hope System. "Alert USNC Command," screamed the Radar Chief. "Sir!" As thirty Longsword fighters approached the unknown ship it vanished. Seconds later it reappeared three miles away. Five hours later, Master Chief, the pilot of the "unknown" ship reported to Admiral Jacob Keyes, the leader of the SPARTAN Project. "That training exercise went well," Keyes said quietly. "Yes Sir, the cloaking and shield devices worked very well. But they do draw a large amount of power," replied Master Chief. "True, but since the newer Pelican D has a mini-plasma drive, you won't run out of power. We are working on a way to track a cloaked ship, in case the Covenant return with one." As Master Chief left the room, a Commander Jones called Keyes on the radio. He told him that there was a large Slipstream signature five kilometers outside of the Hope System. Chief heard this and while Keyes was alerting the Hope System defenses, he called up all of the other sixty-four SPARTAN's. "Everyone report to C Armory ASAP. There is a large Slipstream signature right by the system. If whoever it is points anything bigger than a flare gun at us, kindly remove them from sight." "Yes Sir!" In the armory most of the SPARTARTANs picked up a sack of fragmentation grenades, a modified MA5B with a silencer, a suppressed pistol, and a combat knife. As they split into their seven groups, Master Chief told them all to meet at the SPARTAN's two new Pelican D's, the ones with the cloaking and shield devices. When everyone was aboard Chief received clearance to take off and attack whatever appeared out of Slipstream. When the cloaking device had been activated, everyone relaxed a bit, they assumed no one could detect their presence. As they prepared to face another Covenant onslaught, the Forerunner ship emerged from Slipstream. It appeared to be heavily damaged and in need of assistance. "Contact them via encrypted communication satellite. Then do the same to HQ and tell them the contact is friendly and in need of assistance." "Yes Sir!" As the Forerunner ship docked in the UNSC Repair Facility hundreds of technicians scurried into the ship. They found that the crew had suffered few casualties, despite the heavy damage done to the ship. As the Forerunner Commander emerged from the ship, Master Chief greeted him. "What happened out there?" "A plasma mine exploded off our bow about two hundred meters away. It must have been from your war with the Covenant. We suffered only three casualties because of the extensive shielding and armor on our ship." "I am happy to hear that you had few casualties from this explosion. Our deepest sympathy to the family of the ones who died." "Thank you very much Master Chief. On our way here however, we encountered more problems. We located and destroyed three Covenant destroyers. They were headed to your home planets. And we believe the Covenant have sent more ships to try and test your defenses. As soon as my ship is repaired, I will join your fleet in guarding your planets." "We appreciate your help very much. Your ship should be repaired in about thirty-three hours." Thirty-four hours later the human fleet and the Forerunner ship were in a formation surrounding the Hope System. Every single SPARTAN was in their MJOLNIR Battle Suit. They flew around in the cloaked Pelican D. After about three hours of no problems, A massive ship appeared on radar. "Alert HQ, tell them a unidentified Capital class ship is approaching the Hope System at high speed! Have the fleet change to Red Alert ASAP." "Lt., put us on an intercept course with that ship and remove all weapon safety locks. "Yes Sir!" "SPARTANS, I know most of you have never fought inside a enemy ship, well today that is all going to change. If you are in trouble, use the radio and call for help. However, avoid shooting a lot, shoot to kill, yet fire selectively. Remember, our goal is not to kill them with our weapons, it is to plant the HAVOK Nuke and get out and back to the Pelican. Good Luck!" As the enemy ship, a Covenant cruiser named Death Bringer, fired plasma weapons at the planet Hope, they disintegrated in the shields surrounding the Hope System. The Covenant cruiser seemed amazed that their weapons didn't work. As they prepared to fire again a massive explosion went off inside the rear of the Cruiser. "Good job guys, now we just have to get out of this place! We'll go out the same way we came in but watch out for the Covenant. As the SPARTANS made their way out of the ship, plasma fire went by over the head of the Master Chief. "Fire at will, take 'em down! Everyone get in the room on the right. Ok, we still have 68.89 kilometers to go and three minutes thirty seconds until the main nuke goes off. As we get out, watch for Hunters because I saw a few in the shadows when we entered the cruiser." "Yes Sir!" A full auto fusillade of plasma erupted from the other end of the hall the moment they exited the small room. As they made their way back to the airlock, SPARTAN Stephanie 118, screamed in terror and pain. An Elite had shot off a few well placed plasma shots before being killed, and Stephanie's arm had been badly burnt. "Keep going, we're almost there. You'll be fine after we reach the Pelican, it has a doctor onboard." "It's ok, I'll make it." Just as the group of sixty-five SPARTANS reached the Pelican D's airlock, Stephanie passed out. They got her in the Pelican, and as she became conscious the HAVOK Nuke went off, destroying the Covenant Cruiser. "Think they'll be back, sir?" "You can count on it Steph." Replied the Master Chief.

To Be Continued In: A New Beginning Part Two

This is my first try at writing a story not needed for school, so please tell me what you think of it. I would appreciate suggestions, complaints, and compliments. To tell me your opinions on my story, please email me at emperorpenguin11@msn.com