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After Halo: Chapter 2 - Look, it's a Bird, it's a Plane it's......The Chief?!
Posted By: Black_Jackal<sk8boarderx@cox.net>
Date: 2 April 2002, 2:19 am

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Foreword: Yet again I give you a foreword. After numerous requests to make my chapters longer......I hope this is long enough. Oh, and I still suck at writing. If it STILL isn't long enough, write in the comments plz. Sorry bout there being no action. I promise next chapter TONS OF ACTION.

UNSC cruiser "Hell's gate" in scanning orbit around planet Earth

Ensign Jackson sat in the scanning chair in the UNSC cruiser, Hell's Gate. The cruiser was in orbit around earth. He wondered why FLEETCOM had put a lowly Ensign like him on a cruiser. He must be better than he thought. His ranking officers probably just didn't know how good he was. Or maybe because his best friend, a very high ranking officer (he couldn't remember the rank, he just knew it was pretty high up there) in FLEETCOM made a special recommendation to Captain Locking. Either way, he was proud of himself. The captain had instantly taken him from scanning station 14572 and put him on a cruiser. His duty was to watch for any Covenant activity in the area.

Suddenly the room was drenched in red light and an alarm sounded. Jackson sat up straight in his chair. His hands danced around the keyboard as the captain yelled orders.

"Sir! Covenant Seraph ship inbound at 08.76.34! It's headed straight for Earth!"

"Damn.....any other ships?"

"No, just the Seraph"

"This means the Covenant knows about Earth. Or they will soon, at least. Anyway, what does the Covenant think their doing sending a single man fighter? We'll destroy them immediately!"

"Sir! The Covenant ship is opening communications!"

"Open a secure channel and put them on."

"Opening........It's connected. Visual and audio on channel...... 56."

"Put it on the main view screen."

Captain Locking swiveled his chair to face the view screen. Cortana appeared on the screen.


"This is AI construct Alpha463. I have Spartan-117 on board and need immediate docking on any docking station. I have the codes if you need them. Codes are: 0924482-383729. Here is my AI record if you need it."

"The Chief is alive?! My records indicate that the Pillar of Autumn went down somewhere in the Threshold System. FLEETCOM even held a memorial service for everyone on that ship."

"They were wrong; the Master Chief is the only human that got off of Halo."

"What is Halo?"

"Never Mind! I need immediate docking on any-----"

The radio went dead. The Chief looked at Cortana.

"Damn. The radio's out. Must have gotten damaged when I hit that asteroid."

"Do you ever drive right?"

"On the Pillar of Autumn......never mind.

Damn! Entering atmosphere. The ships getting fried! Emergency atmosphere shields on."

Cortana struggled with the controls.

"I can't lose enough speed. Coming down somewhere in NYC."

The chief grabs a railing and locks his arms around it.

Cortana looked at him weird.

"Please take a seat"

"I'll be fine."

"If I had fingers, they'd be crossed"

* * *

Planet: Earth

Location: NYC, Firestorm Squad Base Camp

Time: 12:40 am


"No, SIR!"

The squad opened fire against at least 13 rebels. Armor piercing rounds tore into the criminals. They fell down in a blizzard of bullets and metal and red colored liquid.

"NO, NO, NO!"

"What is it sarge?"

"Never mind that. Turn on the lights please!"

The room brightened. The marines could see metal targets at the other end of the room. Fake blood was scattered around the area. The Privates got up from the trench they were in.


A lone marine stepped out of the crowd. He had dark eyes and a cold stare. Sergeant Aller didn't like him. But he couldn't ask for another sniper. This was the one he got.


"Wicker, go to HQ and ask if we can start the grenade drill."

Wicker didn't answer. He stared into space for about 5 seconds until the sergeant yelled.


Wicker snapped to his senses.

"Sir! Listen!"

At first there was no sound. Then a high pitched whine came soon after.

The Sergeant hadn't heard any thing like it. Not since Sigma Octanus--.

"Oh my god."

Private Fincher stepped up to Aller. He was the only one in his squad (that he knew of) on SO4 that got off alive.

"S-S-Sir......it s-s-sounds l-l-like a B-B-B-Banshee!!!!"

Suddenly the ceiling caved in from a huge impact from something. Aller only saw the shield for a microsecond before he ordered his marines to open fire. He knew the armor-piercing lead slugs wouldn't even flare the shields, it would stall the ship long enough until they got some heavy weapons.

"Sir,....our weapons can't penetrate those shields!"


Aller was so occupied yelling at his marines to fire, he didn't notice a green figure step up to him. The Master Chief tapped Aller on the shoulder. Aller jumped.

"S-Sir, if I had known you were in that ship...."

"At, ease solider. Where is HQ?" John asked.

"Go through that door" Aller pointed to a heavy metal door, obviously made to withstand grenade explosions. "And down the hall to the right. The people there should help you."

Aller's troops stared in amazement as the Master Chief walked away. All 15 of his squad members had never seen a Spartan, not including Fincher. Huarly stepped up to Aller.

"I didn't know they were real, Sir."

"They're real alright. They're real....." Fincher said.

* * *