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Hazmeo Part 1
Posted By: benzoe590
Date: 18 September 2010, 1:54 am

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Hazmeo had been under attack in the outer colonies for almost 3 weeks now, and the covenant had started digging. Derrick-163 knew that was a bad thing. When the Covenant wanted something, they either got and glassed the planet, or didn't find it, go mad and glassed the planet. Echo team was a team of spartan 2's which consisted of Nick-145, Rose-193, Alex-18, and Derrick-163. They waited approximately 500 thousand feet in the air, in orbit around Hazmeo aboard the Winged Fire. Hazmeo was a beautiful green forest planet, light blue skies, small suburban cities, crystal clear lakes, and large green fields. But now that all seemed like that had been ripped away from Hazmeo. Now the planet a military zone almost all over the planet.
Rose looked up from her seat in their cabin to see Nick come in. They weren't in uniform at the moment but would jump down to the armory with a snap of a finger.
"What do the Covenant see in this place?" asked Nick, as he sat down on the bed. "It's beautiful but the Covenant wouldn't want a planet just because it's pretty." continued Nick.
"Ya know they started digging." said Rose. "They want something, and they must want it bad.". Zevende, the Winged Fire's artificial intelligence, came on the speaker.
"Rose, please assemble Echo team and report to hanger 8-B." Said Zevende.
"Right away, Echo 3 out." replied Rose. She then stood up and walked into the kitchen, where Alex and Derrick were eating some toast. Derrick looked up with an annoyed glare. Whenever Rose interrupted a meal, there was a reason. He had also heard the announcement.
"Deployment to the surface?" asked Alex.
"Zevende didn't say, but don't see any other reason why we'd go down there." said Rose.
"Ok, you heard her." said Derrick. "Head down to the armory and get your gear, then meet up at hanger 8-B." said Derrick.
"Yes, Sir!" replied everyone. They all got up and headed out the door.

Rose was right, they were going to the surface. The D77-TC pelican dropped then off in the Suburban town of Maiz Chuidad, The only thing that moved was them and the flies fluttering around the corpses of civilians. Derrick looked in disgust at them. A sad reminder that the Covenant killed civilians.

An unngoy minor like Zip was never allowed to drive a spirit drop ship. However after Hal Delnamass was sniped from the driver seat by the humans who referred to themselves as orbital drop shock troopers, he had to take the controls He angled up, missing the tip of a human structure by mere centimeters. He tried to regain control but the ship tilted to the right. Zip hit buttons like mad hoping that one of them would help, but none of the did, he opened the door, and deactivated the grav lift. He didn't need to turn off the grav lift. He turned the stick to the left so hard that his fingers starts to become sore, he then held the stick in the middle in an attempt to steady the ship. He crashed in a lake half a kilometer north of Maiz Chuidad.

Nick took point and moved in for a better view of the Covenant spirit. It had crashed into a lake. Nick pointed his M392 towards the crash site and waved his hand for everyone to mover up. Derrick moved up silently behind him. His mark IV MJOLNIR armor was the same as everyone elses, but the small "163" on his shoulder let him know it was Derrick. Derricks acknowledgment light winked green., the "go ahead" for the team. The Spirit was still smoking black and blue fumes. The door panels moved and Echo team stopped in their place. The door panel broke off their hinges and out fell a Grunt minor with 3 pieces of metal stuck in his side. Fluorescent blue blood oozed from the wound around the grunts side. Echo team watched him stumble forward and look up. He stumbled back and made a high pitched squeal before Rose shot him in the ankle with a tranquilizer. He moaned and fell to the ground. Rose walked over to him.

"why didn't you just shoot him?" asked Nick. Rose rolled her eyes inside her helmet.
"Information, Nick. The more we have, the better off we are." replied Rose, a slight sense of talking back in her voice. He bandaged the Grunts wound and put in back in the pelican. Echo team moved forward in the city.