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Battle of Hazmeo: Part 1
Posted By: benzoe590<brooker@maine.rr.com>
Date: 30 June 2009, 9:16 pm

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"Lenz! Lenz wake up!"

Lenz's eyes opened wide and he squinted in the daylight. the visor on his MJOLNIR Armor had been cracked. Evey muscle ached. But Lenz thrust himself up off of the cool damp mud and stading upright, wobbled, and then was caught from falling by Spartan 125, Storm.

"Storm what's going on?" Asked Lenz.
Storm ddn't answer for a minute, he looked up toward the snowy mountain in the north. Although Lenz counldn't see for sure, he was positive Storm was thinking.

"Nothing good" said Storm. "Not at all good, Not since you were knocked out. We all scattered when the Cheiftin got to you.".

Lenz reached up into the hole in hisfaceplate. He touched his nose and his finger came back colored in crimson blood.
Lenz heard a light humming sound, like "vvvvvvvvv". Not a pelican. Lenz turned his weary head around and he woke right up! a covenant Phantom headed towards their position.

"Down!" Yelled Lenz. Storm dove behind a large tree, it was thick, and had a very nice beauty to it. Lenz rolled over to a small trench in the ground, got in, and tucked away into the corner.

"Hey Hey hay! watch it with those methane canisters!" Came a high pitched crackling voice from outside.
"Grunts..." whispered Lenz.

"Sorry Glubdub." Came another voice.
"That's Unggoy Major Glubdub to you soldier!" came the first voice.
Lenz took out his Magnum, aimed it for the seconed Grunt, and firing and killing the grunt with a headshot.
"Yaaaaaaa!" Yelled Glubdub as he bursted past the trees and into the swampy forest.
Storm leaped out with hs assault rifle and shot a line through the other 3 grunts. The 2 Spartans approached carefully until met with a thud from the clangy boots of a Hunter, two of them.

"Get them!" Said the first hunter, but to Lenz it sounded like "Shesh shem!"

Lenz rolled and shot the hunter in the stomach. it fell over, screamed, and got up again.
Storm Jabbed the other hunter in the face until it had fallen to the ground and oozed orange blood. Lenz took out his knife and did the same.
The phantom was still. then the ship rose away all at once. Lenz knew what they were doing, they were getting help.
"We have to move, now!" Yelled Lenz.

Storms radio flicked to life.
"This is spartan 153 to Spartan 125, do you have Spartan 116 yet?"

" Ya Arnold I have Lenz and we are moving towards the pelican, but those Phantoms are coming back with buddies and their gonna rip s to shreds so can we have some assistance?"

"Copy that, Charles-215 and I are on the way."
Said Arnold.

"Good" Said Storm. he turned a corner and jumped over a log. Lenz was right behind him in his ripped blood splattered armor. Lenz ducked under a branch slid down the hill, and came to a stop to look at the vally they had just come from, they were now in the forest of Hazmeo. Lenz turned and kept running.

GlubDub hid under a bush as the Spartans went past. Glubdub ran up over a small hill and towards were spartans were. they were fast. Glubdub ran and followed the Spartans keeping his distance. He Saw The Spartans get into the pelican and fly off. Glubdub called up the Phantom.

"What is it?" asked the pilot.

"We need something that needs to be taken care of" said Glubdub.

"What?" Asked the pilot.

"A Pelican." Said Glubdub.

"Who are you, are you a grunt?" asked the pilot

"Yes," Said Glubdub,"I am Glubdub.".

"A pelican? Were?" Asked the Pilot

"I will send you the Location" Said Glubdub.

He hoped that those spartans would be destoyed.

"Hoora!" Yelled Charles.
The pelican moved over grassy feilds and over forests and cities. It rose up out of the atmosphere of the planet. the clouds, the trees, the beaches, and the ocean was left behind, and Lenz truly saw beauty in it. He hoped the war would end, and things could go back to normal. but the beauty of Hazmeo was left for the last time. The beauty would soon be gone, consumed by the thick clouds of of war, leaving Hazmeo a wast land. The war with the Covenant would go on, world after world would be smothered, but Lenz was a Spartan. In the future Lenz and the others will return to fight the war on Hazmeo, but Lenz will never forget the beauty it once held.