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The Long Ride Home 3: Just Like Chicken
Posted By: Joshua Barreto<jrunfire@yahoo.com>
Date: 19 April 2002, 9:49 am

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     The Commander Luthos, Continued.
     "We shall equip you with our latest technological advancements." He put his right hand up."Stand down, he must trust our word for the time being."
     The green glow from the Hunters' guns died down, and they stood up to their full height. Four Elites materialized as they lowered their plasma rifles. This commander had a heavy guard. He must've been important.
     "Make no mistake human, we still have a mission ordained by the gods." He motioned for the guard to leave. He walked out, followed by the Hunters, and then the Elites, who slowly activated their cloacking functions. The energy barrier reactivated.
     "How did the flood escape Halo?" He didn't know the answer, he didn't even think about the question. But Cortana was on track, where were the flood, and how did they get there?
     "Chief, I found a way to get on their battlenet. Something's wrong."
     "What is it?"
     "Everything the commander said, it's totally incompliant with his superiors' orders."
     "What do you mean Cortana?" Now this was interesting,an entire Covenant fleet going renegade? Or were they just being insubordinate?
     "Well Chief, I'm reading into their data logs, and their High Priests, have decided that the human menace, should be taken care of first. But our Luthos, along with a great number of others, see the flood as the immediate threat. They're terribly afraid of them. The result was a split in the Covenant leadership into two factions: one that zealously pursues the destruction of mankind, and the other, which wishes to get rid of the the flood first."
     Now the Chief knew what he'd gotten into. He's in the hands of an enemy who is fighting on two different fronts. This was good, REAL good. It meant that they were not only killing each other off, but were killing off the flood.
     "This split in the Covenant forces was very unexpected. But we can use it to our advantage."
     She was right, the Covenant would be distracted. That could give him the chance of escape. But there was still one more thing to take into consideration. They wanted to 'exchange knowledge'. That meant he had an extended stay. Getting Covenant technology for study was important. Every little thing humans could learn was help.
     The energy barrier to his cell deactivated. Four Elites materialized like before. One of the silver armored Elites came before him.
     "Come, Cyborg, your meal awaits."
     They surrounded him, and brought him through a few corridors before arriving to their mess hall. A few grunts curiously came up to him. He looked down at them with a sudden movement. It startled them, causing them to jump and scurry off and away yelling,
     "Ahhh! The Angel of Death! He looked at us, AAAhhh!"
     The seating arrangement was simple, every species sat with its own kind.
     Rajihn served him his food. Some of it caused some concern for the Chief, as the ingredients flashed on his HUD.
     "I can't eat this." He said, pushing it away. "There's poison on this food, it'll kill me if I eat it."
     The Elite growled at him, tasted the food, and spat it out in surprise.
     "Grrraaarrr!! This is Um-joul! Who put the Um-joul on this?!"
     A couple of Jackals could be heard laughing.
     "You two, come before me now!!"
     The Jackals hesitated, then reluctantly came to the Elite. He back clawed them across their faces.
     "It was merely trickery sir, we just wanted to amuse ourselves at the human's expense."
     "Foolish animals! This spice is a poison to his body, detrimental to his health and anatomy. Besides, it is one of YOUR kind's disgusting spices on my kind's dish!"
     "We apologize sir, we concluded that he could not die from mere food. The possiblity of Death's Angel dying was not in our thoughts. We gambled at the idea, sir."
     He dismissed them both, and the entire mess hall resumed its usual clatter and noise of creatures feasting. The Elite got another dish, an Elite's specialty, it was anatomically and molecularly sound for the Master Chief. It was a glowing deep brown and beige dish, with chunks of brown objects mixed with the seemingly noodle like food. At a closer inspection, the Chief realized that the food actually reflected off of other things in the environment, otherwise, it was transparent. He removed his helmet, and caustiously took a bite.
     "So Chief, how is it?" Asked Cortana in a playful voice.
     "It stung like a spicy food at first, but the burn didn't linger. Besides that though, it tastes like, like..." The Chief took another bite to reconfirm his observations. "It tastes just like Chicken."