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welcome...........part 1
Posted By: badger<lifesucks_whyworry@hotmail.com>
Date: 23 September 2004, 7:16 PM

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Welcome to MX32D
The closest thing to hell you can get while breathing.

6 weeks ago the troop ship Seraphim with a full regiment of marines-600 men and officers-was engaged and crashed onto this rock, a relatively small asteroid in the middle of nowhere that somehow retained a breathable atmosphere, the covenent destroyer that attacked them then landed troops and armour and began the bloody process of killing every last marine on the asteroid.

'Medic!' screamed Corporal Brunetti. Titch,the squads medic, so named because he was 6'2, got up and sprinted the 40 metres to the corporals foxhole. He never made it.
5 metres before he reached the safety of the hole his head and most of his torso was melted by a hail of plasma fire.

Brunetti looked out and saw several red elites charging across the plain. He saw more, he saw a marine get hit in the face and go down-his face a waxy gray mess, he saw a marine get hit int the groin by a plasma bolt, he saw two jackals go down screaming as a phos grenade exploded between them. He looked down at his best friend, Lance Corporal Cutler, whose artery he was holding closed in his right hand. He looked at Cutler's 50cal. If he moved his friend would bleed out, if he didnt the entire squad would be destroyed. As gently as he could he removed his hand from his friends artery and dove across the foxhole. Trying his best to ignore Cutler's groans of agony he siezed the 50. and started firing. The elites were so shocked by this new threat that they stopped moving for a second, that second doomed them, the 50. bullets slammed into their shields which were useless against such an onslaught. Purple misted as heavy slugs tore into them, flensing flesh from bone, tearing, lacerating. One went down as a rifle bullet shattered his skull. The rest could only stand and die. Tears of anguish and hatred were flowing down Brunettis face but he kept shooting, tearing limbs from torsos, leaving elites screaming on the ground in pools of their own blood.

He heard the company's leiutenant shout orders and saw marines with bayonets run out to finish off the elites and then wipe out the grunts that had followed them. He staggered out of the foxhole and wandered the battlefield. Dead and wounded littered the frontline. Some of the wounded screamed or moaned while some just waited for the inevitable.

Marines avoided him, scared of the look on his face. Brunetti had a reputation-in phase 1 training he had half killed a guy just for looking at him funny. A dull rumble filled the sky. He looked up to see one of the regiment's two Pelican dropships cruise in. The Pelican pulled up, rotated, and then touched down. Wounded were loaded into the passenger bay. Brunetti strolled over and climbed in, a marine shouted at him but he merely lined the rifle up on the noisy marines head. The marine paled and backed away. Brunetti settled himself on a chair and watched the ground drop away. He remained sitting there for several minutes then got up and strolled into the cockpit just as the pelican soared over a small ridge. The blasted remains of the Valley class troop transport Seraphim lay in a shallow valley. The ship had large hole blasted into its flanks and a shanty town of tents had been erected around it. The Pelican's pilot swung around to approach the Seraphim from astern. The pilot brought the ship down until he was almost scraping the plating from the transport's dorsal hull, an opening rapidly grew larger until the pelican roared into the hanger at full speed. Brunetti covered his face and waited for oblivion. When it didnt arrive he peeked past his arm to see the hanger walls blur as the pelican rotated and landed. He swore savagely. The pilot climbed out of his seat with a smile visible on his face. The mans visor hid his eyes and the nickname on his helmet said BADGER. He flipped the visor up to reveal green eyes, he was still grinning and held out his hand.
'Im flt.lt James Barraclough. Pleased to meet you corporal.'
'Cpl Brunetti. Echo company.'
'Good thing you climbed in, i didnt want to have to look for you in that mess.'
'What are you babbling about?'
'You didnt get told? You're here to take a team to discover what makes this rock spin.'
'Uh huh?'
'Unfortunately the entry point is underneath the covie destroyer...'
'Yeah and?'
'...and the covies are already there-in their hundreds'