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Canyon Run
Posted By: Peter Ultsch<articwolf@knac.com>
Date: 04 June 2000, 9:15 pm

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ok this took me about 10 min. to write so its not much but i was boared and there was nothing better to do so hope yall like it.

Time secede to exist in the moment the we all sat at the top of the cliff waiting for the covenant to appear in the horizon. Sweat began to sting our eyes but no one dared to move to wipe it away, the slightest movement would give us away. Rain began to pour down and thunder was the only thing that would break the sound of the rain on our armor and the ground bellow the cliff. A squad of about 21 was sent to lead the covenant throughout the canyon, there the thousands of us all stationed a long the cliff would open fire on the unsuspecting aliens. There was nothing more to do than think of what lead us to this final conflict, we were the last ones left alive.

Finally the Com turned on and we got the message the squad was on there way to our position. We all sat there stroking the weapons we would use to rain down this destruction not fit for anything human or alien.....

Then we began to hear the echo through the walls of the jeeps racing at full speed away from there impending destruction. The rain began to pour down harder and the thunder stopped for the time being. It began to become pitch black as all light disappeared. Now we could see the light from the 7 jeeps iluminating the canyon. Not far behind the white light of the jeeps was the ere glow of the covenant ships. The jeeps raced under our position and stopped, now all the could be seen was the glow of death, the glow of the covenant as the approached. Even with the glow of the green light we could not see how many of them there were.

Palms sweating, fingers twitching and fears flaring we waited, hiding in the shadows, waiting for the impending doom of us or them, this would be the last time that many of us and them ever saw the world again. the walls began to tremble as the heavier ships began to get closer. As the trembling got worse it was hard to stay in our position, some of us moved slowly to remain steady, but this caused a single rock to slip and fall it creaked to the edge and rolled over making a sound of horror, the worst possible sound, the sound that could drive someone mad. "Crack" with that the covenant stopped and shut off all there lights....... we waited for the impending doom of this all.... Then a single flare was fired and lit up the entire canyon..... we saw that there was about 100 of them and a few thousand of us. Thunder began to roar, yet it was not the thunder of a storm of nature, no, it was the thunder of an uncountable number of shots ringing out of there holdings. It is the most horrible site to see your conrads slowly die and there lifeless bodes slide and fall of the edge. Slowly we were losing all of us dieng and all with our last once of strength we fired, and died... Then an unearthly silence came over the canyon as all humans died and not 1 covenant hit the ground.

"Sir...Sir..The report of the battle against the covenant has come in!" said a man in a clean cut black suit, the man in the chair turned and said "Whats it say Jim?" Jim responded "Well its exactly what we wanted to hear, all human marines are dead and not 1 covenant causality." The man in the chair stroked his beard and pondered a question to himself, then he spoke "So our experiment worked, the bio-enginered warriors are much better of a weapon than the well trained Marines......, Jim, go give this information to the secretary of defense." "Yes sir Mr. President." Jim walked out of the room and the President got up and walked to the window, watching the flag as it blew in the wind , he put his and to his chin and thought to himself "So this worked out better than I had hoped, and only at the cost of a few worthless people. This was surly worth it, but we need further testing." He walked back to his desk and pressed the intercom. "Marcy call the Military, tell them to exicute 'Operation Black Dog', but this time have them start with 10,000 rather than 3,000."