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a love built on strengh and honor trilogy
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Date: 28 October 2007, 6:37 pm

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Authors notes I don't own halo bungie does so don't sue me

this is an au to halo 3 Miranda keyes doesn't die jhonson does the chief is found in statis after 3 hours and the arbiter is heading back to his home planet not to see if it was attacked it was because he was in love with Miranda keyes and wanted to get her out of his head so he went home to check on his family and maybe he could stop thinking about her and I noticed there isn't a lot of Miranda/arbiter fan fiction out there I hope this inspires others to write some anyway lets get on with the story.

Chapter 1 returning home and discovering new feelings

The arbiter looked at the view screen and saw a sight he hadn't seen in many years his home world of sanghelios still as beautiful as ever he then left the bridge went down to the hanger and got in a seraph fighter and proceeded to go down to the planet.

He thought to himself i hope my mother father and sisters are safe he hoped they were and would soon find out if they were alive or not. But the arbiter found he could not stop thinking about that woman he saved from truth and the brutes he could not figure out why he kept thinking about her so much and then it hit him like 10 gravity hammers to the skull he was in love with Miranda Keyes.

After landing his seraph in a landing pad and then went down the old familiar road and saw his old house where he grew up and where his dad taught him how to use an energy sword and also told him how he would know when he was in love and that he should admit his feelings to her as his dad once said battles and victories offer very little comfort to a sangheili alone in his home and in his heart he then went in the house and read a note from his mom that said they had been evacuated to another sangheili planet with the other civilians in case of attack and would be back soon.

The arbiter then wrote a letter saying he had been there and that he would return in 1 week and left the house got back in the seraph to go back to earth and admit his feelings to Miranda Keyes and how much he loved her.

Chapter 2 staring into the face of love and showing no fear

After landing on cario station and asking lord hood what hospital Miranda was in he then went to syndey general hospital. He stepped into the hospital ignored the looks he received from civilians and asked the receptionist what room Miranda was in and on the way he saw an old friend thought dead exiting the room he was going to the master chief. The arbiter just said its good to see your alive john the chief looked at him and asked the arbiter replied that lord hood told him the cheifs real name when he asked him. John then said goodbye but not before asking him to meet him at the bar for a drink later that night.

Then the arbiter opened the door and saw the love of his life looking right at him and she looked as though she had something to tell him so he let her speak. 'Arbiter I have something to tell you now don't interrupt okay' he nodded.

Miranda took a deep breath and said 'i love you arbiter i really do and i know you might have a wife and kids but I had to tell you I cant get you out of my head.' The arbiter was silent for a few minutes 'I do not have a wife and kids miranda and I was coming here to tell you I also love you miranda with all my heart ever since I first laid my eyes on you and I know it would probably never work out since we cant have children and I know you always wanted to be a mother.' Miranda than said 'we could adopt it doesn't matter that we cant have children what matters is that we love each other enough so that just getting a kiss, just looking at each other is enough to get us through the day'.

The arbiter looked at her shocked he pondered her wise words and said 'your right miranda our love is one built on strength and honor and I will do my best to keep it that way'. Then suddenly miranda kissed him and he kissed her back I love you miranda keyes arbiter said. 'I love you too arbiter but what is your real name' Miranda asked he was silent for a moment then replied 'dove kalee my name was and is once again dove kalee' Miranda said 'I love you dove kalee' before kissing him again.

Unknown to them however john was outside the door and just said 'that's a match made in heaven' and walked off leaving the happy couple alone to celebrate their love after all everyone deserved happiness in the world even former enemy's .

The end

Authors notes so what did you think good or what tell what you think.


Authors notes I don't own halo bungie studios does please don't sue me

Dove kalee aka the arbiter walked down the streets of new york city down to Miranda keys apartment to take her out on a date their first date as a couple. They had gotten together only 2 short months ago after they admitted their feelings for one another in that hospital room in Sydney Australia.

Dove looked at the roses he got for Miranda along with a bottle of white wine and a box of chocolates and he hoped it would be enough to show her how much he loved her because he loved her more then life itself and as long as she was happy he was happy and that's all that mattered to him.

Miranda Keyes looked at the clock on the wall and saw she had just 20 minutes to get ready for her date with dove their first ever date as a couple she had asked Kelly for advice and she just said to be herself and Kelly was right Miranda thought as she put on her lipstick very right after she was done putting on her lipstick she looked at herself in the mirror and said only 1 word 'prefect'.

Dove walked up the flight of steps to his girlfriends apartment and knocked on the door he heard Miranda say just a minute then the door was opened and dove saw the love of his life in a lovely red dress with red lipstick and high heels and she had perfume on that smelled of beauty and nature. It was obvious she was trying to impress him it didn't matter to dove how she looked she was still beautiful in his opinion you look 'absolute breathtaking'

Miranda blushed a deep red and replied 'thank you dove you look great' she said seeing him in a rather nice suit and in his hands were roses a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates 'are those for me' Miranda asked dove replied yes Miranda they are 'I hope you like them'. 'I do dove let me get a vase to put these roses in' Miranda said while going into the kitchen 'come on in make yourself at home' Miranda said.

Dove stepped inside it didn't feel as if he was coming to his girlfriends apartment it felt like he was coming home. Dove looked around the living room and saw pictures of Miranda as a baby a kid a teenager a cadet in the unsc navy and finally a picture of her john himself and cortana taken on victory day the day the 35 year war ended only 2 short months ago today.

A voice said 'like what you see' dove turned and saw Miranda staring at a picture of herself and her father the late great captain Jacob keyes and her mother doctor Catherine halsey johns mom and the creator of the Spartan project Miranda turned to face dove and said 'lets go dove don't want to be late do we now'.

'So where are we going' dove asked 'to a lovely Italian restraunt in the heart of new york city' Miranda said dove nodded his head he then called for a taxi to take them to the restraunt where they were going to have dinner after paying the taxi driver they walked in and were shown to their table where dove looked at the menu and decided on a pasta and salad while Miranda ordered pizza and smoked salmon and each ordered beer and chocolate moose for desert. 'This is a very good restraunt Miranda you chose well' dove said Miranda blushed again 'I didn't know if you liked this place or not I chose between this restraunt a sushi bar and French restraunt' Miranda replied well 'I think you made a very good choice' dove said

Soon after dinner the couple went on a walk around new york city and after going up the top of the empire state building and looking down on the city of new york dove kissed Miranda who than thought he only liked her new look and after dove told her he loved her no matter how she looked she smiled and kissed him after going back down the empire state building dove suggested they go to a night club they saw john and Kelly after calling them over Kelly showed them both a huge engagement ring john had given to her moments before they arrived dove then got a glass of champagne and proposed a toast to the engaged couple of john and Kelly.

Soon after leaving the night club dove and Miranda were outside her apartment Miranda said I had a really great time tonight dove it was amazing I know Miranda it was an amazing experience for me as well Miranda then kissed him and then after dove kissed her back and left to go home Miranda looked at the clock and saw the time was 3 o clock at night and Miranda thought that those last few hours were some of the best moments of her life meanwhile a certain sagheili was thinking the exact same thing and just said 'I love her with all my heart'. The end

Authors notes so what did you think good or what read and review


Authors notes I don't own halo bungie owns halo

This is set 6 years after a love built on strength and honor 2 in this dove and Miranda are now living together in new york city next door to john and kelly and their 2 children Jacob and Johnson the four of them are working together towards peace and a better future so anyway on with the story.

Chapter 1 shocking news and a cause for celebration and sadness disappearance and anger.

Dove walked into his apartment and saw his girlfriend on the couch looking at the TV in disbelief, she said, dove come sit down you need to hear this. Miranda held his hand while dove saw the news reporter saying the very thing dove had hoped would be possible ever since he admitted his feelings to Miranda, the reporter said he and Miranda could have children together.

Miranda looked at dove right in the eyes and said how do you feel dove? How do you feel knowing we can finally have children together, Miranda finished by kissing him and dove kissed her back then replied' I am so happy darling I cant even begin to describe how I am feeling' Then a knock came from the door, Miranda got up and answered it, she opened it and standing in the hallway were john and kelly with a bottle of champagne john just said '' I know how happy you too must be, I thought we should celebrate this fantastic news.''

Miranda nodded and went into the kitchen to get glasses and some food while dove talked to john and kelly about how Jacob and johnson were doing in school where his sister evaa kalee taught them arts and crafts.
After twenty minutes Miranda came out of the kitchen with glasses and some lamb chops, they sat down talked for hours about many different topics like sushi vs burgers and how many grunts did it take to screw a light bulb when another knock was heard. Dove went to answer it and there were four marines outside john kelly dove Miranda we have orders from lord hood to bring you to new york general hospital now'' why? Kelly asked looking slightly about at the prospect of this celebration party ending too soon. When the marine answered its Spartan 043 your needed there right away ''he said sadly.

Kelly's heart skipped a beat as did johns. William was about to die dove just said 'ill drive us there' Miranda could only look on as she fought back tears as one of her friends was on his deathbed.

All four got into doves car and drove to new york general hospital , no one said a single word. After getting into the ward they saw William. He smiled and he was losing the battle with cancer. He told Miranda and Dove that he wished them many years of happiness and said to john and kelly that he wished them many more happy years of marriage ,and with that William Spartan 043 took his last breath.

Kelly burst into tears and cried on johns shoulder as he was fighting back crying like she was too, dove bowed his head as tears feel down on to the ground. Miranda left the room and silently cried when all of a sudden a man snuck up behind her and injected her with a sleeping drug right into her neck he than lifted her over his shoulder and left the hospital.

Dove then excused himself and left the room to find his girlfriend, when he noticed her ring that she had worn since the day sergeant johnson died. Strange Dove thought she'd never take this off unless something happened to her but that would mean someone abducted her. dove put the ring in his pocket and told john, what happened they then told the police who told them they would look into it. Dove would not wait, he would get Miranda back even if he had to fight an entire brute army by himself. He then got into his car and went off into the night determined to save his girlfriend no matter who had her.

Chapter 2 a search begins and true friendship

Dove drove his car through the busy roads of new york and rushed to his apartment to get what he needed. He opened his closet and picked up a handle . Dove pressed a button and a blue sword came to life, he then took some grenades and a plasma rifle put them in a bag and left to begin his search for the love of his life Miranda Keyes.

Miranda opened her eyes and noticed she was restrained to a bed in some kind of medical ward and on a near by tray were all kinds of surgical tools and needles. She gasped in shock when she saw a man at the end of the bed.

'' good to see your awake commander Keyes'' the man said Miranda gasped in fright, it cant be, your dead, I saw you die, Miranda screamed the man then moved his hand and started to rub her face. It appears I am not dead ,but don't worry your boyfriend will be here soon to keep you company he smirked. And with that colonel James ackerson the head of oni laughed his head off leaving the room while Miranda silently cried knowing what they wanted from her and dove she knew he was walking into a trap and she was the prefect bait for him.

John grew concerned he hadn't heard from dove for an hour now. that's it, he thought I am going to find him. John then walked out of the hospital entrance and saw doves car appear.

Dove where the hell have you been? Evaa has been worried sick about you she called me 3 times where were you john said furiously. I went to get something's dove replied staring into johns face. Like what a drink to drown your sorrows? Or getting ready to go after oni alone john asked the second one dove said nearly close to tears. I have to get her back I just cant live without Miranda ; I just cant stand by and do nothing while those oni freaks are doing who's what to her He finished before sobbing. John just said I would do the exact same thing if it was Kelly instead of Miranda, but your not going after oni not alone anyway I'm coming with you. Dove stopped crying and gave john a manly hug he replied thank you john you're a true friend dove said. John just said enough talk we have someone to save from oni. Do you have any weapons dove nodded and gave john the plasma rifle. The duo then got ready to drive to oni headquarters to save Miranda from the crazy colonel james ackerson and his minions.

Meanwhile at oni hq

''Sir john and dove are heading our way'' a soldier said ackerson turned to face someone and said kill john but bring dove to me alive so he can join his girlfriend is that understood. The heavily armoured man took out 2 swords and said yes sir the unsuspecting fools wont know what hit them.

Chapter 3 hope lost and a cruel plan revealed
Authors notes I don't own halo bungie studios does

Dove looked out the window of the car and he saw their target ONI headquarters just down the road and he parked the car in the parking lot.

john saw that dove was very determined to get Miranda back and bring her home and make sure ONI could never harm either of them ever again.

Dove pulled out his energy sword when john said 'you ready' dove looked at him with a cols stare and he replied 'I am always ready john' john nodded as dove then got out of the car quickly followed by john.

Miranda looked up as a man who looked like a doctor entered the room picked up a needle from the tray and he said 'I hope we have enough sedative to keep you and your boyfriend asleep you know you look beautiful' he then put the needle down on the tray leaned our Miranda's face and said 'kiss me' Miranda just spat in his face the man than struck her and left her alone in the medical ward again.

Dove and john made their way to the entrance the guard at the door said 'halt you have no business here' john just knocked him out cold with a punch to the face and walked in the main door follow closely by dove who said split up we will have a better chance of finding Miranda that way. But before john could reply a man in heavy armour with a spike on his shoulder and red hair appeared and said 'your not going anywhere'.

John looked at the man griped his plasma rifle and opened fire while dove lunged at him with his energy sword the man than took out two katana blades and blocked doves attack but not before johns plasma fire caused him to drop one of his swords that john soon picked up and the man than knew he might not win the battle but he soon saw ONI guards and odsts appear down the corridor. He smiled and stabbed john while he was distracted and he soon fell to the ground and focused his attacks on dove who attacked again and again with his energy sword and the man then decided that now it was time to put dove to sleep. He took out the sedative he had in sleeve and put it in his hand and just waited for an opening when he saw his chance the man stabbed the needle into doves arm and dove looked at him in shock and collapsed to the ground.

The man turned to deal with john when he was surprised to see his body gone and all the odsts either dead or badly wounded he then went off to find john and kill him while ONI guards came around the corner and began to drag doves body to the experiment room.

Miranda awoke from her dreams of freedom when she heard noises getting louder and louder the door was opened and Miranda nearly screamed out when she saw the guards dragging dove in unconscious and began to restrain him to the bed next to her. Miranda could not hold back the tears in her eyes any longer and burst into tears as she realised that all hope was lost.

John moved down the corridor easily dispatching 3 odsts and picked up a battle-rifle knowing full well the man who attacked him and dove earlier was following him he then wondered how Dove and Miranda were doing he hoped they were okay he turned down another corner and the man from earlier waiting for him with a double sword john took out his sword and attacked.

Colonel James Ackerson walked into the experiment room and saw Miranda crying he just said 'oh commander stop crying you should be happy that i reunited you with your boyfriend' dove then started to come to he took a look around before his eyes landed on James and he said 'all right ackerson what do you want from us' ackerson replied 'easy arbiter I want a elite-human hybrid child from you too for a few tests' Miranda than asked 'what kind of tests colonel' okay I will answer your question I hope to create a virus from the blood of your freak child that will wipe out the elites along with any humans who get in my way then I will rule over all with cure in my hands all will bow before me and I will rule over all while you too will spend the rest of your lives as lab rats for me to try all sorts of viruses on' ackerson than left the room with his guards right behind him as he laughed madly.

Miranda then looked at dove and said what are we going to do don't want them anywhere near our child she then started to cry again when dove reached out and held her hand and said 'don't worry Miranda I wont let anything happen to us'.

Chapter 4 rescue and surprising questions and revenge and the epilogue

This is the final chapter in the trilogy of a love built on strength and honor

Silence filled the experiment room when dove broke the silence and said 'Miranda there's something i need to ask you' Miranda then looked at him and asked 'what is it Dove'. Dove looked very nervous and said ' if we get out of this alive Miranda Keyes will you do me the honor of becoming my wife'.

Miranda was lost in her owns thought all she could think of was what dove had asked her 'he was going to propose to me' she thought she looked at dove and said 'of course i will marry you did you actually think i would say no' dove then looked at his feet and replied 'maybe' Miranda laughed and said 'I love you' dove looked up into Miranda's and replied 'I love you too'.

John charged at the man but his attack was blocked he then ducked a series of attacks he then punched the man so hard that even a hunter would fall down from but john was surprised to see him still standing he could only think of one reason john said 'you're a non human aren't you' the man replied 'yes i am a non human and also I am young you are old now die its time for you to make way for the future master chief' the man raised his blade to finish john off with a final strike but before he could a shotgun blast came out of nowhere and caused him to turn around.

john looked up and saw kelly with a shotgun in her hands she looked at john and said 'i figured you could use some help' john then attacked the man from behind and knocked him out with a punch to the back of his head and restrained him to a pipe with some rope.

John then turned to face Kelly and said 'I love you' and he then kissed her and kelly kissed him back 'now come on john we need to find Dove and Miranda' kelly said john replied 'you don't have to tell me twice honey' and with that the two Spartans went to rescue their friends from ONI scientists determined to perform surgery on them.

Ackerson entered the room with several scientists and doctors and he than declared 'its time to begin the experiment first we need to put you too to sleep so you don't make this difficult okay, a doctor picked up two needles filled with sedatives and prepared to inject them into their test subjects when a flare went off followed gun fire.

When the flare died out Miranda and Dove saw John and kelly standing inside the room dove just said hey 'john Kelly it took you guys long enough now can you please untie us' kelly then proceeded to untie Miranda while john untied dove after being set free Miranda and dove then picked up assault rifles and plenty of ammo dove said 'kelly you and john get the car ready to leave' kelly asked 'but what about you guys' Miranda then said we have to deal with Ackerson first then we leave' john nodded then he and kelly left to get to the car while dove and Miranda went after a certain colonel named James ackerson.

Ackerson was running through the corridors followed by his elite odst body guards he knew his test subjects were free and wanted his blood so he had to get to the hanger bay fast so he could escape and fight another day and get his revenge on those Spartan 2 freaks he stopped when he saw him unconscious on the ground and tied up he wondered who this man was and considered bringing him with them to interrogate him but he could not waste time with dead weight that would slow them down so he went on ahead to the hanger bay leaving this mysterious man behind to die from his former prisoners wrath.

Dove and Miranda moved through the corridors going to the hanger as it seemed the only escape route james could take with out asking too many questions and where he could get to a ship and head to another ONI facility on a different planet and redo what he had done here all over again dove realised this was their only chance to stop ackerson they turned down another corner and saw odst body guards along with ackerson the couple raised their assault rifles and opened fire.

Ackerson saw the couple right in front of him open fire he then saw 3 of his guards fall to the ground dead while the other five fired back ackerson then took out his pistol and fired off 3 shots and fell back leaving his men to hold the angry couple off long enough for him to escape.

Dove saw ackerson running off and yelled 'Miranda Ackerson 's escaping to his ship' Miranda then replied 'then go after dove ill keep you covered' she fired at the odsts killing 2 more the others then ran off and dove then saw his chance and ran after the man who had caused him so much pain and anger and was determined to make him pay for it with his blood and his life.

Ackerson got into his pelican but saw the mysterious mam there at the controls james then said 'what are you waiting for you idiot stop him' the man then took out a pistol and said you know what screw you he then kicked ackerson off the pelican and closed the rear and went off into the darkness of space.

Ackerson got up just in time to see Jacob take off in his ship he swore under his breath and turned to see dove and Miranda right in front of him and ackerson just said 'get it over with kill me already.'

Dove then took out an energy sword and handed it to Miranda who put doves hand on the sword next to her and together they put the sword right through ackersons black heart and saw the light leave his evil eyes forever.

Dove then kissed Miranda who kissed her back and together they left the ONI facility hand in hand with the love of his life.

Epilogue 1 year later

'Come on Miranda I know its hard but you have to push come on now' a nurse said as Miranda was in the delivery room with dove by her side who said 'come on Miranda push you can do it come on now push, 'arrgh I cant dove I just cant' Miranda said to her husband she married only 8 months ago dove looked at his wife and said 'yes you can come Miranda just one more push' she then pushed as hard as she could and then heard a small baby's cries fill the delivery room the nurse then said 'it's a girl' dove then asked his wife 'what should we name her' Miranda then said 'lets name her Alice Catherine kalee' dove just replied 'that's prefect Miranda just prefect' the nurse then gave the baby to dove he then had his first look at his daughter she had a human face and body sangheili hands and eyes and brown hair.

Dove could not stop the tears of joy in his eyes any longer and said ,she has the face of her mother, Miranda than said 'she has her fathers eyes, dove then gave the baby to Miranda and left the delivery room to tell john Kelly and evaa the good news.

Evaa looked up and saw her brother come towards her john and kelly with a huge smile on his face then kelly said 'well come on then dove leave me dying of suspense is it a boy or a girl' dove looked at her and said 'it's a girl Alice Catherine Kalee' evaa then gave dove a big and said 'congrations dove you and Miranda must be so happy' she then let go of dove and john said 'congrations dove you must be happy' dove replied I am happy now would like to say hello to my daughter.

After meeting Alice john left to get a camera and asked a doctor to take a picture of him, kelly evaa, dove , Miranda and Alice the doctor then asked 'are you all friends' to which they all said no we're family.

After the picture was taken Miranda said ,dove remember what you said when we first got together, dove looked at her and said 'yes I said our love was one built on strength and honor and that I would do my best to keep it that way why did I not do so' Miranda then replied 'no dove you did keep it that way' dove sighed and said 'I love you Miranda' Miranda then looked at him and replied I love you too dove and kissed him and dove thought to himself ,my life is complete I have found peace and purpose and a family to share my life with' and he then kissed Miranda back and they thought they had finally have happiness after all this war and they could finally raise a family in peace.

The end

Authors notes so that's it the end of a love built on strength and honor 3 and the end of the trilogy read and review no flames.