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Back To Basics Part II
Posted By: Antares
Date: 24 Jun 2000, 7:00 am

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This new part will be in the first person now, it just works better


"I guess you do have a right to know just what we've augmented in your body" The doctor said as he looked carefully into each of my eyes with his light. Funny, You never notice the way your eyes feel in your head, unless they are either in pain, or in my case, have been reconstructed into bionic cameras. They feel colder.

"Well, first of all," he started out looking as if he was reading me a bedtime story, "We removed your arms from the shoulder down, replaced them with poly-carbon automated appendiges, and covered them in perma-plast skin, they won't burn even at 1200 degrees Farenheit." Just wait, it gets better I told myself. "Then, as you probably noticed, we replaced your eyes with bionic replacements, you'll be able to atain better than 20/10 vision in some of the darkest areas. They also are equipped with infra-red, heat-sensing and starlight vision augmentors."

"That's not all, is it?"

"Oh no, not for a long shot. We did the same thing we did to your arms as we did to your legs. We estimate top running speed will be around 50 miles per hour. Expect to feel a lot different when you walk, and don't try jumping, or you'll crack your spinal cord on the ceiling. It's happened before, very messy."

This can't be happening, it's all a part of a nightmere.

"After that, we placed a thin coated, perma-plast shield plate in front of your rib cage, under your skin. It can withstand a 50mm shell, fired at point-blank range, though, you won't have any skin on your chest after that. And we've basically done the same thing to all vital areas of your body: head, back, upper arms and legs, groin"

"So, basically I'm Superman with an iron crotch"

"Well, a perma-plast crotch, but yes on the Superman part."

"What makes you guys so certain that I won't kill you all for doing this to me?"

"Oh, it's simple, we put a behavioral restrainer chip in your now, 28% robotic brain. We turn it on when you're around us, and let you run wild when you fight on the battlefield. You might get a centimeter away from bashing my skull into the wall, but you'll stop at a centimeter, something in the back of your head will be telling you to stop, literally." He seemed amused at his own joke.

"You said something about 28% robotic brain, what else did you 'augment'?"

"Oh, well, that part hasn't been totally developed yet. You see, we need your brain to be able to handle the billions of data files and incoming information on the battlefield, and you need to be able to process it in the minimal time."

"I think I need to congragulate you men on a job well done. I don't know how to thank you all for doing this to me. Maybe, I could start by shoving my fist into your stomache, pull out something and show it to you before you die."

"That might be a little hard to do, when we see everything you do, and control everything you do."

"Maybe I could just dissappear."


The door in the room opened, and a short corporal glanced at the doctor, who got up and shuffled out of the room. The corporal turned to me and said in a hurried nervous voice, "The general says that you should get some rest and practice getting used to your new body."

"Tell the general that I don't need any fucking orders from him, and that his little 'tin-man' will be ready to do whatever the general has in store."

The corporal nodded with a smirk and closed the door quietly.

"Son of a bitch"