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Close Combat: Survival
Posted By: Drew Pazz (Anrkey)<an_r_key@hotmail.com>
Date: 25 May 2001, 4:41 am

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Note: Be sure to first read Part 1 of Close Combat, "Close Combat: Infiltration" before beginning this one.

With most of his squad dead Pvt.Ryles returns to his last, wounded squad mate to show off his new gun and escort her to safety-


As I headed up the ramp to see how the girl was doing, I noticed a faint green light illuminating from within the doorway. It was a Covenant, but this one was different from the rest, he carried some kind of energy-based sword in one hand and held a plasma shield in the other. He was standing over the girl getting ready to strike when I opened fire with my plasma rifle. His attention immediately turned to me as he directed his shield to protect himself from my fire. He began to run down the ramp towards me with the shield between the two of us. I noticed the primary fire wasn't doing much to the shield at all so I pulled the second trigger on the rifle to try and destroy it. The rifle churned once again and shot the large blast of plasma towards the Covenant. He braced for the impact as it slammed into his shield. The shield withstood the attack but started to flicker, finally fading away. Raising it's head, the Covenant let out a large growl and started towards me faster than ever. I began holding down the primary trigger but, "What the hell?" The rifle felt like it was on fire, it had overheated. As the Covenant neared closer and closer I was filled with fear and quickly tossed the rifle to the side and tried going for my pistol. My hands were trembling so much I couldn't seem to find the pistol at my side and I grabbed the first weapon I could reach, the Machete. I raised it up in a defensive position as the Covenant lifted his sword up for the attack. I tried backing up and found myself backed up against a wall. In that moment I could see the anger in his eyes and no doubt he saw the fear in mine. His sword struck down onto my machete as I closed my eyes in a reaction to try shielding myself from death.

I stood completely still for a moment and I felt nothing. Nothing-I was still alive! The machete blocked the sword from reaching my head and probably searing it clean off. The covenant let out another growl and lifted it's sword for a second attack. I took this time to prepare a counter-attack and struck out towards his chest. He was caught by surprise as he was barely able to block it. Exchanging blows for what seemed like an eternity, finally I was able to knock the blade from his hands. Noticing he was unarmed the covenant tried lunging at me with nothing but his fists. I leaned back and held the machete below my waist preparing to deal the final blow. His hands were nearly at my throat as he jumped towards me. I quickly pushed the blade upwards jamming it straight into the Covenant's ribcage, that is if they have ribcages. I could see the look in his eyes as he realized he was dying, he lost all hope. Blood trickled down from his mouth, he tried pulling the machete out from his chest. I pushed it in harder, it's body stiffened and drew in tighter. He was fatally wounded. I drew the machete out from it's chest and watched in delight as he fell to his knees grasping at his wound. I watched the life fade from his eyes. His hands fell limp and his body fell forward onto the cold, metallic ground.

Standing their stunned at my surprising victory, I was only awakened by the sound of the girl's voice. She was murmuring something about, "Oh please, God save me." I walked up the stairs trying to comfort her. The sight of me filled her eyes with happiness thinking it was I, who died. She stretched her arms outward to grab a hold of me. I helped her to her feet as she stood there grasping to me. "Let's get the hell out of here." I whispered to her. Her eyes were watering and she lifted her hand up to wipe away the tears that followed. She replied with, "Yes, let's." I slowly helped her through the corridors and out into the welcoming light of the sun. A soldier guarding the Warthog greeted us as I ordered him to get a first aid kit. I helped her into the Warthog and took the first aid from the soldier. She smiled as I started to bandage her wounds.

"You've saved my life more than once now, Pvt._?"



"No, Private Jake Ryles-and you?"


"Nice meeting you Kali."

"You too, Jake."

We talked for a while as I finished tending to her wounds. We had to wait for any other soldiers who might've survived inside. Eventually a squad of three came out the structure saying that it was secure. We called in a dropship to come pick us all up. The Pelican arrived with a couple technicians and a large squad of soldiers to investigate the secured structure for whatever the hell Cortana was looking for. The survivors of the assault, including me and Kali, boarded the Pelican. During the flight I never left Kali's side as we exchanged stories of our origins and battles we'd taken part in. After we had landed Kali was taken to the med-lab to further heal her wounds. That was the last I saw of her. I was issued to another attack platoon and during our attack the Covenant had counter-attacked our camp and killed everyone, including Kali. I remind myself that your not supposed to form relationships with anyone during war, but isn't love the only thing that keeps us going. Without our emotions I'm not so sure I could tell the difference between us and the Covenant.

Well a sad and miserable ending to a great story-I just hope you liked it-