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Suspense shattered
Posted By: Angelus
Date: 20 June 2003, 5:17 PM

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"It'll work Ross, I wouldn't worry too much, and I don't know why you suspect anything, even if the Covenant group is made of all Hunters and Elites, only 10 of them would fit in the supply ship that much couldn't match up to hundreds of marines," said Herb reassuring the intimidated Farsky.
"Yeah, you're right Herb, thanks for the encouragement, I guess on your side of the bas there is already a good few men, or are the marines not following my orders?" asked Farsky feeling much happier.
"There are groups of three patrolling the hallways every now and again," Herb replied.
Farsky simply replied with "Good" and a "Bye" then logged off the conversation and unhooked his fibre-optic camera. He looked at his watch 7:00am, only an hour until the supply ship is scheduled to arrive.
Once he had loaded his magnums, Farsky returned to the Docking Bay and helped to set up the Covenant turrets and distribute weaponry there was a lot of surplus ammo left over, including grenades, they might need during the battle, Farsky left it there.
Farsky decided that to rid himself of further feelings he needed to give the men another pep talk, he stood straight like before, chest puffed out and jutting chin, fingering his Officer's Insignia again, confidence.
"Marines! We will battle for our right to win today!" all the marines begin listening attentively, "In less than an hour you will meet an enemy that will be dangerous, very dangerous, possibly 10 hunters, maybe 5 grunts but we will still battle them, for those of you without experience with the Covenant, YOU ARE IN FOR THE FIGHT OF YOUR LIFE! But you, you men and women, you're Earth's hope, they're ray of light even, when you fight in the next hour, fight for your friends, your family, the children of Earth! DO EARTH PROUD! DO YOUR COMRADES PROUD! That is all..." Farsky ended and the Hangar erupted with the sound of cheer and whistling.
Farsky stood back and admired the view of happy confident Marines, some of them will die, he realised that but what could he do about that.

Everyone was ready, Farsky had arranged for the Communications Department to come on to the speakers and notify the base when the supply ship was near.
The docking bay sky doors were already open, morning sun beamed into bay revealing clouds of dust moving swiftly and calmly through the air. Soon.
"Lieutenant Colonel Farsky, Sir! Docking ship is inbound 5 five minutes!" a voice came ringing in from the speakers.
Breathing could be heard very loud over the long silence, heavier and heavier, someone dropped his or her side arm. CLING. This resonated throughout the docking bay marines instantly turned pointing their guns toward a scared puzzled marine. "Jesus..." people muttered, others just shook their heads or rolled their eyes, fear built as the seconds passed like hours. Breathing heavier, faster.
"One minute, Sir!" the voice quaked over the speakers again.
"Everyone ready!" Farsky shouted.
Heavy, fast.
Guns cocked.
Loaded, checked.
Ringing noises.
The dust began to move faster, like particles in a chemical reaction, it began spinning, a marine stuttered. Loud noise, like whooshing swept through the sky doors and into the docking bay. The marine beside Farsky was shaking; he remembered the marine's face.
The ship entered noisy as hell, shaped like an arrow with the head as the cockpit but a rather bulky but streamline back part intended for the cargo, but was it? I t took seemingly hours to settle down; the ramp came down at a long angle so the cargo could slide. Then nothing...
Silence, the marines were edgy, the close marine still shaking, then another noise, unfamiliar, like something sliding along a smooth surface, a box? Yes...
The marines saw it, they panicked, they didn't understand and were to slow to realise the following consignment of grunts with one elite, they were different, the grunts, brave...
That box.
No gunfire, yet.
The dust, settled...
Here we go...
The grunts spread, firing random blasts of charged plasma pistols, one hit the marine was down, strange. The grunts were moving unusually for normal ones, more confident in their swift yet strangely perfect movements. All gunfire started, but these grunts were simply too good, it was uncanny, why? CHUG! A plasma shot hit the ground before him Farsky stumbled, while falling, Farsky aimed Grace and fired, yes, the hip, but not fatal for a grunt, Farsky lost sight and hit the ground hard, nothing, he rolled and spun up on to one knee. The grunts looked as if they were dancing, dodging all shots that came to them, no, it wasn't possible, Covenant didn't fight like this! Farsky was confused but didn't stop he brought out Faith and they fired in all directions but the grunts danced and dodged. All firing ceased collectively as all the marines reached for ammunition, no! Thought Farsky, vulnerabilities were exposed and exploited, the grunts stopped dead crouched all charged and fired in different directions followed by a barrage of minor pistol shots, but there were enough for massive casualties, that there were, over half the marines left toppled or flew backwards and others barraged with minor shots, they burned. During this a calm Elite watched then decided to make his move with the box in front, he clicked the glowing hand mechanism in his hand that spread into a plasma sword, he cut up the side, over the top and down the other side with the plasma sword carefully, a groan, something erupted from inside the box the top splintered into millions of parts. The elite began dancing and firing at the helpless marines, Farsky looked at the box, a Brute! NO! These marines couldn't handle this, Farsky patted his pocket, the cube was still there, and he'd have to make a run for it. Brute kicked its way through the rest of the box and roared an inhuman howl that resonated so loudly Farsky could feel his eardrums vibrating to the max. No...