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Posted By: Angelus<angellus_1@hotmail.com>
Date: 20 June 2003, 4:31 PM

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Farsky awoke to the vulgar, irritating noise of his Digital watch alarm. Slightly refreshed, he got up and paced slowly back and forth, remembering his speech that he made ready for the marines. As he paced, slowly, concentrating, he realised a briefcase in the corner of his Dorm, the Briefcase was a SADM, a Special Atomic Demolitions Munitions, a working one, which he had constructed in the early years of his Academy training and won an award for it, it was basically a nuclear bomb in a suitcase, airtight to prevent radiation leak. It contained a ten-pound cube of Uranium-238, and that was surrounded by another 20 pounds of packed plastic explosives. Remembering his days as a young inventor, he straightened himself up, stuck his chest forward and waltzed out of his Dormitory, looking as respectful as he possibly could, avoiding eye contact with passers-by, bravely saluting Marines as he walked by with increased vigour so as not to deter his fellow marines who most likely had already caught the gossip that was started in the Communications room only a few hours ago by Farsky's anger-break.
Farsky was making his way to the speaker room where he could speak through loudspeakers all through the installation, this was primarily used to contact staff needed or to announce meetings or lunchtime. Farsky reached the door and walked through without a moment's hesitation, although he was compulsively fiddling with his officer's insignia on his shirt collar again. He saluted another present officer and told him he was going to use the microphone for an important message, "Go right ahead, sir" came the answer. Farsky swiftly took up the microphone and pushed a nearby button to open the channel. Immediately altogether throughout the facility all loudspeakers rang sonorously twice to signal an on-coming message... complete silence.
"All posted Marines and Junior officers to report to the Far East docking bay immediately for a briefing, repeat..." Farsky repeated his statement and hung up the phone.
Undoubtedly, most of the personnel already on the way knew what was going to be said, although there were always going to be a few marines left in the dark.
Farsky exited the speaker room slowly and began again, walking with increasing vigour and respect toward the Far East of the installation, ready, as he ever would be for his speech. The installation was large the trip was long and Farsky found it more and more difficult to keep up this vigour-walk, he began to walk normally, with a blank face.
The trip came to an end as the east docking bay was reached, many marines were already here muttering among themselves, one-by-one they all began to realise that the Lieutenant Colonel was there and became silent and stood vertical. Farsky stared along down the very large docking bay with no roof, breathed deep and said:
"You are here for good reason I assure your full briefing will come soon when the next batch of marines get here, but for now, I need half of you to go to the weapons cache and bring everything here, remember to share, then the other half go to the labs and bring all Covenant weaponry here and bring all Covenant weaponry from the labs to here, including turrets, and bring them here and set them up around the inside of the docking bay, facing in, then take posts at each turret. The new batch of marines will be arriving in 45 minutes; I want you all ready by then so we can finish the Briefing! Dismissed!" ordered Farsky.
The Marines erupted into action; half going to the labs the other going to the weapons cache, silence again in the docking bay, Farsky was all by himself, with only his thoughts to keep him company. He ran back to his Dormitory when he arrived he grabbed two Magnums, "Grace" and "Hope", from inside the top of the desk underneath his laptop; he stuffed it into his trousers and crammed his pockets full of ammo, and ran quickly back to the hangar.
There already some Marines back at the hangar, but they were all from the weapons cache, no doubt that the ones getting the covenant artillery were having trouble persuading the lab technicians to hand them over, it would only take one of them to start waving a gun and the technicians would give up.
The new Marines arrived shortly after the Covenant weaponry finally made it to the hangar; the Marines from the installation helped the others unload the heavy crates of ammunition into the bay, where they were abruptly emptied and soon every marine had pockets and guns and side arms full of ammunition. They all assembled quickly in formation in front of Farsky.
"This is why you are here! It is the suspicion of Commandant Falke's and mine that there maybe a Covenant Guerrilla Terrorist group called the Clergy, and its members Clerics, and we are worried that this installation is a primary objective of theirs to destroy, we cannot let that happen! I want all the marines in the two columns on the far right of me to break into groups of three and patrol one hallway each! Any surplus marines get back here! Everyone in the 6 columns on the far left of me to break into threes and find a room each to monitor any surplus marines get back here! The two columns in the middle will patrol around the base, all the Marines that are left to take posts all around the inside of the structure, if possible next to turrets! GO!" Farsky shouted these orders, immediately after all the marines splintered into different units and scattered all over the base.
"Yes," thought Farsky ,"This is going to work there is no way it won't."