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The Clergy
Posted By: Angelus<angellus_1@hotmail.com>
Date: 14 June 2003, 10:03 AM

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Farsky was beginning to sweat, and breathe heavily, he realized that the thought that just materialized in his military mind was radical but made some sense, the supply boxes came from an undisclosed location and an elite Guerilla troupe such as the one theoretically pieced together in Farsky's mind from shards of unconfirmed evidence could effortlessly sneak aboard an unmanned drone, piloted by a computer that new only the way to go. There is no security on the ship, no cameras, you could make all the noise in the world on the ship and nothing would happen it would just keep on flying at an unparalleled extremity of speed toward a target until it landed then it would be unloaded then re-programmed to fly back to its origination. This so-called "Clergy" and its members the Clerics would have a field day in a place like this; slaughtering nigh on defenseless humans left, right and center, using their over-powering strength and weapons to destroy all the equipment we have, along with every useful scrap of information and data contained within the mainframe at which Farsky sat at this very moment. It would be an unimaginable disaster-strike upon Humanity, crippling its only source of Covenant weaknesses, apart from the few good men who have fought Covenant and lived and have found their weaknesses the hard way.

Before Farsky went back to his conversation with Herbert, he began to compose the evidence he had and he formulated a plan. He went through his knowledge of the installation; there was one cache of weapons stored in the docking bay at the far east of the installation, the basic weapons were there; MA5B Assault Rifles, M6D Pistols, M9 Fragmentation Grenades. Then he realized another fact, in the experimentation labs there were all the kinds of Covenant Weaponry found on the field, including: Plasma Pistols, Plasma Rifles, Needlers, Plasma Grenades, and even turrets. Also there were a few Warthogs present in the Docking Bay; also one Ghost Covenant vehicle was present in the Experimentation labs, which could be used. But this still all depended on whether the Secretary of Defense or the President believed him. He believed he could set up the few turrets available around the area where the ship would dock and man them with spare personnel, "I hope to God that the untrained personnel on the turrets can manage" thought Farsky, also he could position the few marines stationed on the installation around, next to or near the turrets for extra cover. "Yes" thought Farsky "It will work" he believed, he began to think of a last resort "If the Covenant are too strong we will simply use all our grenades, plasma and fragmentation, to shatter the ship, yes" for once, Farsky's spirit began to lift, he felt extremely confident. Although he needed a backup, if they would get into the installation it would be all too obvious that their objective is the Supercomputers. He would need to make a copy of the data in the mainframe from the server, he needed a data crystal, these crystals had a lot of memory space about 100 Terabytes, far more than enough to hold all the data, he hoped.

The wheels on the chair squeaked piercingly as he slid it back and got up to pace to the right side of the room where there were cabinets were full of, everything, he opened it and coffee mugs spilled out and smashed on the floor, paper towels were scattered her and there, books and magazines in places, sugar cubes, pens and pencils. Eventually he came upon are centimeter-by-centimeter transparent crystal cube. Only few people new that this crystal made up one of the layers of Master Chief's MJOLNIR armor, it was what stored the AI Construct, also the cube he used to transport Cortana from his helmet to another server, it was the perfect substance for storing data.

Farsky made his way back to the computer, slipped the cube into the drive and copied the entire hardrive to the crystal. A window popped up with a bar that began to fill very slowly. He then turned his attention back to the picture of Herbert Civil, it seemed herb had already changed and was piling through files trying to find more evidence, Farsky spoke to him again:
"Found anything, Herb?" asked Farsky
"Nothing, Ross" replied Herbert "but I did look at the stuff you mentioned it does raise suspicion, are you gonna take this to the Joint Chiefs?" asked Herbert.
"I've got another theory," said Farsky
Farsky went on to explain his theories on the supply ship and how he would prepare for such an incident.
"Ross, man, you've got to take this to the Chiefs even higher tell the damn Pres or the Secretary of Defense, you have to let your fears known to them so we can take action here" exclaimed Herbert.
"Alright, I'm off," replied Farsky.

He need only tell the bosses about his suspicions; they had access to the mainframe from their offices they can check it out when he tells them, Farsky thought. He began to run toward the Comms office where he could open a line to the Chiefs, he didn't have much time.