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Third Marines, Harvest Campaing: Chapter One.
Posted By: Andres<andres_vera2000@yahoo.com>
Date: 7 January 2005, 6:14 AM

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Third Marines In Harvest

Chapter One.

38 September 2524.
United Nations Space Command
Planet Reach, Epsilon Eridani System
Marines Head Quarters. Britannia Island Chain
Camp Peleilu, Marine Basic Training Facility

"Welcome to basic ladies and gentlemen. I have no idea why you joined here and I'm certainly not sure why the jarheads at the recruiting office let you in, but regardless, your asses now belong to me! If you survive, I'll swear you will make your mom and pops proud for the first time! You are all kids now, but you'll be leaving this place like men." Gunnery Sergeant Anders said with a happy yet angry voice; he was enjoying himself. "You are now cattle, I'm the freaking cowboy. If you meet my expectations, you will not be sent to the slaughter house."

      The Sergeant looked over the formation. "Left, Face! Double Time, March!"

      The recruits had not even met. As soon as they signed the contracts for their enlistments, they had been injected with something, taken into a cargo vessel, put in cryo-sleep, and navigated from Earth to Reach in slipspace. They woke up in a Pelican breaching the planet atmosphere, landed on a Base the size of a complete island, and were thrown out by DIs were they met Anders, a short, annoying brown-haired man. A scar markedd his right cheek, he had a "First Marines" patch on his right shoulder shortly below it a Helljumper patch.

      "Left, Left, your Left, Right, Left, your Left Right Left..." the recruits repeated the cadence after the DI.

      "Give me that old Marine Corps Spirit." The Marines repeated the cadence.

      "It was good at Iwojima."

      "It was good in the Third World War."

       "It was good in the Rain Forest Wars"

      "It was good at the Pilgrim Rebellion."

      "It was good at the Jericho Battle."

      "It was good at the Malcolm System," the Marines repeated, more tired this time. They had been going on for seven miles.

      "And it's good enough for me!" The Marines repeated for the last time after Anders.

      The Trainee's rounded the last corner and headed into a huge building. They were left in formation at Attention as Anders addressed them, the heavy breathing from the run audible to all.

      "Marines you are going to get M2A training rifles, Class Alpha Battle Gear, and then PT Gear. Two lines right here, and if anyone talks, every single one will run back and here again. Is that understood?" Said Anders.

      The reply was distorted with "Yes, Sergeant" and "Yes, Sir."

      "What did you say? It's a hoorah!" Said Anders, and the Marines responded accordingly.

      Recruit David Bradley stood in the back of the line. A rich kid from earth, coming from one the "crème de la crème" families, he had graduated high school barely, still getting into George Tow Med School. His live changed one day when he returned from a party late at night, he found his entire family dead, killed by thieves, he spent three months in mourning, hibernating in his house, with out moving a muscle. He didn't joined the Marines for money or for the adventures, he needed to move on, get away from everything, he left everyone behind, his best friends, his family, his so called future. Next to him was Recruit Albert Thomas, an outer Colony "hillbilly" as they were called. He joined the Marines for only one reason, the college bonus. Behind them was Jonathan Cruz, he joined because if not, he would have gone to prison, finally was Terry Mackal, a long standing name in the military, he joined because this is what the family wanted. The four remained stiff and silent as the DI began directing them, in their orderly fashion, to enter another room adjacent to theirs.

      When Bradley entered the second room after the short wait, a Lieutenant approached. "This is one of my M2A rifles, you will take care of it. If you graduate, it will be yours. The same here with your standard issue battle suit and helmet. Take care of it since I'll be checking it constantly, even when you are sleeping, now get of my sight."

      Bradley looked at his new battle gear; this was not the standard issue M2A rifle, it had no optics, nor the set up for the integrated battle suit of the Land Warrior technology. It had only full auto or single shot fire options, and the only thing digital was the ammo count. The suit was a standard issue BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) with green camouflage patterns, a basic helmet, and two pair of boots.

      "Lets move ladies, we have a six-month vacation planned just for you. Let's go!" Anders yelled as he finished marching them back to their barracks. The Recruits moved to their bunks and stood at attention as the DI walked down the long hallway of bunks and lockers. "Get some sleep. Tomorrow will be tough."

      Thomas jumped on the top of Bradley's bunk. He silently leaned over the side and whisper to him, careful not to attract Anders attention. "I'm Thomas, I'm from Troy, in the Peloponnesus System of the outer colonies. Let me ask you here, what exactly is this, the recuiting videos didn't show this!"

      "Earth, and I've never heard of the System. Yea, I'm sick of this and its only been half a day" Bradley replied, exhausted.

      Another recruit joined in from the bunk next to them, Mackal. "I'm from Wake, in a system not far from here. You signed a contract, you can't resign"

      Bradley and Thomas nodded and introduced themselves, but were cut off as Anders called out from the head of the room, his voice booming.

      "Lights outs, Recruits."

7 February 2525.
United Nation Space Command.
Planet Reach, Epsilon Eridani System
Marines Headquarters, Britannia Island Chain.
Camp Pilgrim Rebellion, Advanced Infantry Training Course

      "Don't move," said Corporal Mat Perry, the Squad Leader. They were in the last test before graduation; they had to take a hill held by an enemy squad. They were in full battle gear, the MA5B rifle in hand had an ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gun sight), with a Thermal Imager System. The rifle interfaced with the SBS (Standard Battle Suite), a small backpack that had a tiny computer, which coordinated the different gadgets the Marines had; a small camera atop the barrel so they cloud aim around corners, a GPS uplink for location, and a personal computer.

      "We have two fifty-cal's on the ridge. Once they are out, we will move low, take cover behind what you can, hit the top of that hill with grenades, and then assault it." The Marines acknowledged Perry's order. With a Jackhammer rocket-launcher, Private Monique crawled forward, and the Corporal showed him both targets with his hands. The target was the top of the hill, there was a grassy field between the hill and them, and the bushes scattered about would be their cover.

      "Once he takes them out, crawl forward. Dominique will run to the right, she'll make them think she's alone here." Perry tapped the head of Emma Dominique, who nodded in return. Two training rounds exited the missile launcher, streaking towards the two machine guns, and a puff of smoke detonated a second later. Five "enemy" Marines stood with their rifles held high, they were "dead."

      Dominique then ran right, bursts of rifle fire emerged from the hills, but none hit the Marine.

      The rest began crawling through the muddy terrain. They stopped every thirty seconds as their training dictated, did a head count, and looked for enemy targets. The hill was twenty meters away by now. With hand signals, Percy ordered two of the Marines, Ford and Juliet, to get their grenades ready. Bradley and Thomas had to cover them as they primed the explosives, and Perry signaled them forward. The Marines stood, and Vera and Thomas aimed at the hill. They exposed themselves to throw the grenades, and two "enemy" Marines stood on the hill to take aim.

      Bradley and Thomas pulled the trigger and both Marines on the hill threw their rifles to the ground in anger. Someone managed to shoot Juliet, however, and he stood in place, putting his rifle up. Ford threw his grenade, detonating in a puff of smoke, and the rest of the Marines began the charge up the hill.

      The ground had been taken.

5 October 2525.
United Nation Space Command
Planet Reach, Epsilon Eridani System
FLEET HQ, North Continent
UNSC Fleet Command C3I Station

      It was 0403 hours, and Commodore Jane Mathews sat in the watch chair of the Command, Control, Communication and Intelligence station of the USNC Fleet Headquarters. The station was to assess incoming transmissions, analyze it, and report if necessary to higher command. The fleet was divided into fifteen major sectors, each had an assigned group of ships varying in size depending on the importance of the sector. There were also Eight Major Fleets and five Marine Expeditionary Fleets, each carrying a Division of Marines.

      "Ma'am, something is wrong at sector fifteen." Lieutenant (J.g.) Coral said. "Contact with Harvest System is lost." The Lieutenant ran system checks, but everything was in normal working order.

      "Any warships in the area?" Asked the Commodore.

      "No ma'am, we lost contact with everything in that system, and there are no technical problems on our side."

      The Commodore grabbed the nearby phone. "This is Commodore Jane Mathews at FLEETCOM, get Marshall Edmonds on line. I don't care, wake him up. This is a Priority Alpha."

Feb 3 2525
United Nation Space Command
Planet Reach, Epsilon Eridani System
Reach Military Complex. North Continent
"Marshals" Town House

      Spaceman Apprentice Steve Baker slowly opened the door of Marshall Gary Edmonds room, signaling a pad on the wall next to him that turned the lights on. The Marshall sat up, looking a little disoriented.

      "What the hell is going on Baker?"

      "Sir, we have a priority call from C-Three-I down at Fleet com. Commodore Jane Mathews is calling in an Alpha." Said Steve, with unusual confidence.

      The Admiral turned around and looked at his wife. "I'll be back in an hour."

      He picked the phone, placing it in his ear.

      "I hope you like heat, because if this isn't good you will be shipping out to Mars." said Edmonds as he rubbed his eyes.

      "Sir, as from 0407 hours today, contact with Harvest colony at sector fifteen was lost." Came the reply from the phone.

      "There are two destroyers there. Send them there."

      "Ni-a and Buenos Aires, the two destroyers on patrol are either gone or have COM failures, sir."

      The Marshal swallowed. "All right. I will be down there in ten minutes, good work, Commodore." He hung up the phone and turned to the Apprentice. "Baker, get every one up, send them to the situation room. Get me a transport ready as well; we'll leave in five minutes."

5 October 2525. 0613
United Nation Space Command
Planet Reach, Epsilon Eridani System
Reach Military Complex. North Continent
Situation Room, unknown location under ground

      "What scenarios has ONI generated?" asked Marshal Edmonds to the head of Naval Intelligence, Doctor Marko Parlov.

      "We think there might be a rebellion out there," responded the Doctor, but uncertainty was present in the man's voice.

      "Who is in charge there?" asked Edmonds.

      "Commander Andrew Connors, excellent officer. If there is a rebellion, I vouch for him. He's one of my sons best friends, any problems must be bellow him." Interjected Admiral Samuel Oropeza, Commander of the Navy.

      "Dr. Parlov, order one of your scout ships into the sector. I'm ordering UNSC into ALSTAT ALert STAtus Fuchsia."

      "CMA has already dispatched a scout ship, CMA Argo, it will be there by today." Parlov responded.


Thanks to Russel for the aid.