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Posted By: Brent Anderson<brent7s@yahoo.com>
Date: 25 July 2001, 12:46 am

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Fort. Roswell, Cydonia, Mars

'Professor McCain, The next volunteer is here.' Spoke feminine computer voice. A gray balding man looked up form the computer screen he'd been working on. 'Thanks Mother.' He replied as he stood up from his desk. And left the office headed down the lighted corridor towards the operation theater.

When Professor McCain entered the Theater he found his three assistants laying out all the instruments and equipment. He also saw a young man standing at parade rest in the center of the room. Professor McCain walked straight towards him with hand extended in greeting. 'Hello Professor McCain, I'm...'
İİİİ'Hist, stop there son. I know I should know your name but I've found it easier to perform the operations if I don't know anything about you.'
İİİİThe young man looked at the Professor with a puzzled expression. 'Why is that sir? If you don't mind me asking.'
İİİİ'I don't mind. And it will let me explain what is going to happen to you as well as why I don't wish to know about you.' Professor McCain drew in a deep breath.
İİİİ'You know of course that the Covenant is beating us back system by system.'
İİİİ'Yes Sir that's why I volunteered for the procedure, to give Humanity a chance against these monsters.'
İİİİ'If I do this procedure you will be giving up your humanity. You were briefed about this?'
İİİİ'Yes Sir.'
İİİİ'You will be encase inside a cybernetic suit of armor you cannot take off and if it is ever removed will leave permanent scaring and disfigurement. Are you prepared to accept this?'
İİİİ'Yes Sir. I am well aware of the cost to my person if I undergo this operation.'
İİİİA look of pride and sadness passes through Professor McCain's eyes. 'Well then as to why I don't want to know anything about you is simple. If I know you I may hesitate during the procedure because I will know what it costs you. And it could be fatal for you if I stop doing my job without detachment.'
İİİİ'Yes Sir. I am not offended by being thought of as a piece of meat if it makes you do your job better.'
İİİİ'Okay then son. We shall being the operation. Just strip down and lay on your back of the table.'
İİİİThe young man stripped and laid down upon the table. Professor McCain's assistants went to work upon him. Attaching an IV and breathing mask as well as smearing his body with depilatory cream. Professor McCain stat down at the surgical command station and started inputting basic data as well as planning out the first surgical session. Soon the young man was asleep and all his hair was oozing off him forever. The assistants braced the young mans head and body to the table after washing away the ooze. As soon as they stepped away the surgical unit came to life and a half dozen robotic arms came down from the ceiling unit and started making cuts up and down the mans body. More arms descended and emplaced neural connections into the nerves that had been exposed by the first cuts. Followed up by an arm fitted with a rapid healing spray.
İİİİWithin an hour the young mans body was covered with silver traceries of neural connections. The table shifted and lifted the head so that the surgical unit could reach all sides unhindered. Professor McCain watched and controlled the unit with a sure and steady hand as it opened the skull and began to attach the main neural connections directly to the brain. Once done with the brain the unit attached neural connections to the facial area.
İİİİAfter two hours the man looked like he was covered in computer circuitry, which was exactly what he was covered with. The table shifted and became an upright brace holding the man so that Professor McCain could start on the second phase of the operation. Professor McCain got out of his chair and motioned for his assistants to start passing him the equipment and instruments. A body covering was emplaced on the young man, connecting all the biological plumbing for future attachment to a recycling system. The body covering adhered to the skin and formed a perfect mirror to the neural connections beneath.
İİİİPhase Three began with the attachment of articulated exoskeleton over the body covering. Major neural connections mated with the exoskeleton and the artificial muscles within the framework. Professor McCain attached a computer neural connection to the man's head and began testing the neural connections and exoskeleton responses.
İİİİTwelve hours later Phase four began. Armor panels with captured covenant shield technology embedded within covered the exoskeleton and body. Soon the only portion of the man uncovered was his head. A backpack unit was installed and was connected to the recycling system for the body covering as well as connecting a medical first aid system to the body covering.
İİİİThe fifth and final phase began. Professor McCain began building the helmet around the man's head connecting and testing all of the neural connections and linking them with the computer and communications systems of the suit. After three hours of work all the connections where done only the attachment of the helmet top and faceplate visor remained.
İİİİ'Alright hand me the pistol and switch the table to chair mode.' One of the assistants handed the professor a pistol while another type in commands into the surgical computer.
İİİİProfessor McCain chambered the pistol and waited until the table had finished its transformation. 'Wake him up.'
İİİİThe young mans eyes blinked and he looks around groggily trying to focus. This was the moment of hesitation the Professor feared. If the young man was went berserk like others before him had done he'd have to kill him. He never could understand why it happened, just some unconscious incompatibility with what happened to them. The man shook his head to clear it and his eyes focused on the professor.
İİİİ'Sir.' He asked, 'Why are you pointing an gun at me?'
İİİİProfessor McCain blew out his breath and lowered the pistol. 'Last minute precaution in case you go berserk.'
İİİİ'Oh. I take it worked sir.'
İİİİ'Yes son it worked only putting on your helmet remains before training.'
İİİİThe man reached over to the table for his helmet and picked it up in his hands, which shook slightly. Then tried to put on the helmet but his hands shook too much.
İİİİ'Um. Sir. Can you help me a bit?'
İİİİThe professor stood and helped guide the helmet into place where is sealed with a hiss. 'Don't feel bad most of the others can't even grab things before practicing in training.'
İİİİ'Thank you sir.'
İİİİ'Do you think you like to try walking or shall I have an assistant wheel you out of here?'
İİİİ'I'll try walking first sir.'
İİİİWith shaking legs he stood and started to walk around the room. Which each step he became surer of foot and gait.
İİİİ'It looks like you will have very little training to do aside from learning the new things your suit does.'
İİİİ'I guess so sir, I just feel a little awkward but okay otherwise.'
İİİİ'Bob will you lead our young warrior to training.'
İİİİOne of the assistants nodded and led him away.
İİİİIn the surgical theater Professor watched the back of the young man as he walked down the hall. If he get thru training as fast as he dealt with his new body he should be able to leave with the fleet to meet the covenant in battle. He grabbed the pistol from the table and took it back to his office. He unloaded it and put it away happy that he didn't have to use it this time. But he knew that he had many more to transform and many more chances to have to shoot them like the first. But at least they remained nameless unlike his son.