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Broken Promise
Posted By: Alpha Lance<AlphaLance619@aol.com>
Date: 5 November 2003, 4:55 AM

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This is my best one yet.

Broken Promise

A sight of raging fires
Under a sea of lies
A life of broken trust
From the beginning of time
I remember all the stuff you taught me
I found to never be true

I ask all these questions
On why you allude
Never telling me the answers
For me to ponder
I ask you why
To brake your promise

A fleet of untold secrets
Is more than I can take
A bag of useless wishes
Has never came to life

A wave of empty promises
Has been cast
The unfaithful allies
Has been broken

A paper bag of lying voices
Is too much for me to handle
The sea of destiny
Is dead to me

All the times that I tried to endure
To get the truth from you
Is a waste of time
There is nothing I can do
To change your mind

A sky of painful tension
Has filled me up
But it's just too much
For me to handle

Painted thought and memories
Of all the times you look at me
And lied to my face
Is a hated bond
Of a tainted faith

I see the promise in you face
But I know now
That you don't mean it