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3rd Squadron
Posted By: Alpha Lance<AlphaLance619@aol.com>
Date: 14 October 2003, 11:38 PM

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Well...here is another from me, Alpha Lance. Hope y'all will enjoy it, so keep the feedback coming.

3rd Squadron

Flying high in an endless sight
In the infinite skies
Lies the infamous 3rd Squadron

Fighting relentlessly
In the definite wake of destruction
Soaring with defiant grace

Lies ever salvation

Of truth
Of reconciliation
Of peace

Skies the limit
For been told
There is the squadron
The heavens' savior

For seeing all
For seeing a path
For seeing destiny
For seeing a light

Gracefully they soar
Through the path
In the light of destiny

Ruthlessly they fight
In the wake of destruction
But we can know
They are our warriors
Of the heavens

Fighting endlessly
Reaching high expectations
Of immortality, and true salvation

They are the ever watching
Ever protecting
Ever seeking

They are ones we call
The infamous 3rd Squadron
Of the UNSC