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Halo Trilogy: European Road Trip ( Chapter V )
Posted By: Alpha Lance<AlphaLance619@aol.com>
Date: 24 September 2003, 3:29 AM

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This story is dedicated to my uncle Ken Sisler that took a bullet to his head to save many lives in Vietnam.

European Road Trip

D+00:25:09, September 30, 2552 (Shadow mission clock)/
Aboard Longsword.

       "All right marines," Kelly said. "Sit down and cork your ass, we're going on a little trip."

       Shadow walks in and sits down in a seat next to a pilot named Jamal Pearfol. "So, you're a Spartan II?" Jamal asks.

       "Yeah," Shadow replied. "It really does seem that way."

       "Your right," he chuckled. "Alright, everything seems to be green, engines warm. Y'all better hold to your seats."

       The Longsword burners fired up and slowly lifted off the ground. Before you could even say, holy high hell, the giant ship went roaring out of the bay area.

       "Shouldn't take us no more than five minutes to get to Great Britain," Jamal said.

       "Yeah, well―" Shadow was interrupted.

       "Hold that thought!" Jamal exclaim. "It appears we've got two unwanted Phantoms."

       Jamal pulled back the joystick to engage the Phantoms. Quickly the Phantoms reacted and veered off towards the Longsword. A missile burst out and exploded on the side of one Phantom that plummets to the sea below. The other Phantom shot its plasma cannon at the Longsword. The Longsword turn around and head towards the last Phantom. Red plasma shots had hit the left Longsword's engine shredding it and melting the surrounding amour. "God, left engine out!" Jamal exclaimed.

      "Eat this," Jamal mutter.

       The chain gun on the Longsword open fire on the Phantom, big empty shells drop toward the sea below as the cockpit of the Phantom exploded. "O God, we're going to die!" A marine yelled.

       "We aren't going to die marine," Shadow sad. "How many miles we got left?"

       "Not much, we should make it there in a couple of minutes," Jamal said. "But I am having a pretty hard time on controlling this bad boy."

       Slowly the ship closed in to what appears to be a city on fire. "What an hell hole," Shadow said.

      A hell hole. A hell hole was the best way Shadow could every describe it. But in war, everyday and everything is an hell hole.

O780 hours, September 30, 2552 (Military calendar)/
London, UNSC Base, codename Churchill V.

       "God, give me strength, help me find a path to victory," a Marine chanted after every crack, crack, crack of his multiple S2 Sniper Rifle going off into the Covenant warriors.

       "Jake, you there?" A Major asks over a COM channel.

       "Yes I am, what do you want sir?" Jake asks as a powerful M19 rocket exploded into a building filled with Grunts.

       "There should be a Longsword coming to land near you're area," the Major said. "Woul―you give cov―"

       "Repeat again, your breaking."

       "―I said to give―sniper cover fire," the Major said.

       "Okay, Roger that," Jake said.

       Just when Jake got off the COM channel, the Longsword came roaring up to the landing area. Slowly the Longsword hovered down on a nearby concrete landing pad. The door open up on the Longsword, and out came Kelly saying, "okay marines, this is it. Its show time," he said as he took a magazine and jammed it into a P226.

       Crack, crack, crack, the rifle echo through the city as the rifle fire hit three Grunts. "Al right, I will be your cover fire, and y'all can call me Jake."

       "Yeah," Shadow said. "We got to repeal the Covenant, lets get busy."

       Shadow, Kelly, and the other marines sprinted across a street taking out a Brute. Jake stands his ground firing at the Covenant and chanting, "God, I know your not far from, help me, don't let my foes fool me."

       One by one, the sniper rifle crack and echo through the city, executing the Covenant. Shadow ran up to a corner and peak over the corner. About five Grunts and six Jackals were shooting at him. Shadow called for two marines to frag them. "Fire in the hole!" A marine yelled.

       Two frag grenades bounced a short distance and exploded, whipping out all of the Grunts, and four of the Jackal. Shadow jumps out of the corner firing his MA5B assault rifle at the Jackals. The bullets ricochet off of a Jackal's shield and hitting a near by Jackal's shoulder. Kelly came running out firing his weapon into one of the Jackal's chest. Jake took out the last the remainder with a couple of clean headshots.

       Not far from Shadow's position, there is a small resistance group fighting a Covenant unit. "Ahhh! Die you evil bastard!" A civilian yelled as he took a let cocktail bomb and chunks it at two Elites.

       "Arrrrgggggg!" An Elite yelled as the exploding flames engulfed him.

       A door flung open reveling a 50-caliber machine gun. The 50-caliber open fired into a group of Covenant troops. One by one, the 50-caliber picked off the Covenant until there was nothing left but a pool of blue and purple blood.

       "Where are the rest of SOBs?" A civilian asks.

       "There! Some went inside that building!" A civilian exclaimed.

       The two resistance group men ran inside the half demolished building. They took out their weapons and took out three Grunts with ease. After killing Grunts, the two men ran up a stair to find a Gold Elite wilding a plasma sword. "Wort, Wort, Wort!" The Elite yelled as he ran at the two men, hacking both of them up with one strike.

       Shadow and the rest of the unit ran up to where they heard all of the shootings. The Gold Elite came out of the building with a splatter of blood on his armor. Shadow and two marines fire at the Gold Elite dropping its shield. All of the sudden, a M19 rocket came out of no where. The rocket had exploded into the Elite; limbs of the Elite went flying everywhere.

       "Are y'all chaps okay," a voice said.

       Out came a British marine carrying all the goods like grenade, a S2, M19, MA5Bs, etc. The marine walked up to Shadow and said, "well, we got luck on our side now. The UNSC supplied us with a Spartan."

       "Yes, but what is you're name, and what is the situation here?" Shadow asks.

       "My name is Ken Sisler, people just call me Ken. And, the Covenant numbers are starting to weaken. We probably could get them to retreat from this area, hopefully."

       "Al right, lets keep moving, and Jake," Shadow said.

       "Yes sir," he replied. "What is it you want me to do?"

       "Well, you should have all visibility in that clock tower. I want you to cover us up there."

       "Yes sir."

       Jake trotted off into the clock tower, as Shadow and everyone else headed to the next area to clear. They all ran down the street cautiously looking for any signs of an ambush. Shadow thought to himself, I hope we all make it out alive.

       Shadow heard a rapid bang, bang, bang, in the direction he was going. Small flashes of light flare up from some explosions, he also saw the trailing smoke from some M19 rockets going across from a street. "It must be the resistance group fighting the Covenant," Ken said.

       As they got closer and closer, they could rapid fire from a M41 LAAG gun and sounds of dieing troops on both sides. They finally made it to the battle area to find carnage everywhere. "Come on, show me what you've got!" A marine yelled that was on a LAAG gun.

       Another civilian lighted a rag on a Molotov, just about when he was going to throw it. The rag slip down into the bottle, the civilian saw it and said, "oh shi―" The homemade bomb exploded incinerating the civilian.

       "Damn!" A marine yelled.

       Shadow pulled on the trigger of the gun firing at a Black Elite soldier. In plink of an eye, the special ops Elite shot an over charged plasma bolt hitting Shadow's gun. "Damn!" Shadow said as he threw the muzzel fried gun down. "He fried my weapon!"

       "Here!" Ken yelled. "Take my mate."

       Ken tossed the MA5B rifle and some ammo to Shadow; quickly he started to fire his weapon at the Black Elite. The Elite's shield got knock off and got shot in the head five times. A Hunter was hit in its exposed orange spot by Jake steady gunfire. A resistance group member tossed two cocktail bombs, igniting five Grunts in a hell firestorm. A special ops Grunt charged up his fuel rod gun, the little bastard fired the weapon taking out two civilians. "O God!" A civilian yelled as his skin melted off his bones.

       "Man down!" Someone yelled.

       Slowly the LAAG gun rips up the rest of the Covenant. "Well," Ken said. "We still got like several more sectors. I'm telling you mate, it's going to be a busy day."

       "Yeah," Shadow said. "I sir can use some R&R right about now."

       "Sir," Jake said over the COM channel. "There appears to be another Covenant force towards the west."

       "We're on it," Shadow said. "We got to go west now."

       "Them resistance groups are really tearing up them Covies," a marine said.

       The unit headed off towards west. Crack, crack, crack, Jake fired his sniper rifle with ease, and calmness. "Mom, you otha be proud of me. I'm doing something, I'm protecting, I'm saving lives," Jake said with his sights on a Blue Elite.

       Slowly, he pulled the trigger, crack, the sound echoed as the Elite fell to the ground. "Jake is really giving them bastards what they deserve," Shadow said.

       The unit moved closer to the occupied area of Covenants. In a distance he could see the Covenant scattering as Jake picked them off. Ken pulled out a M19 and aimed it at a Wraith tank. He pulled the trigger firing the rocket at the tank. Bang! The tank exploded in a fiery ball. They ran down the street firing at the Covenant. Shadow zoomed in on a Brute and fired three rounds in it's neck. Ken fired another M19 and took out three Grunts and two Elites. Five more shots echoed through the city when Jake took out five Jackals with almost perfect headshots.

       An Elite came running out of a building firing at Ken. "Ahhh! It burns!" He yelled. "They got my damn arm!"

       Reacting quickly, Kelly fired half a clip into the Elite before it died. Two more pinpoint accurate shots from Jake had killed two more Grunts. Shadow pick up the M19 and fired it at a Hunter, bang, the rocket exploded taking a Jackal with the Hunter. A Grunt charged up a plasma grenade yelling, "flare!"

       The Grunt threw the Grenade sticking it on a Marine. "O God! O Go―" The grenade exploded sending the marine to his grave.

       "Damn!" A marine yelled.

       Kelly pull a pin off a grenade, "eat this!" He yelled chunking it at three Grunts. The grenade exploded, the Grunts were blown up to Kingdom Kom.

       Slowly the unit took out the last of the Covenant unit in their location. "Ken, let me take look at that arm," Shadow said with concern.

       "No, it's okay chap. I'll live."

"Shadow," Jake said. "Major resistance groups pockets are beating the shit out the Covenant."

       "I hear you Jake," Shadow said.

       Just about when the unit was going to walk off, a fairly large resistance group ran up. "Wait mates," one British person said.

       "Listen, me my old chums here are going to help y'all lads," a British said.

       "Fine by me, but," Shadow said. "Who are y'all, and hoe many men y'all got?" He asks.

       "Well, or chums strengths is, well, lets just say that we just about got all the lads in this city fighting," he said. " I'm also kind of the leader here. You could call me Ocelot."

      Ocelot, a bit young but strong, he has blond hair, and a scare going down his left eye. Like everyone else, he thought of the Covenant to be nothing but mutts and ugly ass baboons.

       "Okay then," Shadow said. "Lets keep moving; them Covie bastards don't stand a chance."

       "Your right," Kelly said. "And is there a Covenant vessel here?"

       "No," Ocelot said.

       Guns grew louder as Shadow and the rest of the men walk off. Every step of the way, guns grew louder and louder.

Note: I hope all of y'all enjoyed my story. And I am sorry it took so long to get in. And my grammer and spelling should be alot better all thanks to Hornet. I also got most of these ideas from Saving Private Ryan.

      ~In memories of Ken Sisler~

      He got the Medal of Honer, a statue put up in
      the Uneversity of Arkansas State, a library na-
      med after him, and a ship named after him, call-
      ed the USS. Sisler.