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A Lost Spartan Name Shadow
Posted By: Alpha Lance<AlphaLance619@aol.com>
Date: 20 September 2003, 11:08 PM

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A Lost Spartan Name Shadow

I am a nameless warrior
My will is to kill
My past is killed
I have nothing to live for
My past is a lost fate

Tears of sorrow slips down my face
The kind of tears of a slipping fate
A heart beat fades every day
A fading beat of my fate

Killing the Covenant is enjoyable
But my sadness is killing myself
It's just a lost cause
A lost cause of a soul

Every day it's the same
Wake up and kill
I have nothing to lose
I have nothing to gain

I am nothing but a shadow
I am nothing but a silhouette
I am nothing but a Spartan name Shadow
I am nothing but a lost fate

Author's note: Just so y'all know, Shadow is the name of the main character of my story Halo Trilogy. And if you read my stories, then you would know what my poem means. And I got a new thing going on my review column. Every time a poem comes out from me, I would want someone to tell me what I'm getting at, okay. And hopefully my chapter V will be out by this time. And I hope you enjoyed my poem.