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Halo Trilogy: The Tears of War (Chapter IV)
Posted By: Alpha Lance<AlphaLance619@aol.com>
Date: 8 September 2003, 10:54 PM

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Note: Sorry about the little action in this one. But I'm the kind of person that doesn't like to overdose on the action. And a great writer once told me, "you can't please everyone, but you can write to please yourself." And that is the best advice I ever got, and it was Wado that said that, thank you Wado. And I'm also dedicating this story to all the people lost in the 9/11 attack.

Chapter IV: The Tears of War

Deployment 00:45:02 September 29, 2552 (Shadow mission clock)/
Echo Base in Earth City.

      Shadow walk inside the base to begin the search for any survivors. He stops, and looks around at a disgusting picture. "God." Kelly said, as he approached Shadow. "They didn't leave anyone alive."

      "Listen." Shadow said. "We still have to search the place. Why don't you Kelly take them three marines?"

      "Alright." Kelly replied. "And you can take them two marines. And I will search the outside of the base. And you will search the interiors of the base. And we will meet back here when we are all done."

      "Alrigth. Lets move out." Shadow said.

      Shadow and his two marines walk onto a near by elevator. "Well, there seems to be three floors." Shadow said.

      Shadow pressed the elevator key that goes to the first floor. The elevator unhooked and let out a small screech as it started to descent to 1B level. The elevator came down to a halt, the automatic door to the elevator opean up. Shadow took a peek from the elevator. A silhouette of an Elite caught the corner of Shadow's helmet visor. He slowly brought his gun up and took aim. He pulled the trigger and the muzzle flashes and empty shells drop to the ground. Bullets flew into the Elite knocking the shield off and piercing into the Elite's neck and head area.


      "Yeah, what is it Shadow?"

      "The Covenant still occupy this area."

      "Affirmative. I will proceed with caution."

      Just when Shadow got off his COM channel, he heard a noise that came from the locker rooms. Shadow and his men walk slowly and cautiously down the short hall. As soon as he enters the locker room, he saw a locker door close quickly. Shadow and his men walk up to the locker. One marine got his hand onto the locker door handle. He pulled the door open and yelled, "don't move!"

      "Relax, its just a cowardly marine." Shadow said.

      "Ah, yeah. Its me, Daniel Wayne."

      "Daniel, we got to look for more survivors." Shadow said.

      "Don't bother."

      "Why?" Shadow asks.

      "Well I happen to over hear two Elites talking about how they killed the rest of the survivors."

      "And when did you hear this?" Shadow asks.

      "And hour ago."

      "Shadow! Hurry up and get your ass back up here!" Kelly yelled.

      "Come on!" Shadow yelled.

      Shadow and his men ran out the locker in big hurry. They went out the hall and in the main elevator room. "Brutes" Daniel yelled

      The Brutes raised their Ginsu 9000 at the marines. Shadow reacted and fired a six round burst into one Brute. The yellow tracers flew into the Brute's chest killing the Brute's heart. One marine jump out the way of a Ginsu gun burst, he got down on one knee and fired two shots into the foe's head.

      All the men got onto the moderate size elevator and went to ground level. The marines ran off the elevator when it came to a stop. Shadow and his men came out the base and saw Kelly and his men fighting about twelve Covenant troops. Shadow ran up to Kelly's position firing at a strong Gold Elite. "Shadow! What took you so long?

      "Well I'm here aren't I Kelly."

      "Look!" Kelly said. "That is one big ass force coming this way!

      A Black Elite near the unit powered up a plasma grenade and chunk it in front of Shadow. "Shadow!" yelled Kelly.

      The grenade exploded in front of Shadow knocking him into the steel wall of the base. It knocks him so hard into the wall that he was knock unconscious . As he laid there unconscious for them brief seconds, thoughts rushed through his head. The kind of thoughts about the dream he had last night. As he started to come through, he could see a blurry picture of Kelly standing in front of him. He could see him yelling something to him, "Shadow! Shadow! Are you alright?"

      Shadow shook the cobwebs out of his head and jump up. "Yeah!" he yelled.

      Shadow started to fire his weapon at the Covenant once again. He fired his weapon at two Grunts; the Grunts fell to the ground. "Shadow, call the Pelican!" Kelly yelled.

      Shadow ran behind a destroyed Warthog. "Pelican pilot 454. This is Shadow speaking, we have to get out of here ASAP!"

      "Roger that Shadow, we'll be there in two minutes. Over−"

      Shadow step out and started to fire again. An Hunter charge at a marine bashing the marine with its shield. "Ahh−" yelled the Marine as he fell on the ground motionless.

      "Man down! Man down!" a marine yelled.

      Two marines got behind the Hunter. They both fire a full clip into the exposed spot of the Hunter. The beast felled down and a marine yelled, "not so tough now are you damn monster!"

      Shadow, Kelly, and the rest of the marines fired at what's left of the Covenant unit. "This is Pelican pilot Bravo 454, lets get aboard and get the hell out of here."

      The Pelican moved close to the marines. The marines got aboard the Pelican and lifted off the ground. "Hay Kelly."

      "Yeah Shadow, what is it?" he asks.

      "This marine here is the only survivor." Shadow said.

      "God." A marine said with a wretched voice. "I guess we were just to late."

      Everyone was quiet and looking down into the floor of the Pelican the rest of the way to home base. The Pelican soared into the base Pelican bay room. A med team ran up to the Pelican to see if there were any injuries. Captain Hahn went up to Shadow and ask, "are there any survivors Shadow?"

      "Yeah, one sir."

      "I'm the only survivor sir." Daniel said.

      "Why aren't there any other survivors?" Hahn asks.

      Daniel sits down on a nearby chair and explains why. "Sir. The Covenant had captured the marines and civilians that had surrendered. And then I over heard two Elites talking about how nice it was to eliminate the humans. It's a real sad event that happen."

      "And where were you at this time?" Hahn asks.

      "Well I...well I was..."

      "He was hiding in a locker sir." Shadow said.

      "You mean to tell me that you was in a locker like a coward." Hahn said. "I expect that kind of thing from a Grunt, not a marine."

      "Sorry sir." Daniel said.

      "I guess I will go and get some shuteye." Shadow said.

      Shadow went to his room and took off his MJOLNIR II suit and place neatly on the floor of his room. Its only three o'clock and I'm already going to bed, Shadow though to himself. He sat down on the edge of his bed and though to himself, who are my parents? He put his head in his hands as a tear went down his face.

      On the next day, Shadow and Kelly sat down in the lounge area for some chat time. "Kelly, I had another of one them dreams last night."

      "What was it about this time?" he asks.

      "My family." Shadow said looking down in his lap. "This time dreamt that my mom, dad, and me were in a military base. The base was in a desert, I don't know where in the desert."

      "Go on." Kelly said.

      "Well, I was with my mother and my dad was talking to a person that appeared to be Israeli. I don't know what they were talking about. And then at that time, a jeep came up. My dad got in the jeep and headed off somewhere else, and that is when I woke up."

      "I see." Kelly said. "Well...I dreamt about my wife last night. She dead you know."

      "How did she die?" Shadow asks.

      "Well it was on a colony close to Jupiter. And the Covenant was on that colony."

      "What was the colony called?"

      "It was called the Iaxe IX. And the Covenant had killed my wife, I was captured than save by some marines. And that is when I join up for the Marine corp. But I can't bring her back now."

      Tears started to roll down Kelly's cheeks as he left the lounge area. Shadow got up and walk out thinking to himself, we're all having a hard time in life.

      Captain Hahn came up to Shadow and said, "Shadow. You are have been assign to go to Great Britain. They need as much help as possible. And Kelly is going with you on account that you are officially on their unit."

      "Yes sir" Shadow said.

      "You are going there 0600 tomorrow, and you will be transported on a Long Sword with his team."

      "So I guess I'm going on a European road trip." Shadow said.

      "Just be ready Shadow."

      Captain Hahn walks off into the lounge area, as Shadow went to the shower area to get a nice shower.

To be continue...