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Halo Trilogy: A Soul to Remember ( Chapter III )
Posted By: Alpha Lance<AlphaLance619@aol.com>
Date: 6 September 2003, 6:50 AM

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Note: Sorry it took so long. I usually write the next story or chapter after one comes out. And I indented, and it should be alot better. And there isn't really any action in this one, enjoy.

0400 hours, September 29, 2552 (military calendar)/
UNSC Base outside of Earth City.

      The Pelican roared in the base area. The Pelican stop switching to hover mode hovering down on a landing pad. Shadow and John got out as Kelly help his fellow marine off the Pelican. "Shadow, you made it back alive in one piece. Sorry about the mission you had to go on. That ship was well defended." Captain Hahn said.
      Kelly approach with the wounded marine and said, "Hahn sir, this is the only marine that survive. That Kilmor send us in when they just could have nuke the thing with the Long Swords."
      "Ah, yeah about that. You see there was no Long Swords available at the time. And then like twenty minutes into you mission, some Long Sword made it back. Than Echo Base called with a distress signal...and we had no choice but to nuke it. Many civilian's live were in extreme danger, but they are probably dead now."
      "Sir." Shadow said. "I'm willing to check for any survivors."
      "Alright Shadow. You will go in the morning. You need your rest you know."
      "Come on marine, lets get you help." Kelly said.
      Kelly took the badly injured marine to the med station, Shadow and John walk in and went to the lounge area. "John."
      "Yeah Shadow, what is it." replied John.
      "What is Halo?" Shadow asked, as both Spartans sat down.
      "Well Halo is a ring world. Much like Earth."
      "Yeah, except it runs on artificial life. It is the most advance technology ever. And just to think that it was built thousands of years ago." Cortana said.
      "And we must not forget about it's most deadly secret." John said.
      "The Flood." John said. "The Flood is a very dangerous enemy. There are like these little thing that will get inside a host's body. It will take over the host's brain and
nerves. The body will then start to transform and decay making the host's body stronger
than every was. There are several types of form. One is the infected form. It will take over a Marine's or a Elite's body. That form can fire any weapon."
      "Yes." Cortana said. "Then there are the carried form. Mostly Grunts and Jackals
are that form. That form will carry the little Flood form that takes over the body. It will explode and cause good damage. That's not all. There were these mechanical robots call the Senitals. They were left on Halo to prevent the Flood from escaping. They have these lasers that will cut straight through you. And then there was 343 Guilty Sparks."
      "343 Guilty Sparks?" Shadow ask.
      "Yeah." John said. "A little ball shape robot. Lets just say he was a little evil bastard."
      Shadow got up from the table and said, "Yeah well. I guess I will go sleep the rest of the day."
      He than left the lounge to his room. He went through the automatic doors and lock it. He didn't even take off his suit. He lad down on his bed and dozed off into REM sleep after fifteen minutes.

      "Come on son, we must hurry." a female voice said.
      "Alright mommy."
      It was a young kid's voice. A high pitch voice, the kind of voice that a four year old voice. It was a kid, walking along with his mom and dad holding on to there figures. The parents were young and in a hurry to leave the city. "Three ticket to Berlin, Germany please. And make it the soonest flight possible." the female voice said.
      A crazy man ran in the airport with a bomb, and yelled. "You! You must die traitor!"
      The man hold up a controller to the bomb. The kid dad push him down to the ground and tried to cover him. The terrorist yelled as he push the bottom to the bomb. "Ahhhhhh−"
      Just then when the bomb exploded, Shadow woke up. He took off his helmet and sweat rolled down his face. He look over at his clock that read 1:25 a.m. He went into the bathroom and splash some cold water over his face. What was that dream all about
Shadow though to himself.
      Shadow took off the rest of his suit and folded back his cover and went back to sleep.

0600 hours, September 30, 2552 (Shadow clock)/
UNSC Base outside of Earth City.

      "Shadow, good morning." Kelly said.
      "Good morning Kelly."
      "Well. We got a freash batch of marines. And John won't be joining us, on account that he has be assign to Moscow. Now lets lock and load!"
      Shadow got in the Pelican with his MA6B assault rifle. The Pelican lifted off of the ground and took off to Echo Base. "Kelly, I had a dream last night." Shadow said.
      "So did I, I dreamed of myself killing the Covenant. And being with my wife."
      "I see." Shadow said
      "Well. What was your dream about?" Kelly ask.
      "I think I dreamt about my parents when they died."
      "Yeah." Kelly said.
      They were both silent the rest of the ride. The Pelican started to stop and land on what is left of Echo Base. "Alright marines! Lets saves some people!"
      The Pelican unloaded and took off back to home base. Shadow and the rest of the squad walk off into the dust of destruction.