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Halo Trilogy: Destroy th 'Judgment Day' (Chapter II, part 2)
Posted By: Alpha Lance<AlphaLance619@aol.com>
Date: 1 September 2003, 3:01 AM

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Deployment 00:30:52 September 28, 2552 (Shadow mission clock)/
Hundred fifty feet off Earth's surface, aboard the Judgment Day.

       Shadow and the squad found their selves in a medium size room. "This almost looks
the same as the Truth and Reconciliation. A ship that we saw on Halo." John said.
       "Yes it does John." Cortana said. "But we got company."
       A door open that was next to a Wraith. And out came a Gold Elite, carrying a plasma rifle. The Elite fired a few shots and jump behind the Wraith tank, planning to ambush them.
       "Don't try to out smart us you fubar piece of crap!" Kelly yelled as he pull a pin
off a grenade and chunk it behind the Wraith tank.
       The grenade explodes destroying the tank and the Elite at the same time. Another door open and another. "God there are Grunts coming in all over the place." yelled a Marine that was firing his weapon in every direction.
       Plasma bolt across the room just missing the Marines. "I can't hit them!" whimpered a frantic Grunt.
       The Master Chief threw his last grenade at a pack of Grunts and blowing each one up in a shower of their own blood. Shadow shoots up a pack pf Grunts with fifteen bullets to spare. Two trigger happy marines kill the last of the Grunts, but they still kept on shooting the at the dead bodies. "That is enough shooting!" yelled Kelly at the top of his lungs. "Your wasting ammo. Now lets keep moving."
       "But which way should we go Serge? ask a Marine that was walking to a door.
      "Well there are two doors that will lead the way. The one in front of us will lead us to the bay area than to the control room. And the one behind us should lead us two the
engine room, I think."
       "Well there are six of us. We should split up into three people each. And then go in through them doors, which are the right doors. We should go ahead an get the demo
squad up here." Cortana said.
      "I'll call for them Cortana." Kelly said. "Alright demo team, y'all can come up here. Do you copy demo team. I said do you copy demo team." There was nothing but silence.
       "Echo Base, this is Kelly speaking. I have a demo team that isn't responding. Over."
      "Oh God! The Covenant is attacking again, and it is a real big unit! We are sending a Long Sword squander to take out the ship, right away! They keep on sending Covenant backup from th-." The COM channel suddenly cut off.
      "They are all dead." Kelly said. "And they are also sending a Long Sword team to take out this ship."
      "Why didn't they just send in the Long Swords in the first place!" yelled a furriest Marine.
       "Alright. I'll teleport us down." John said.
       He went up to the control panel and press the teleport button. Nothing happen.
"Its not working" he said.
      "Well here is the problem." Cortana said. "Some moron shot up the back of the control holo gram projector!" she exclaimed. "We must go the long way. We can call for a Pelican to pick us up in the bay room."
      The team of marines went through the big doors that leaded to the bay room. They ran shot any Covenant they saw. Around a corner they went to find more and more Covenant. "They are all over the place!" someone yelled.
      And Elite soldier charge at the marine firing furiously. Shadow and Kelly shot up the beast. A Grunt yelled "posse fry this one!" Threw a grenade on a marine.
      "Oh God! Get it off me! Get it off --." The marine exploded a few feet away from the other marines.
      "You killed him! You bastards killed him!" a Marine yelled.
      The pissed marine ran and killed the Grunts. He ran through a door like a madman. And everyone could hear is gun shots and sounds of Grunts and Jackals dieing in a distance. "We must hurry!" Cortana exclaimed.       The team ran through the door and down the hallway. There were dead Grunts and Jackals all through the hallway. "Man. He really did a number them." Kelly said.
      The team made it to the bay room. They found Covenant all over the place that was getting ready to deploy. And they also notice the marine, lying motionless on the cold medal of the ship. "Fire!"
      The squad fired at the Covenant that was surprise by more marines. Two Elites ran behind some Ghost. The Elites would pop their heads up, fire at the marine and
dunk again. Shadow threw a grenade in front of the Ghosts. It explode in a fierier fury killing the Elites and catapulting what left off the Ghost into a pack of Grunts, smashing to of the Grunts. "Pelican pilots are you still there?" Cortana ask.
      "Yes we are. But what the hell is going on at Echo Base?"
      "Tell you later. But come and pick us up! Hurry!"
      "Roger that."
      The Chief and Shadow just got done killing the last of the Covenant, for the time
being. "Smoke'em if you got them." one marine said.
      "We're not out the danger yet. Cortana said. "Look. Hunters!
      The squad opean fire again at the massive beasts. A Hunter shot it's powerful Fuel Rod gun at Shadow that knock his shields down to 20%. "God!" he said.       Kelly and the last two marine shot at the beast. The Hunter deflect 80% of the shots. It than shot it's Fuel Rod gun at the two last marines. One marine was killed by the green explosion, and the other was severely injured. "Ahhhhh!" screamed the Marine in
pain. Kelly through his last grenade at the Hunters, and yelled "up yours!"
      The grenade exploded an killed one of the Hunters. The other Hunter sifted and ran at the squad. The Hunter swung his massive shield and smacked the Chief hard, giving Shadow the perfect opportunity to kill the Hunter. He a whole clip in the Hunter's
back, killing the beast.       "Eliminated." Shadow said.
      The Pelican finally made it to the ship. "Get aboard marines."
      The Chief got on the Pelican while Shadow and Kelly help the marine aboard the Pelican. "Go to the base that is outside of Earth City." Cortana order.
      "Okay...I guess!"       The Pelican lifted off the bay floor. It got about fifty feet away when the Long Swords flew by, and delivered the nukes into the ship. "They could have done that instead of seanding us in." Kelly said. "But at least that ship is destroyed."