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Halo Trilogy: Destroy the 'Judgment Day' (Chapter II, Part 1)
Posted By: Alpha Lance<AlphaLance619@aol.com>
Date: 31 August 2003, 12:15 AM

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0900 September 28, 2552 (Military calendar)/ Earth's
surface, location Earth City, Echo Base.

"What's up Shadow. Did you get any sleep last night?" Daniel
"Yeah. Why you ask?"
"Because I was up alnigth thinking about that Spartan. And
that...Halo thing. And what is up with that the Flood, and
his amour is pretty bang up."
"I Don't know, why don't you ask him yourself." Shadow said.
"Alright, stop the chip chat." Kelly order. "Sahdow! Good
news, you got another mission with us."
"What is it?" Daniel ask.
"You stay out of this! And besides, your going to stay here
if the Covenant tries to attack again.And as for you Shadow,
you have to come to the briefing room. Its about to start.
Shadow and Kelly went to the briefing room an sat down with
five other marines. Shadow also notice a Demolition squad
and that Spartan, John. His suit has alot of scares on it,
but it still useable., he sould go up to a Mk. 7 suit. The
suit that the other Spartans II use. "Well marineits time to
go the mission. So shut up!
"Question! yelled one Marine. "What ever happen to Major
"Well marine. Major Potter had a heart attack, but he is
okay. But he want be back for a very long time. And you can
call me, Major Kilmor."
Hay. That sounds like kill more. Like kill more Covies, ha,
ha." blurted one Marine.
"Yeah it does. But you can exspect 24 hours of cleaning this
place, top to bottom!" exclaimed Kilmor. But back to the
subject. Ya'll the marins get to take out a ship called the
'Judgment Day'. The ops force will take out as many Covenant
as possible. But the main parts we want to focus on, are the
bay, control, and the engine rooms. Once ya'll do that, the
demo squad will blow the thing to hell. Now move out.
All of the squad left the room and got their bombs and weap-
ons. Shadow got two SMGs and got into the first Pelican.
"Shadow, that is your name right?" Cortana ask.
Yeah. And you are a construct, or my imagination."
"I just wan't to know if that your name."
The Pelican's bunners fired up and headed in the direction
of the ship. Once there the Pelicans unloaded. "Alright, all
you have to do ic lower the energy door, and we will come
and get ya'll." the Pelican pilot said.
"Stay a cuople of feet behind us, demo squad." Cortana said.
Move, move, move!" Kelly order.
The squad was abuat 250 meters away from the ship when they
ran into a recon squad of Covenant. "Opean fire!" yelled
The marine opean fire at the squad and kelled two Grunts.
Four Elites reacted quickly, nad fired at the marine. The
squad, carrying the good size bomb pulled out thier pistals
and took cover. Kelly pulled a pin off a grenade and toss it
at a Elite. The Elite jump, and got it's shield knock off
from the exsplosion. Kelly ran up and wasted a full clip in
to the Elite.
One Elite running high on adrilloline charge a marine. The
marine froze when he saw the Elite about to hit him. Bullits
flew in the Elite's head, bringing down the sheild and kill-
ing the beast. "Marine! Your suppose to fire your weapon!
exclaimed Shadow.
The Chief toss a grenade and killed the last two Elites.
"Alright Chief! Behined you all the way!" yelled a Marine.
The squad made it to the lift area. "Oh yeah, that was hard,
ha, ha." a sarcastic Marine said.
"I wouldn't be laughting marine." Kelly said.
Shadow and Kelly look at the situation. There were five Sha-
de guns around the lift. About fifteen Grunts, and three
Elites. Me and Shadow will chunck a grenade at the Covies,
why the rest of ya'll will destroy them Shades. One, two,
three. Now! yelled Kelly.
Shadow and Kelly threw a grenade at the Covenant, and took
out five Grunts and two Elites. The rest threw their grena-
des and got three of the Shades guns. The Covenant scatter
like ants. Two Grunts got in the Shades and fired.The Chief
strafed acrss and fire his zoom in weapon, and killed the
last Elite, in a pool of blood. One marine got hit by the
Shade gun and yelled, "someone take that thing out!"
Shadow ran at the Shade guns and killed one Grunt and destr-
oyed the other. A marine ran down and started to hit the
Grunts with his weapon. A Grunt charge up a plasma grenade
and yelled, "flare!" The Grunt than threw it and stuck it on
the marine.
The marine than yelled, "I'm taking ya'll with me!" He ran
for the Grunts taking them all out in a bloody explosion.
"Enemy eliminated." a Marine said.
"Yeah. But they got one of my best soldier." Kelly said.
"We'll make sure he will get a honorable funeral." Cortana
"Yes. But we still got a mission. One of the marine going
with the demo squad will come with us. Now get aboard the
lift. And demo guys. Ya'll come up when we call for ya'll,
okay." Shadow said.
Shadow and the squad got in the middle of the lift, and went
up one by one.

~To be continue~