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Halo Trilogy: Take Back What Belongs to Us (Chapter 1)
Posted By: Alpha Lance<JoshFerguson921@msn.com>
Date: 30 August 2003, 1:15 AM

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Deployment 00:46:05(Shadow mission clock)/
Earth's surface, Earth City

"Get down! Fathom!" yelled a Marine.
"This is Long Sword pilot, Kitty Hawk speaking.We are eng-
aging the enemy. Over." The Long Swords screech across the
sky, firing their missiles at the Fathoms. One Long Sword's
engines were struck by a Fathom's plasma canon. The Long
Sword started to lose altitude, as the pilot yelled on the
COM channel, "oh God my engines are out, I'm going have to
make a emergency landing!"
The Long Sword skinned along the streets, close to the ba-
se. It came to a halt, and the medic started to run to the
Long Sword to see if the pilot needed any medical attent-
ion. An ace Long Sword pilot took out a Fathom with a miss-
ile, and just missing a building blinded by the exsplodion
from the Fathom. "Oh hell yeah! Yuo know them Fathom are no
match for or Long Swords." a witty Marine said.
"Hay! We still got that Covie force to take out!" exclai-
med Shadow.
"Who said so!"
"Me, Shadow, the Spartan!"
"What kind of name is...Shadow?"
"I'll tell you later. Now get abord the Wart Hog!"
The Marine got on the LAAG, and Shadow got in the passen-
ger side and yelled, "hit it!"
The Hog accelerated and five other Hogs follow. In one
Wart Hog was Kelly on the mounted cannon, rambling on about
how he is going to saughter the Covenant one by one. Shadow
can see the Long Swords finishing of the Fathom in a dist-
ance. "Alright, there just around the corner. So lets get
ready to put some led in their bellies." Shadow said over
the COM channel.
"Attack! Let'em have it!" yelled a Marine gunner.
The LAAG guns opean fire on the Covenant troops. There
were about thirty Covenant Grunts and Elites swarming to
take cover. Ghost suppart vehicle came racing out, destro-
ying one Wart Hog. Two Wart Hogs broke apart from the pack
to take out the Covenant troops that were makin a brake for
the base. Sahdow and Kelly stead to take out the Ghost
which consist of four total. Kelly shot a Ghost that treid
to make a suicide run for them and caused the Ghost to cat-
apult into the Wart Hog that he was in. The Ghost slammed
into the engine of the Wart Hog, killing the driver and
passenger. "Kelly! Are you alright?" Shadow ask, as he shot
and destroyed the back end of a Ghost drivin by a Brute.
"Yeah, but its time to kill these Bastards!"
Sahdow's driver stop the Hog and got out with a Jack Ham-
mer and yelled, "eat this!"
He shot the Jack Hammer, and hit the side of a Ghost, kno-
king the Ghost into a building. A marine shot a Grunt in the
head and said, "that how you take out a Ghost! And boy am I
good, I say so myself."
"Show off." mumbled Kelly with a angry look on his face
that said, I should have got the last Covie.
"How everything on ya'll side team two?" Shadow said.
"Were just getting done moping up the last of them. And
we took care of two mortar tanks we ran into. And we will
meet ya'll back at the base."

Back at Echo Base, Shadow walk in the lounge area and sat
down and was just about to go over the mission, when the
witty marine walk in and said, "yo Sahdow, you never told me
about your name."
"Ah yeah...well, lets see. I don't really know my real
"Ha, ha! You otha be kiding me." chuckled the Marine. "Ya,
well my name is Daniel Nickles."
"Alright, back to the sudject, the reason I don't know my
real name is that I have amnesia. When I was a little boy,
my parents were killed in a bombing, and I was with them and
got knock out and I couldn't remember my name. And my par-
ents was keeping a very low profile or something. Because
the marine couldn't find my in a file or a my births cetef-icate. And that also what the marines told me in the Spartan
II project that was started several years after the Spartan
I project."
"Man that sucks."
"Yeah, and Shadow kinda of a nickname one of the instru-
ctor gave me. Don't know why, but I stuck with it."
"Hay! You guys, there;s another Spartan outside. And he is
claiming he was on the Pillar of Autumn! Come quick!" yelled
a excited marine.
Shadow and Daniel went outside to find another Spartan
being ask many question by many marines. "-Whats your name-
where did you come from-what happean to Pillar of Autumn?-"
"My name is Spartan John-117 Master Chief grade. And I
cane from this ring world called 'Halo'. We the crew was
stranded there after we crash landed there. And we found
this enemy called the 'Flood' that is a very deadly enemy.
And I had to destroy Halo before the Flood escape, and I had
no other choice but to self destruct the Pillar of Autumn.
And there were no other servivers, but me."
"Wow! Did you hear that Shadow?" Daniel ask.
"Yeah. I heard it alright." Shadow said.

~To be continue~