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Halo Trilogy: The Fight for Earth (Prologue)
Posted By: Alpha Lance<JoshFerguson921@msn.com>
Date: 26 August 2003, 2:28 AM

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Note:This is my frist time writting, so I can use all the
help(cronsrutive critisem). And I hope you injoy my fanfic.

0257 hours, September 27, 2552(Military Calendar)/
Echo Base-in Earth City.

"Contact, enemy contact!Enamy located in my sector!"
yelled Major Potter, while the Covenant storm down the
bloody street, slaughtering helpless civilians and unex-
spected MArines.
"sir, we need major backup!" yelled one Marine.
"Don't worry I'm sending out a destress signal." Potter
said. He estimated about fifty Grunts, twenty Elites, three
Hunters, and six Brutes. THey were outnumber by 50%. Plasma
fire fills the streets, as buildings collapse hit by
Hunter's fuel rod guns. Brutes fire thier Ginsu 9000 into
bunkers of Marines, burning thier skin off.
"Come on Marines get ruttless!" exclaimed Potter firing
his MA5B rifle like a madman on steroids. "How is that for
ruttless agrression!"

0309 hours, September 27, 2552(Master Cheif Spartan-117
clock)/UNSC LONG SWORD, above Earth's atomosphere.

"Major, Cortana speaking, what's your situation there?"
she asked.
"Well Cortana, the Covenant are feeling for now, but they are going to attack again."
"Alright I'm sending backup." Cortana said.
The Chief walk out the door grabing a MA5B rifle, and than
walk into the drope room. He pulled down the door's handle
and than jump out in space fill with Covenant cruisers. He
than landed on the cruiser and said "looks like this baby
going to land on the moon." The ship than landed in a luner
He than got up and jump onto a platform, ramming his gun
into a sleeping Grunts head. He than ran inside a elevator
and went onto dock level. He ran out and ran into a Elite,
getting smack. The Chief recorvered and fired a half a clip
into the Elites chest, killing the monster.
He than ran into a pair of Hunters. he Chief throw a frag
grenand killing one Hunter as the other charge in rage. He
jump out of the way shooting the rest of the clip in the Hunter's back, kiling it. And in a desperate attempt, the
Chief ran straight through a group of Jackals and into a
Covenant's drope ship. He flew out the door before it close
and headed to his home, Earth.

0400 hores, September 27, 2552(Shadow Spartan ll-250
clock)/UNSC base, 4 miles from Earth City.

Shadow was juct getting done putting on his MJOLNIR two
suit on, when Captain Hahn walk in.
"Shadow you been assign to protect a base in Earth
You will go with a special ops force, okay."
"Yes sir, I understand." Shadow said.
"Good, good, you better understand because their are alot
of civilians that haven't got out yet. Know get your weapons
and good luck Shadow, your going to need it."
Shadow went and grab a Socom mk. 23, and got a MA5B rifle,
and headed out to the bay area."Ahh, yes you most be the Spartan. The one with over 1,000 pluse kills." a Marine
"Can'it Marine! exclaimed the leader. "I'm really glade
your comeing with us. And I'm the leader, you can call me
Seargant Kelly."
Seargant Kelly is a big Marine, with an exspreasion that
has no fear, and he had no remorse for the Covenant, what so
"Nice to meet you Kelly." Shadow said as they shuck hands
in respect.
The team than got abourd the Pelican mark, Delta 322. The
Pelican's burners fired up and stared to lift off the groud.
It took off in the direction of the mission area, as ten
Long Swords went sworing off, past the Pelican to do a
quick bombing raid in Earth City.
"Well them Long Swords will make our mission easier, don't
ya'll thinck so." Kelly said.
"Hell yeah!" yelled one Marine. "And pluse them Covenant
don't know what they are dealing with.
"Yeah, but we don't won't to take them forgranted. Because
one wrong move can change the whole mission. So keep your
eyes and ears opean, or you will end up dead, being carried
in a body bag." Shadow said.
Pelican came to a halt and landed on a landind pad.
"Alright Marine, get tacticle, and hittem hard! yelled
"It abou't time ya'll got here. The Covenant getting ready
for another assualt." Potter said, as Long Swords late on
their delivery, screamed by droping aload bomds on Shadows
and Wraith tanks.
And than a pack off Fyantoms, a Covenant ship that is well
amoured. It started to engage the Long Swords in a dog fight
in the sky of fire.

To be contiue