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The Battle of New York
Posted By: alexxx
Date: 23 February 2006, 10:41 pm

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Hey, this is one of my first fan fiction pieces, so enjoy.

Earth Space Sector 14, NE Quadrant, 1400h local time
Aboard the Covenant Destroyer Purity of Spirit

The Purity of Spirit exited Slip space above the North East U.S. After exiting the space battle above High Charity, It had followed the Arbiter's flagship, The Pride and Glory. Ola 'Fasumee Spun on his heels. His Armor glinted in the dim purple light of the Bridge.
"Report!" He bellowed.
The elite to the left of him said in a smooth, calm voice
As he frowned
"Brute Cruiser, bearing 12 units to starboard"
'Fasumee bared his teeth as he replied,
"Target turrets 3, 4, 7, arm two plasma torpedoes. As soon as the turrets take out the shields aim the plasma torpedoes slightly abeam, so they hit the reactor."
The white elite replied
"Turning control over to fire matrix, designating coordinates."
'Fasumee clenched his fists and tensed.
The destroyer, which had been running dark, flickered to life as plasma traveled through the conduits, glowing a deep hue of indigo. The plasma gathered at the turrets, released and corkscrewed towards the cruiser. The shields flickered, held and then winked out. The Beams punctured the Cruiser in three spots, venting atmosphere. Processors whirred as the plasma torpedoes released and traveled through the void. As they impacted, they ate away at the carapace of the reactor bulkhead. The cruiser vaporized.
"'Nolamee, I'm designating control of the ship to you." 'Fulsamee said
The bridge doors opened with a hum, only light shimmered in the door.
"Fasa 'Ogalee, you always have to make an entrance." he said as a group of twelve black clad Elites de-activated their camo.
'Ogalee stood and smiled, then 'Fasumee turned to his lieutenant.
"Prep Pods A106-A119, ready three Phantoms, two Wraiths four Lekgolo and a Specter"
"Yes Excellency" 'Nolamee replied unwaveringly.
The group of Elites marched silently down the halls, lead by the Zealot. When they arrived at the Armory, they armed themselves to the teeth.
Most carried Carbines, a Plasma Rifle and an Energy Sword, but the two specialists shied off to the side.
The sniper sighed as he hit a button on the weapons rack, and a small door hissed to the side. He grabbed a Needler, which he clipped to the side and a Beam Rifle.
He flipped the top and calibrated the scope on top.
Likewise, the anti tank specialist grabbed a battered Fuel Rod Cannon and a bandolier of plasma grenades and fuel rods. They made a hasty run to the pod bay, and each settled into the pods. Over the intercom there was beeping 5,4,3,2,1,1,1, release as the Destroyer jettisoned the pods from its enormous underside.

New York, New York City Block 22a 1500 local time
ODST squad Charley led By Spartan 043

Will looked at the scene, schooling in boring. They had landed near a federal bank, half in hard drop, and half in Pelicans. They had set up a CP inside the atrium, and established a defensive perimeter around the lobby and surrounding courtyard. Will looked at the TacMap frowning.
The Brute force was pushing up 5th avenue, slowly. He could hear the distant rumble of the Wraiths. It scared him. So far resistance was light, a sniper here Ghost there but noth-
He was interrupted in mid thought by a large orb of plasma that slammed into the building next to him. And another behind him. And another- dammit it was supposed to be sporadic and light. Someone had fucked up. Badly.
These were no fucking wraith bombs, this was some serious artillery. That means there is a forward observer. Hey keyed his com to the snipers on the roof.
"Find that fucking Jackal right now and make sure he departs minus a mother fucking brain."
Three acknowledgment lights winked on. About thirty seconds later three vapor trails crossed the smoke and a small body, barley visible, Tumbled from a skyscraper a block away. The shelling stopped.
"Gamma 115, Major Hodges here, commencing shoreline bombing."
Three Longswords Screamed up ahead, released their ordinance and several blue plumes issued from a few blocks away.
Shooting stars twinkled above, but they weren't stars. He waved over Sergeant Easley.
"Prepare squads Alpha through Delta for attack. We have pods incoming"

'Fasumee's pod hit first, digging deep into the pavement. As the Hatch Cracked He jumped out and ignited his energy sword. Humph, 'Nolamee had undershot, like always.
The other 12 Pods impacted. They soon formed a V- shape formation, With 'Fasumee in the front and 'Ogalee at his right hand.

The Brute captain sniffed the air, Ahh there was stinking Elites somewhere, somewhere close. Out of nowhere, a fuel rod canon shot materialized out of nowhere, and impacted his first wraith, crippling it. Likewise, six Plasma grenades materialized again and erased a file of Jackals

He was about to bark an order when a small purple beam sliced trough his Medulla, nearly severing his head.
The column of five wraiths, minus the crippled one turned and targeted the alley, but the Elites were gone.

Will yelled fire, and the Rocket Jockeys, the Scorpions and the Rocket 'Hog opened up at the same time, erasing the whole file of Wraiths, Jackals and Brutes.

A Phantom roared up overhead, but once again three Fuel Rods hit it, overloading the shields and destroying the engines. It wavered drunkenly, and fell on the first Scorpion, burning and killing a few of his men. Will cringed as he saw the Brute, Remembering their encounter on The Unyielding Hierophant. He and his men raised their BR 55's and a deadly volley hit the Brute's chest. A trio of Jackals poured out, and met a venomous rebuke from one ODST's M90 shotgun. The shell clicked to the ground at his feet as he pumped another round in the chamber. Another Brute appeared and took the full force of the Eight-Gauge shell, but it didn't even flinch. Faster than he could reload the Brute swiped him across the helmet, breaking his neck. Will leveled his BR 55 and put a 9.5 mm chunk of lead in the Brute's forehead. It dropped with a dull thud.
But from behind, A Brute grabbed Will and began to pummel him. Just when he was about to finish Will, A bright prong of plasma gouged out the Brute's chest and stopped not an inch from Will's nose. The brute Dribbled blue ichor in Will's visor, its eyes rolled back and the sword withdrew. In all his majesty, Ola 'Fulsamee stood.

Neither Party wavered, as the Elites de-activated their camo.
"I hate you, you hate me, but we both hate the Brutes, Demon. Let this be our binding." 'Fulsamee muttered.
"Agreed" Said Will.
The Elites sneered, but they took their own places in the line, at the ready.
A Marine switched his BR 55 for a Plasma Rifle, an Elite picked it up and set it down, and grabbed his his Carbine.
The horrible rumbling continued, and sweat beaded under Will's Helmet.
A Line of Wraiths continued down the Avenue, two at a time.
Will guessed there were twenty to thirty Wraiths. 'Fulsamee Warbled in alien tones, and about thirty seconds later, a quartet of Seraphs flew by and detached plasma bombs. They emolliated half the Wraiths. The column halted and commenced to bombard the Bank. 'Fulsamee gazed into Will's Visor, his eves dark and sad. He climbed onto a broken Rampart on the wall and screamed, thrusting his sword in the air.

A criss-cross of purple beams overloaded his shields and blew his torso and chest apart. His smoldering corpse fell over.

'Ogalee took command and, they threw grenades, launched rockets, fuel rods and fired small arms. A solid wall of shiny burnished metal dented and blackened. They were taking heavy Casualties, six of his warriors were dead, and about twenty of the humans had gone down.

A loud drone became evident- Phantoms. Will began to key his com but 'Ogalee held him back. The Three Phantoms entered the courtyard and to the relief of many dropped two Wraiths, a Specter and Four Hunters. After The Hunters, a Phantom dropped 'Nolamee and a few Blue elites. Two hopped in the Wraiths and turned to vaporize Will and his remaining Marines, but 'Ogalee brought 'Nolamee to an understanding. The Hunters and the Wraiths then targeted the wall of Wraith hulks. It was quiet for a while.

Then the shit hit the fan.

Brutes, Jackals and Drones came poring out from on top of the wall. Bullets, beams and energy bombs flew. Yet the tide of Brutes came on coming.

"Fall back! Fall back to the bank!" Will exclaimed.

The Jackal snipers were getting really accurate; they had killed almost all the marines and most of the Elites. Then the Brute Shot grenades rained down, like a sporadic, deadly rain. Inside the building they barricaded the front doors, and placed Lotus anti-tank mines in the lobby. The Remaining Hunter, 'Nolamee, the sniper Elite and two Minor Elites Ran up the stairs with Will. When they reached the top floor of the building. It would have been a panoramic view, fit for a postcard, but in sudden terror, he realized that the buildings were collapsing before his eyes. Blue death was raining on New York.
It dawned on him. They were pummeling their own troops. They wanted him dead.

He turned to the left and saw, from the fiftieth floor, hundreds of Wraiths, Ghosts, Specters and Banshees facing down hundreds of 'Hogs and Scorpions. They clashed and bright explosions followed.

They rushed to the roof, and there a Phantom was hovering.

"Thank you, human. Our paths had us cross as foes, but you fight well. Goodbye" 'Nolamee said as he floated up the grav lift with the survivors of his contingent.

He spun on his heel and was greeted by a bold shark mouth in red and white the pilot smiled at him from behind oversized goggles. The Pelican spun and another gold visor greeted him. Spartan 058 Linda greeted him with a two fingered swipe over her visor. Will Did the same. She offered a hand to him. He climbed onboard just as the building collapsed under him, the tortured metal and stone screaming as they fell to the earth.

The Pelican flew up into the bay of the Nautilus, a Halcyon-class Cruiser which was directing the ops in the area. The Pelican flew into one of the foreword bay. They followed the color coded arrows as they went to see the captain, devoid a marine escort. Marines parted in front of the Spartans like the Red Sea. Captain Williams, a grizzled veteran of the human-Covenant wars greeted them with a grumble. He disliked the Spartans, but welcomed their help.
"Spartans 058 and 053, what brings you to my bridge?"
"Sir," Will blurted, "You need to destroy that Carrier holding position over Manhattan."
Captain Williams looked at the map display, and addressed his second in command.
"Charge primary MAC cannon to 100%. Prime Archer pods 1-20 and target that cruiser in the middle of the Bay"
The second-in-command frowned. He turned the fire control over to the A.I, Duran.
There was a whirring of processors as the A.I. bypassed safeties and went through targeting routines.
A massive tungsten-uranium shell flew out the barrel of the MAC cannon, and slammed into the shield of the Carrier.
Then Duran unsafed the Archer missiles and launched them. They detonated and the shield flickered and died. The MAC cannon fired again, and it tore into the fiber optic spine of the ship. The Carrier wavered and took a nosedive, obliterating tines square. Will walked over to the cafeteria, and slumped down on a bench. Much to the surprise of the Marine in front of him he fell into a deep, dark sleep.

The End