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Aftermath Part 2
Posted By: Alex Ross<aross8@cinci.rr.com>
Date: 30 March 2002, 3:47 am

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     "You senseless bastard! Why the hell did you not activate the engines when I told you to?" Cortana shouted violently. For a huge block of digital information, she had a quick temper.
     John was trying not to listen to her and was mainly focused on the poundings he heard resonate throughout Liberator. Banshees, he thought. It was just a matter of time before the rest of the Covenant fleet engages the UNSC fleet as well. His golden green armor was peppered with plasma burns everywhere and it had been one day since the escape from Halo. One day of outwitting the Covenant forces, no food, and the only person to talk to was Cortana. It could not get any worse.
     "I was trying to activate the Shiva warhead on the fighter. OK, Mom?"
     "Whatever, lets get to the bridge and talk to the captain."
     "Admiral. The commander of this ship is an admiral. Admiral Preston to be precise." He knew the Liberator had a skilled commander.
     Two marine troops ran in the docking bay towards the Master Chief, somewhat astonished at the scars on his armor.
     "Master Chief, it's good to see you alive! The admiral needs you on the bridge now!"
     The chief ran as fast as his MJORNIR armor could take him and ran clear out of the docking bay. Little did he know that after escaping Halo, the Longsword he had had brought something back with him... something horrible. The creature in the fighter gazed at the two marine soldiers in the bay with a killing instinct and it immediately leapt out of the shadows under the fighter, on to one of the marines...
     "Sir, we surprised the covenant with MAC rounds (powerful red slugs that lowered an enemies shields and knocked a ship out of position with great force) and managed to destroy two of their frigates, but those banshees are ripping through our armor awfully fast. Two banshees have been destroyed so far and... PLASMA MISSILES LOCKED ON US SIR!!!"
     The admiral stared at the window as he saw three big sparks emerge from the covenant cruiser and head straight toward his vessel. " Get ready for emergency thrusters!"
     "Aye sir!" When the plasma missiles almost met their mark, the emergency thrusters propelled the whole ship to the right, all the missiles missing and flying behind them. To the admiral's horror, he now saw 10 troop transports heading towards the Liberator, firing furiously. They were heading straight for the docking bay where the master chief once was!
     "Damn! Shut those doors Mikaso!"
     "Yes sir!" Lt. Mikaso did what he was ordered. The docking doors were slowly shutting, but all the sudden they were jammed and the troop transports entered in the dock all in one piece.
     "Master Chief, this is the admiral. Summon my troops from their locker rooms, armed and ready, and lead them to the docks and send those covies to hell!"
     "Understood." The radio said back.
     "Mikaso, fire missiles from bays 1-12. Make those banshees scrap. Then launch the Longswords."
     Omnitus grinned in his banshee gleefully as he saw the troop transports land inside the UNSC vessel. He eyed a UNSC destroyer charging up its MAC cannon and headed straight for it. The destroyer immediately fired missiles to take down the suicidal commander, but Omnitus veered through them perfectly and fired a green torpedo straight into the MAC cannon. Fire spewed from the cannon and the entire front section of the vessel split in half. The ship was permanently out of commission.
     All the sudden, two Longswords tailed him and both fired missiles. Omnitus did a somersault and both missiles flew by harmlessly. The fighters then fired 50mm cannons and gained speed on Omnitus. A second destroyer saw what this banshee did to its sister ship and was charging up its MAC cannon to fire on the Covenant cruiser. Omnitus once again headed straight for the UNSC destroyer, but decided to try something different. He then flew far away from the vessel and summoned two escort banshees to fly near both wings. The Longswords were now in pursuit of 3 banshees and once again Omnitus charged the UNSC destroyer with a frontal assault. The MAC cannon fired and all three banshees veered out of the way and it did not see the Longswords behind the 3 banshees. The banshees then separated leaving the Longswords at the mercy of the powerful MAC. The shot vaporized them instantly.
     While reveling in his triumph a little too much, he spotted two missiles heading straight towards his banshee. Too late to maneuver. Both missiles hit the banshee and he was now badly damaged. Even through the hull of the banshee, sparks flew and pieces of metal started falling and one crushed his leg. Omnitus's leg was bleeding, but he was too mad at his carelessness to care. In rage he decided instead of going back to his ship for a new banshee, he would fly into the Liberator's docking bay. He plowed the ship forward through space, dodging the fire fights from both sides and saw the battle in the docking bay between UNSC troops and his own. The covenant were using their dropships as cover against the marines near the entrance to the docking bay from space. He hovered over the middle of the battle, and jumped out of his banshee, while it was moving forward, onto a marine, killing him in one blow from 20 feet above. Omnitus's shields recharged and he stood quickly up on the docking bay floor and saw a marine sniper eyeing him from a great distance, near a lot of crates . The sniper did not take into account the abandoned banshee that was flying and descending straight toward him. The banshee crashed onto the floor and slid into the sniper's position, shattering his skeletal structure and slamming his remains against the wall. The rest of the marines retreated in alarm, which now gave the covenant control of the docking bay.
     All the covenant troops looked at their commander in awe as he activated his glowing saber and brought a plasma rifle in the other hand. He was unstoppable. He slowly walked up to the elite commander, still staring at Omnitus in awe.
     "Holy sh-"
     "What's the fleet status?" Omnitus asked quickly.
     The red elite came back to his senses and informed him that they had lost 2 frigates and one destroyer. The fleet was losing, but they had boarded the UNSC flagship, which gave them the advantage.
     "All troops, prepare to storm the bridge."
     All the covenant troops checked their weapons and were preparing to move out when all the sudden the legendary Spartan with 10 marines stormed the docking bay. The MC and the Marine did a grenade barrage right in the middle of the covenant forces. All the grunts and jackals fled as the grenades let loose their fury, killing about 10 of the little minions. One knocked Omnitus to the side, but did little damage. The hunters got in front of the Omnitus, defending him from the marines' barrage of assault rifle bullets with their shields. The hunters fired their mortar cannons and two marines fell to the ground, one without a head. Omnitus saw the Spartan through the hunter line and looked upon him with a vengeance. He would kill him. He was certain.
     Admiral Preston now was very worried. During the battle in the docking bay the UNSC vessels had destroyed both the destroyers escorting the cruiser and another frigate with their MAC cannons. The UNSC to covenant ship ratio was now 6:3 for they had lost 2 destroyers and 2 frigates. He was not worried about fleet strength, he was worried about the covenant troops that were storming his vessel.
     "Smith get a fix on what's going on downstairs with the Chief and-"
     Before he could finish his statement he instinctively lifted his pistol out of his holster and pointed it to the air duct network above him. His forehead was sweating now as he stared upwards.
     "Sir, what's the matter?" Mikaso inquired.
     "There is something in the air du-"
     A tentacle shot out of the air duct and grabbed the admiral by the face dragging him up in the ceiling. Everybody on deck lifted their pistols and the guards on deck holstered their assault rifles at the scene. They heard violent fighting above and then a violent scream. What followed next was the eeriest silence ever. Then admiral's body fell to the floor with one of his arms severed and his face totally gone. Many gasps from the crew followed and most of them ran in horror, not knowing what to do without their commander. Behind the fleeing troops, two human sized creatures emerged from the air duct with tentacles on one arm and one human arm. Then many spider like creatures emerged from the air as well with embryonic sacs on their backs. All the creatures had a parasitic like appearance. They had survived.