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Posted By: Alexander_Valient<jdprosper@ripnet.com>
Date: 28 September 2003, 12:18 AM

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(Dont diss me just because the on-sight name I chose is from one of the characters in DYSON. AND don`t kill me for using two short clips from ["The Fall of Reach"- by Eric Nylund] I know all about the evils of plagarism.
Thank You.


0600 Hours, Aug 30, 2552 (Military Calander) /
UNSC Pillar of Autumn, Epsilon Eridani System

The Master Cheif stood before the Spartain II`s
"Linda and James," he said. "You`re with me. Fred, you`re Red Team Leader. You`ll have tactical command of the ground operation.
"Sir!" Fred shouted. "Yes, sir."
"Now make ready," He had said. "We don`t have much time left."

The Master Cheif`s words couldnt have been more true.
They had launched in their Pelican dropship from the Pillar of Autumn while she was still at one third of full speed. They had then initiated a burn to bring them in towards Reach.
Red Team cleared a landing zone for their Pelican using the dropship`s cannon and HE missiles then had charged out into the malstrom of invading Covanant troops. Their combined fire mowing down swaths of enemy troops the Spartain II`s mannaged to push bach the initial invasion elements and begin to secure the Reactors that powered the Orbital Super MAC`s.

Just as it looked like they might have enough time to prepare more defenses, the main Covie attack wave reached the Reactor complex. The Spartain II`s eventually began to be pushed back and over whelmed by sheer numbers. Finally Fred made the call back up to the pillar of Autumn.
"Reactor complex seven has been compromised. We`re falling back. Might be able to save number three. Set off those charges now!" One of the spartains detonated a cluster of Lotus mines taking out three Wraith tanks and their surrounding troops. "Be advised Pillar of Autumn, groundside reactors are being taken. Orbital guns at risk. Nothing we can do. Too many. We have to use the nukes-"

A fuel rod shot landed near Fred throwing him off his feet for a moment. Before he could realise what was happening Kelly was at his side hoisting him up and pulling him in the direction of Reactor complex number three. Three seconds later a Wraith mortar shot landed where he had fallen.
The remaining Spartain II`s quickily made their way to the last reactor complex that haden`t been taken .
A group of determined Marines manned Minigunns and rocket launchers, that had been setup behind whatever cover was available. The spartains took up positions around the complex pouring fire into the living sea of enimies that now surrounded them.

"Joshua!" shouted Fred over their tac net frequency. "Set the nukes hidden at the other complexes to detonate in one minute, starting now!"
The heads up display of all the spartains left on the ground showed a timer counting down. 59.......58......57............ Fred shouted over to one of the remaining Marines who was ducking down to reload. "Corpral Hemmingway! I want you to get inside and make sure all of the blast doors are secure. Some nukes will be going off soon. "

All that he heard in response was "JESUS!!!!!" before the Corpral dissapeared inside.
Kelly turned to Fred and Joshua in between Reloads. "Well we might as well see what dammage we can to to these Covie Basterds before we go right sir?"
"Sounds good" voiced Joshua.
"Alright on three" They all readied their remaining Jackhammer rounds. 35.......34........33..........
"GO!. " Some marines timed their own firing of Jackhammers to coincide with the spartains sending five projectiles into the mass before them followed by 12 frag grenades. Their entire quarter of the complex was covered in flame from the repeated explosions. Then the three spartainII`s charged out, Assault rifles blazing flanked by four marines firing Shotguns, Pistols and their own assault rifles.
25..........24..........23..........22................ dosens of covanant fell before them but hundreds more lay in their path. A group of jackels tried to form a wall to stop the charge but Kelly whipped her jackhammer back out at lightning speed and blew the entire group away before they had a chance to fire a shot. They were now moving inbetween the covanant. A red elite fell to before Joshua as he used his rifle butt to crush the alien`s skull.

18.............17........................16 Time seemed to slowdown and seconds took an eternity to pass. A tear of pure white light appeared in the air before the ragged group of humans. Several bursts of Covanant plasma fire intersected the tear causing it to grow outwards and expand almost at the speed of sound. Suddenly it was as if a great wind was pulling at them and anyone within thirty meters of the tear was almost instantly pulled towads it as it grew. And as it grew it absorbed more plasma fire growing larger creating a massive vortex of wind.
A small tornado formmed arround it blowing covanent troops in every direction. Smashing them against vehicles and debris and each other.

Such an event would not have gone un-noticed normally, but at that moment the Havok class tactical Nukes hidden in the surrounding reactor complexes exploded erasing any trace that such a thing had happened.