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The UNSC Sigma Octanus-part-1
Posted By: Alexander_Valient<jdprosper@ripnet.com>
Date: 19 September 2003, 12:40 PM

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"Incoming plasma cannon shots."
"Launch Countermeasure plates 01 and 02!"

2 Large peices of Titanium A plate armour detached from the outer hull. Powerfull rockets on the back sides of the plates slowly propelled them away from the ship and forward toward the incoming plasma.
"MAC `s are at 60% of chagre and climbing fast."

Both plasma shots hit the countermeasure plates turning them instantly into vapour clouds which absorbed the rest of the energy from the shots.
"well i`ll be it actually worked. "
"MAC`s at 100% sir!"
"Target the lead destoyer and put them down his throat."
"Aye sir!"
the ships two new Advanced MAC`s fired in unison sending six white hot projectiles straight for the lead destroyer. the first two lit up its shields with their kenitc force, the third ricoched off of the shields and spiraled off into deep space. The last three though plowed right through what was left of the shields and blew through the lenght of the ship one of the shots hitting the main reactor. The destroyer exploded in a mass of fire and debris.

The Peacemaker class cruiser passed through the cloud of titanium left by its countermeasures.
"Lock weapons on destroyer number two. "
"MAC`s re-charging at 40% and climbing"
"Fire the particle beams and lasers. Arm and launch missile pods A1 through A8. "

Archer missiles streaked out from the sides of the ship thward their target just as seven laser turrets and two particle beam cannons opened fire on the destroyer.

"destroyer has launched plasma shots. lasers are having little effect on enemy shields. Particle beams have caused some dammage."

"Countermeasures you know the drill. "
"yes sir. launching plates 03 and 04! "
"MAC-1 re-charging at 80%, MAC-2 re-charging at 75%."

half of the archer missiles were shot down by pulse lasers before reaching their target but the remaining missiles impacted simultaniously lighting up the destroyers shields. at the same time the destroyer`s plasma shots were intercepted by countermeasure plates.

"MAC-1 is ready."

the three MAC rounds tore into the already weakened shields and hulled the ship in twov places sending it into a spin.

"It isn`t dead yet!"
"MAC-2 is still only at 81% sir."

The sound of pulse lasers hitting the hull could be heard throuout the bridge.

"Fire the Particle Beam cannons again!"

Without the shields to protect it the twin particle beams cut through the destroyer`s hull detonating the ships reactors. The aft sections of the destroyer shattered leaving a drifting holed hulk to slowly drift away.

"That seemed to work ok sir. "

"Sir I have 6 corvettes 1 destroyer and 4 assault carriers coming around from the other side of the planet. "
"which ones are the closest?"

"The destroyer and the corvettes are beginning to out pace the carriers. all of them are inbound towards our location. "

"Helm take us towards them at 40% engine power. Unlock the safetys on the Nukes.
Arm the Odin class nuke, 2 Shivas and missile pods A9 through B6. "

"Lock the Odin onto the destroyer and the two shivas onto a corvette each. Set the Archer missiles to act as decoys for the nukes ...................................and stand by to fire.

One puny human ship mannaged to destroy two of our mighty destroyers?! Have the remaining ships perform a frontal assault on it. Surley it must have expended all of its amunition fighting those two ships.

"enemy ships are now within nuclear missile range. "
"Fire the volley and brace for EMP. "

More than onehundred missiles streaked away from the lone human cruiser with 3 nukes in their midst. Covenant pulse lasers immediatly began shooting down the missiles at maximum range leaving small ball explosions behind.
The two Shiva warheads went off first, one at each end of the line of ships. The shields of the Covenant ships flared as they absorbed the force of the 30 megatonne explosions. Then the Odin hit the destroyer at the center of the formation. The destroyer had been relativly untouched by the 2 Shiva detonations as the ships were well spaced appart from each other. But even with its shields at full power it would not survive an explosion of 120 meganonnes.

The entire formation disappeared.

The EMP damaged some of the forward sensors and cameras but backups came on line within a minute.

"Good work so far people lets see whats out there now. "

The sensor screens came back up showing a cloud of radar contacts.

"Sensors are those contacts debris left over from the enemy formation?"
"No sir, I have 60 Seraph fighters incoming."
"Jesus. Launch Longbow Interceptors. And find me the rest of those Covie cruisers."
"One of the Assault Carriers has disappeared and the remaining three are in a large triangular formation. They are out of range of nuclear missiles and are too far appart from each other for Nuclear detonations to overlap. "
"Find me that fourt cruiser. "
"Sir enemy carriers are firing palma weapons. "
"I thought we were out of range."
"We are sir."