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The End Of Halo (The Beginning)
Posted By: Alexander Galloway<masinen2003@hotmail.com>
Date: 16 February 2005, 12:02 AM

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The Human Covenant War has been raging for over three decades. Military Protocol's include that this is an eyes only report of how it ended. All of you who read it will be privilaged to be part of this great happening.
The two, now three, sides in this War haven't budged an inch since the Covenant split. The rebels consist of the Elites, Grunts, and Hunters, also a new sub species of Elites that are similar to the dragons found on the seventh Halo, they are called Onaga's, because the Japanese POA member, Lieutenant Hikowa, discovered them. The Prophets, Brutes, Drones, and Jackals make up the Loyalists.
After two treaties, the Rebels are our allies. The Spartan program has been restarted, Dr. Halsey has been promoted to Head of Department. Dr. Halsey, who was presumed dead, actually went into cryo sleep during the time of TFOR in an underground station. This station was well protected, not even the plasma torpedos were able to penetrate the base. The new armor, Mark VII, is based off of the Onaga armor system, the closest thing to the Forerunner armor.
The Master Cheif, Spartan John-117, lay awake on a steel bed in a dreary, olive-drab room. The walls were studded with weapons, pictures, and medals. It was a sight to see the room of the greatest soldier in the UNSC.
John walked over to the part of the wall covered with weapons. He loaded a clip into the MA5B AR, then took down the SS2 AM SR. "Linda's favorite weapon," he whispered to himself. He turned and took down some pictures off the wall, weapon in hand.
There was all of his friends, the Spartans in his platoon: James, Kelly, Sam, Fajhad, Fred, and Linda, all great men and women, Chief Petty Officer Mendez, his teacher, Dej`a, the hologram of her anyway, Dr.Halsey. He turned to look at his medals: Medal of Congretional Honor, Star of Heroics, Purple Heart, his ranking medals, and The Spartan Badge of Honor, given only to the Spartans who survived mission with high casualties.
Sergeant Johnson rang out over all the silence, "Chief, I got Admiral Cole on the horn, and he says he needs you on the bridge, ASAP.! Says he's got a surprise for you, a good one if my 'pinion matters." The Chief bolted out the titaniun clad door, snapping his armor over his tousled brown hair and teary face.
The Chief reached the Bridge, and with that, jumped to a crisp salute, "Sir, reporting as ordered, Sir!" The Admiral turned to face the Spartan, his medals and honors swinging as they hung on his uniform. "Ah yes, Master Chief, Spartan 117, I have good news." "Sir, may I speak?" "Yessir, permission granted, and at ease, Chief.
The Spartan, nearly seven feet tall, hunched over and let hjis hand slap hard against his side. "What is the news sir, I am anctious to hear from anything." "Well, the Spartan program has been restarted, and Dr. Halsey was found alive, she is taking charge of the program."
"Confidential, I presume, sir?" "Correct, also, we have new word from the Covenant Rebels, they have joined the UNSC, as members of the human race, we have given the Grunts, Elites, Hunters, and Onaga Elites, their former homeworlds as a "gift" for their cooperation." "Is that all sir, not that that is bad news?" "Yes, we have another surprise, Chief, an old friend came out of cryo sleep, good, no, better than new." The CChief staggered in place, "Who, sir?" "Why don't I just show you."
A red clad warrior stepped out of the shadows, bearing old Mark III MJLONIR armor, the name "Linda-058 stenciled on the right breast plate. "Linda?" The Chief almost fell from his position, "You're better!" "Is that anyway to greet a fellow officer?!"
The Chief addressed her by her rank and name, "Ma'am, good to see you again, Linda 058, Spartan Oh-fifty-eight." Linda made a sort of "feminine pose" with her hand on her hip, "Cut the sarcasm John, we've known each other longer than that, it's Linda, just Linda."
Admiral Preston Cole was happy bto see such a lonely soldier happy again. The Chief removed his helmet, showing off his tousled brown hair, handsome features, and blue eyes, that noone hand seen in thirty years. Linda did the same, her long brown hair twisted and turned in a pony-tail, her green eyes contrasted to his.
"Sorry to break up the happy moment, but we have forty-seven seraph class fighters." "Sir, move Linda to my unit, I'll need twelve of the new Sartans and that number of Mark VII armors." "Yes Chief, the planet of Earth II is under attack, it is 3 light years from Earth, so we need you to defend it at all costs, also, I'm sending in for a group of Onaga Elites, wheter you like it or not, is that understood?" "Yessir, I'd be glad to get some support from our new allies."
For all you fans of Halo, I'm starting this series just for you, it's completely made for you fans of the Halo novels, so get ready for military one-oh-one. E-mail me if you want a heads up copy of the series and others I've written. Good luck, and get ready for Halo's most intense battles since REACH!