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WoM: Part 1 - Dropping in for supper
Posted By: Alex Williams<Alexander_the_great_1210@hotmail.com>
Date: 9 May 2004, 1:16 AM

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War for Mankind

Dropping in For Supper

Corin-97, A Spartan super soldier stood at the back a pelican at the edge of the hatch, his assault rifle nested in one hand and his other hand holding one of the rails to prevent him from falling, not that he was to concerned as his shield would protect him from the small fall to the ground as the pelican was flying low. His eyes scanned over the Alien terrain which was being reflected in his visor. All was silent except for the sound of the engines, the occasional marine complaining about the long flight or com chatter between pelican drop ships.
Corin-97 moved his body with the swaying of the pelican as it made course corrections through out its flight, or as they tried to avoid another pelican that was near by. They were flying in such a tight formation he was sure that he would hear the grinding of metal of two pelicans colliding and then the sounds of the engines failing and the ships plummeting to the ground. He did his best to try pushing these thought out of his mind as he waited for his ship to reach their LZ.
The pelican Corin-97 was on was one of a large convey of twenty, this was the first biggest assault on the covenant home world and all they were sending in was three hundred troops and twenty Spartan soldiers. Corin-97 kept his eyes on another Spartan in almost the same spot of their pelican he was in and he opened a comm link so only those other Spartans in the convoy could hear.
"This mission is suicide..." he muttered to the other nineteen Spartans a few of them agreed but a female voice chimed over the comm., Corin-97 recognized the voice as Teena-81's voice.
"For the marines maybe, for us I wouldn't be so sure..." She scoffed.
"Why do they send so many marines when most if these guys won't...?" This time a male voice chimed over the comm though he was interrupted by another voice, this one a rough, hard voice.
"Ladies, if you are done belly-aching, we are landing in the LZ in thirty seconds, so if you don't mind will you brief your crew on what their missions are!" The highest ranking Officer, A second lieutenant, another Spartan super soldier interrupted and commanded the others.
Corin-97 took one look out to the side and he saw fifteen of the other pelicans fly off in different directions. He turned and looked towards the cock pit and he switched his universal comm on. He slowly walked towards the cock pit of the drop ship but stopped a meter or two from it.
"Okay men, the aim of this strike is to deploy twenty pelicans in groups of five around the covenants main communications array, that is out target, we are to surround and storm the facility " Corin-97 slowly walked towards the opening of the pelican once more bracing himself as it made a sudden turn and he continued.
"Our objective is to take the facility and establish a foothold into the covenant home world, and also allowing us to contact out fleets and hijack the covenant battle net and know their plans and strategy...Prep up folks, make sure your guns are loaded and your grenades ready!"
Corin-97 slowly moved to the back of the cabin looking out to the complex that loomed behind the mountains, the purpose of landing in these positions was so that the covenant would have to fight up hill, also so that snipers could take down any mounted turrets. He pulled out a clip from his belt and slammed it into his rifle cocking it, his hand moved up to take a hold of a handle to brace himself as the ship lowered and he addressed the men once more
"If this attack goes well men, you will earn yourselves a page in the history book" he say the drop ship move lower to the ground "Disarm your restraints!"
His command was followed by a series of clicks and hisses has the pneumatic restraints holding the marines in their places for the long rough ride were released and a moment later the drop ship rocked indicating they had landed.
"MOVE OUT!" he let go of the handle and jumped out of the back of the pelican and looked to the sides to see the four other pelicans land and in a similar state. A loud "HUAH!" rang up from the marines as they unloaded and ran past the Spartans and formed up in one large group, the sergeants addressed the men as the Spartans moved in front of their units. All seemed to be going as planned or Corin-97 thought but he had probably thought this to soon as over the come a buzz of static was heard.
"Cove static Forces.... static Lost eight drop static mission fa...." It was the Second liutennants voice that was for sure but it was hard for Corin-97 to make out what he was saying because of the static that was shrouding his voice. There was a long deathly silence from the comms but after a moment it continued "Lz..... compromised static loosing men static " it cleared up slightly as if the signal was boosted "eight pelicans never made it to the ground, five were destroyed as they were landing.... Mission static evac..." the transmission ended abruptly and Corin-97 looked to Teena-81.
"Order the drop ships to leave" one of the sergeants said "we are with you guys all the way, we will take those bastards on, or die trying... Isnt that RIGHT men!"
"SIR, yes SIR!" The marines replied in unison.
Corin-97 looked to both sides and held his rifle at the ready and he started his run towards the hill that was just before the complex. The Marines broke into a sprint just to keep up with the soldiers but they stayed right on their six as they ran up the hill.

Teena-81 fell behind and she cocked her assault rifle, She looked back at the drop ships their waiting for their orders and he looked to the Marines.
"Drop Ships Alpha one, bravo one, echo one, Charlie one and Delta one, your orders are to return the pelicans to their nest, over!" She commanded a series of Rogers and a wave of dust washed over the marines and the Spartans as they ran followed her command. The pelicans took off and headed back for the capital ships that were in orbit of the planet.
Teena-81 then caught up with the four other Spartans as they lead the group up the hill, but they slowed as the sound of covenant and marine weapons were heard in the distance, it sounded as though a bloody battle were occurring just over the hill. Teena-82 turns to give the signal for the 75 marines to stop and hold as the Spartans moved to the peak of the hill to look to the complex. Out the front of the complex approximately twenty marines and two Spartans were engaged in mortal combat with a number of elites that grossly outnumbered the soldiers down in the gully.
Teena-81 looked to Corin-87 as he was the Highest ranking person here and she awaited his instructions.

Corin-97 quickly turned to the marines as he knew those men down their needed their help.
"Listen carefully; make a line just below the peak of the hill! When I give my signal take a position at the peak and lay down suppressing fire on any covenant, understood?" He barked the orders through the comm. System.
"WE understand!" rang all the marines as one and it took them less than thirty seconds to form the line.
Corin-97 looked over the top of the hill once more and he could see that they were in dire need of assistance and with their lives in the hands of Corin-97, the next few seconds required swift action.
"NOW!" Corin-97 called across the comm's and he moved quickly to the peak the five Spartans made it there first and opened fire with their assault rifles sending a spray of bullets down at the elites Taking them by surprise.
The covenant at the bottom of the hill looked up at the oncoming spray of bullets and one of them let out a laugh at the sheer futility of the act, the Number of elites was enough to take on the remaining men at the bottom of the gully and that small hill. They sent a spray of plasma at the unrelenting fire of the Spartans warning them before they turned back to the remaining humans in their immediate vicinity. Though they stopped as one of them let out a cry of surprise and fear.
The 75 marines moved into position almost as if as one and all opened fire, the streams of hot lead from their bullets raining down on the unsuspecting elites and causing them to scatter. The Rain of bullets though inaccurate took out half of the elite force in the first thirty seconds of the assault; the rest of them scattered, died or ran into the building afraid of the mass of men that had just appeared out of no where. As soon as there were no more elites seen or left moving the sound of gun fire went silent and over the comm. The marines let out a whoop of triumph and one of them called out over the uproar 'we kicked their ASSES!'
"Lieutennant?" Corin-97 asked to the Soldiers down below and the ranking officer replied.
"You know Corin, this is the first time I have ever been pleased to see your stinking hide!" he called into the comm. System and he continued "I sure hope you have some medics..."

To be continued
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