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Spartans: Once Again
Posted By: Alex Mills<singinhobo921@netscape.net>
Date: 16 March 2005, 5:17 PM

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Spartans: Once Again

Spartan 117 the Master Chief had just finished checking his rifle when the Pelican got hit.

"May day may day we have sustained heavy damage to the starboard wing. It's gonna be a hard landing boys."

The Pelican was rapidly losing altitude and the Chief could see clouds rushing past. The Pelican shook again. "We've been hit again, where the hell is it coming from?"

No sooner had the words escaped the pilots mouth when the cockpit got hit. "Damage report", yelled the Chief. " I repeat, damage report." Nothing. The pilot was gone now.

"We're gonna die aren't we sir?" said a young corporal.

"Not if I can help it we're not. Listen up marines, the objective has not changed, we are still gonna free those trapped Spa-" The Chief was cut short as the Pelican crashed into a stand of trees. The Chief regained his coordination and looked to see if there were any survivors. Not one. Just burnt bodies lying on the ground. The Chief proceeded to strip three grenades, four clips for his battle rifle and a shotgun that had come from the busted weapons locker. It wasnt a task he liked doing but it was best that he did it.

The Chief suddenly picked up on the whine of Banshees. They must have been what shot down his Pelican and he had no doubt that they were looking for survivors. He moved into the trees so as not to be seen.

He didn't have to wait long when two Brutes came walking through the trees. Brutes are particularly nasty members of the Covenant that look like gorillas but with the strength of a rhino. They wore grey helmets and grey body armor. They searched through the wreckage and to their disappointment found nothing. As they turned to walk back to their Banshees the Chief slipped out from under the trees and snapped the tail Brutes neck. The other Brute arrived at his Banshee, turned, and saw his dead comrade lying on the ground dead. The Brute looked around searching for who had slain his comrade and moved back toward the crash site. It looked in and out of the Pelican but was stumped as to who had killed his comrade. The chief ran forward and slammed his rifle but into the Brutes gut. It let out a bellow and grabbed the Chief and through him across the crash sight. He picked himself back up and pulled the trigger of his battle rifle sending a three round burst of 9.5 millimeter rounds into his targets throat killing it instantly.

The Chief proceeded through the forest facing little resistance. When he finally came upon the Brute encampment he knew that he would need backup. He trekked back 200 or so yards and keyed his acknowledgment light twice calling for backup.

Within five minutes a Phantom was overhead and down through its grav lift came four black clad spec-ops Elites and two Helljumpers followed by a supply crate. Elites were well known for their ferocity in battle. They are honor obsessed warriors with energy shields similar to that of the Spartans. Roughly eight feet tall they were not someone the Chief would like to battle. One of them went over to the supply crate, opened it and revealed two fuel rod cannons. He picked one up and put it over his shoulder. "Lets go ", said the Elite. Two of the other Elites carried plasma rifles and the other carried a beam rifle.

"Yeah Chief, what he said" voiced one of the Helljumpers. Helljumpers are the fiercest of all the UNSC s troops. The Helljumpers wore black ballistic combat armor. You had to be a special kind of crazy to sign up to be a Helljumper. They earned their name for their unique roll in the UNSC. They enter a small one man drop pod and launch from the larger ships in space. They then proceed to do a H.A.L.O. (High Altitude Low Opening) jumps through the planets atmosphere and land on the Planets surface. One of the Helljumpers carried a SPNKr rocker launcher and the other carried a battle rifle.

They made their way to the Brute encampment so they could free the two captured Spartans Fred and Linda. The Chief had grown up and trained with them and 72 other children that the UNSC took for its Spartan II project designed to engineer super soldiers. They were the closest thing the Chief had to a family.

When they arrived the Chief realized that the camp had become much more active then beforehand. "Alright, you hang back and cover us." The Chief pointed towards the Elite sporting the beam rifle. "The rest of us will go in and find Fred and Linda."

A shot whizzed buy the Chiefs head. "Sniper!", yelled the Chief. The Elite with the beam rifle responded in kind putting a hole in the head of the Brute sniping them.

So much for stealth thought the Chief. Two Wraith tanks powered up and started moving towards their position. It fired one of its Mortar like energy bombs into the air. The shot was placed to far and just took out some trees behind them. "Someone take those tanks out now!" shouted the Chief. The Elite who had picked up the fuel rod cannon fired twice and each shot hit home sending the purple metal of the tanks into the air spinning lazy circles on their way down.

A Banshee took off and fired off quick shots at the small group of so called "ground pounders". The Chief took a shot in the chest and his suits warning sirens blared signaling that his energy shields were down.

"Bye bye birdie." Yelled the Helljumper with the rocket launcher. A rocket raced from the tube and connected with the Banshee sending it off to the side in a heap of twisted metal.

This is going too slowly thought the Chief. We should be at the detention center by now. His thoughts were cut short however as three Brutes ran their way with plasma rifles drawn. The lead Brute fired a burst of plasma and one of the shots hit one of the Helljumpers right in the stomach. He had just enough life in him to look down and catch his insides before falling dead. One of the Elites primed a plasma grenade and tossed it right in front of the oncoming Brutes. There was a flash as the grenade detonated and sent chunks of the Brutes through the air.

"Thats what you get for siding with those traitorous Prophets" said the Elite that threw the grenade.

"Hey look at that", said the Helljumper. "Their retreating we won! Yeah thats right you dirty apes, run!" He was right. All the Brutes were running the other way. The Chief didn't like it. Something was wrong.

"What the hell is that?!" shouted the Helljumper. The Chief whirled around and saw this huge greyish creature standing there staring at them. The Chief had never seen anything like this before.

"Ahhhh those Brutes have a Sharquoii." Said the Elite.

"Whats a Sharquoii?" Asked the Chief.

"The Sharquoii are ferocious beasts that are only released during frontline situations. They are used for getting rid of vehicles or large groups of infantry." Said the Elite. "We dont want to mess with it."

"Alright." The Chief said. One of you Elites go get into one of those Wraiths over there and we'll make sure it doesn't reach you."

An Elite ran off and powered on the tank. He fired a shot from it but he was to far left. The plasma mortar just landed in some trees and sent splinters into the Sharquoiis side which basically just pissed it off. "Open up on it!" Yelled the Chief. The Elite with the fuel rod cannon fired twice sending two of the radioactive rods into the creatures chest. But it kept coming. Another plasma mortar soared through the air and landed directly in front of it knocking it off of its feet. The Chief sprinted to the fallen Sharquoii and primed a frag grenade and dropped it in the beasts mouth. He leaped off of its chest just as its head exploded.

"Lets not do that again." Said the Helljumper.

"Agreed." Replied the Chief. "Now, lets go find Fred and Linda." They moved around the camp looking for signs of anything that might hint at a detention center. Nothing was to be seen. The Chief keyed his com and whistled the six note tune and said "olly olly oxen free." He heard the same back and recognized the voice as Lindas. Not only did that tell the Chief that they were still alive but it gave away their position. "This way." The Chief yelled. He ran off to the right. And came upon a big stone slab placed in front of what looked to be an opening in the side of a cliff.

"Lets move this big stone." Said one of the Elites. They all grabbed it and pulled it. It weighed a ton. It finally gave way and fell backwards allowing them to see inside. The Chief clicked on his flashlight and saw Fred and Linda sitting there with their backs to a wall. They stood up and made the motion with their thumb and index finger showing a smile. The Chief returned the gesture.

"Now lets get out of here." Said Linda.

"Right this way." Said the Chief. They walked back to the main part of the encampment and the Chief signaled for a dropship to pick them up. The dropship arrived and its plasma turrets started firing. The Chief turned and saw six brutes each carrying Brute shots with them. Two of the Brutes fell victim to the plasma spray leaving the dropships turrets. The other Brutes let fly and sent grenades from their Brute shots at the Phantom. Two of the turrets were destroyed immediately. The next round of fire hit the Phantoms generators causing it to fall to the ground.

"Payback time." Said Fred.

"Definitely." Said Linda. "Lets make 'em hurt." They each picked up plasma rifles from the hands of dead Brutes and opened fire on the ones with the Brute shots. Three went down within the blink of an eye. The other two fired at the same time and sent their grenades right at Fred and Lindas feet. They timed it right and jumped right as the grenades exploded and used the force of the explosion for a height boost. While in midair they opened fire and finished off the final two Brutes.

"Well." Said the Chief. "How are we gonna get out of here now?".

"Back that way." Linda said. There are some Banshees that we can use to get out of here.

"They can be added to our collection." Said One of the Elites.

The Chief signaled to the Elite that had stayed back to cover them that they were leaving. He came running up and with a grunt he said, "Did you have fun?"

"Quiet..You did practically nothing." said one of the other Elites.

"You be quiet." He replied back. "Quit your whimpering. You sound like a Grunt fresh off the teat."

"Both of you hush it." Said the Chief. "You'll have plenty of time to bicker at one another when we get back to New Mombasa."

They arrived at the Banshees and stared at the odd look of them. "Those are Heretic Banshees." Said one of the Elites. "They are a older than the ones used now but they should still fly."

They powered on their Banshees and left for New Mombasa.