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The Outer Limits (A Marine's Tale) chap 3
Posted By: agsbladerboy55<AGSbladerboy55@aol.com>
Date: 3 June 2002, 12:01 pm

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" Sir" said a distant and quiet sounding voice. " Sir the captain needs you in HQ immediately" it was a marine talking to the master Chief. As the master chief awoke and sat up he looked at the marine. The marine stood at attention. He shot a crisp salute to John. " At ease, private" said the Spartan. " The captain needs you A.S.A.P at HQ," said the marine. The marine stood at least 6'1 well built and battle ready. He wore a full body of armor and held a MA5B assault rifle. The master chief jumped out of bed and dressed him self in his MJOLNIR battle suite. And rushed out of the sleeping quarters. On his way out he grabbed a M6D pistol from a shelf next to his bad.
He slipped it into his holster and made his way swiftly to HQ. He entered the bunker it was a large room it reminded him of the HQ he had visited in training. It was titanium floored and walled. It was filled with computer systems and rushing officers. They all seemed to have a mission as they moved as swiftly as the master chief fought. He walked up to the Captain and gave him a crisp salute. " At ease Master Chief" said the captain he appeared to be resisting eye contact but he stood still. He then turned to John and told him "he had received a message that Captain Kale would be needing him". " For what reason Captain I am hesitant to leave my post here," said John sounding concerned for the marines here. " You have your orders soldier pack up you leave in 0200 hours" said the captain insisting and sounding quit irritated. The master Chief snapped straight like a splinter and gave the sharpest salute he could manage. He stood at attention for 10 seconds before the captain turned away and proceeded to his job. The master chief returned to his casual state. Wondering why the captain seemed so hesitant to speak to him as if he knew this would mean something bad for his troops. John walked back to his quarters packing his things. He changed into his formal military suite. It was filled with badges and campaign medals.
The next day the master chief awoke and loaded his things in a pelican drop ship. It brought him to a larger airbase recently developed on a ground where the covenant had been destroyed. The pelican landed and dropped the master chief. A marine that took his bags and gestured for the master chief to follow him greeted him. After they had cleared the pelican and got into a bunker. " A long sword is waiting for you in the hanger, Sir" said the marine quickly. " Better follow me," suggested the marine as he spun around on his heel and started sprinting down the hall. The master chief followed not quite as fast as he could because he was in his formal suite.
He reached the hangar and he saw the large long sword fighter ship with its engines standing by. It was black with a zigzag on the back of both its wings. It was smooth and thin. It was as black as night with a red stripe going across it. He jogged toward it and the boarding ramp lowered and he walked in. " A marine came in after him to help him into his cryo-tube. He undressed until he was totally naked. He had been naked in front of other Military officers before. As he readied himself to be put into the cryo-tube a very beautiful young woman entered the pelican. Judging by her uniform she was a civilian. The master chief was lowered into the cryo-tube and it was shut. He couldn't stop watching the beautiful young woman. Then just as he felt the chemicals pouring into the transparent tube the woman looked over to him and started to blush. She hurried away not looking at him. The master chiefs eyes shut tight. He awoke to a voice on a Com system wired to the tube. We will be arriving on the Pillar of Autumn in 45 mins better get ready," said a marine that seemed to be monitoring 2 cryo-tubes. As the hatch opened he stepped out and he stood there shaking off the freeze. Just then another cryo-tube opened and the young woman stepped out she was tall and slender. As he had said before he had been naked before in front of his commandoes before but this was a civilian and didn't know how to react. She looked at him and appeared to be startled she ran into a sub compartment that was very cramped. The master chief got dressed in his formal uniform again. The woman stepped out and she was dressed in a gray flight suite. He asked her " where she intended to go on the ship" politely. And she told him that she was visiting a marine that was her brother to tell him there father had died of a heart attack in his sleep.
He was escorted to the bridge where he found Captain Kale. He was chewing an old pipe. The master chief found this as an annoyance. " Good morning master chief" said the captain calmly. The master chief snapped to a crisp salute and said " Good morning Sir". " At ease, master chief, as you may know I have assigned you an important mission mater chief" said the Captain. " Sir I am at your services" said John forcefully. " You are to go to earth and examine the children there and I need you to pick 100 new possible Spartan's," said Captain Kale. " O yes and make sure they are suitable for the enhancements. Remember how when you were little when you first met Dr.Halsley you were playing king of the hill, well make sure there almost breaking the other kids bones, I swear when I saw you I saw some broken arms and fingers for sure" commented Captain Kale. " Sir yes Sir" barked the master Chief. " Good you leave in 3 days bring whatever necessary tools you will need and pick a assistant that will aide you in your search" ordered Captain Kale.

     " Yes Sir" barked the chief. He started down the hall way and started packing his things. He couldnt stop thinking about the mission that he was informed he was going to be training a group of young spartans. He'd remembered when he was being trained watching little 8 year old kids breaking the fingers of fully grown Odst officers when they were taunting them. He couldnt stop remembering when he met Dr.Halsey how confused he was when she tried to tell how fast his mental reflexes were by flipping a coin and having him figure out what side it would land on. And Captain Keys............ A flash of the flood infested carcas of the mutating Vaptain Keys flashed threw his Mind.