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The Outer Limits (A Marine's Tale) chap 2
Posted By: agsbladerboy55<AGSbladerboy55@aol.com>
Date: 16 May 2002, 11:18 pm

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      The Master Chief ran at a Hunter as it charged its fuel rod cannon.  The Hunter fired it's Fuel Rod Cannon and the Master Chief dove out of the way. The Fuel Rod Cannon missed the Master Chief and hit a marine.  The marine was blown back and was missing the upper half of his torso. The Master Chief turned and leveled his MA5B at the Hunter's head.  The Master Chief fired two three round bursts, but the rounds had no effect against the Hunter's armor.  The Hunter fired another Fuel Rod Cannon blast and the Master Chief narrowly avoided it but his shields were gone.  The Master Chief jumped and rolled behind a rock and spotted a number of barrels filled with gasoline, which was behind the Hunter. He aimed for the barrels but the Master Chief noticed he had no ammo left and changed his clip, but during this time the Hunter fired another blast from his Fuel Rod Cannon and blew most of the rock away. Then the Master Chief fired his MA5B at the barrels and blew them to pieces, in which the barrels exploded and  engulfed the Hunter in flames.

    The Master Chief watched the Hunter as it burnt alive.  The Master Chief waited a second for his shields to recharge and then helped out Kevin who was having trouble killing five Elites. The Master Chief fired a short burst from his MA5B and a Elite dropped to the floor while blood was oozing out.  Kevin and the Master Chief were caught off guard when a group of maybe 15 Elites came out of no where. The Elites fired their Plasma Rifles and Needlers at the Master Chief and Kevin. The Master Chief sidestepped to the right and ducked, Kevin at almost the same time dove forward and came up in the midst of the Elites. Kevin fired a whole clip from his MA5B into two Elites killing them and smashing his rifle into another Elite's face.  The Master Chief fired his MA5B and finished off an Elite's already damaged shield. Then Kevin smashed that Elites skull into a pulp while the Master Chief fired 20 rounds at an Elite's head.  The Elites started falling back and Kevin fired in a full-auto fusillade emptying another clip into them as they did.  Three more Elites fell.

    The Elites stopped and fired their Plasma Rifles at Kevin cutting down his shields.  The Elites fired their Needlers and one needle went right into Kevin's chest.  The needle exploded ripping open his armor and tearing open part of his chest.  The Master Chief reloaded and fired on the Elites cutting down all of their shields.  The Master Chief primed a grenade and then counted to three and tossed it at the Elites.  The grenade exploded killing most of the Elites and who ever was still alive was killed by the last shells from the Master Chief's MA5B.  The Master Chief ran over to Kevin and check out his wounds. Kevin had a large gash in his chest and parts of his rib cage wasn't there. If the Master Chief didn't get to a doctor soon Kevin could and would die. The Master Chief dragged Kevin to a safe spot behind a burning Wraith. The Master Chief filled Kevin's wound up with bio-foam. The Master Chief called over to a group of three marines who were slaughtering a few Grunts. The Master Chief told the marines to watch over Kevin and they agreed while being spooked out from seeing him. The Master Chief then returned to the battle as Kevin slipped into unconsciousness. As the Master Chief was getting back into the fighting, some of the marines were under heavy fire and were being cut down.
  The Master Chief ran towards them and took a bunch of plasma bolts so the marines could take cover.  The Master Chief fired his MA5B into a group of 35 Grunts and 5 Jackals.  Plasma was flying everywhere and when the Master Chief was about to seek cover a large amount of Grunts were blown apart.  The Master Chief saw that the marines had stayed there and were helping him out.  The Master Chief switched to Shredder rounds and began ripping the Grunts apart. Over charged plasma was fired from the Jackal's plasma pistols and killed a few marines.  The Master Chief ran towards the Jackals as their plasma pistols were cooling down.  He jumped over their shields and brought his MA5B to bear on the Jackals.  The Master Chief fired and killed all of the Jackals.  The remaining Covenant forces tried to regroup but were slaughtered like helpless sheep.  Soon after that the battle was over.

     The outcome wasn't too bad but wasn't too good. The marines suffered around 187 casualties and about 113 that were wounded. The Master Chief found a working radio and sent a message to Captain Keyes, "We need backup here Sir, we have isolated the enemy but we don't have a good estimate of how many are still there" said the Master Chief. "We are sending multiple pelicans full of marines to your location at the moment to help you destroy the remaining forces Master Chief" replied the Captain.

    Years passed and the human forces have fought multiple battles on the worlds the Covenant have. The Master Chief has long since left this planet and has been fighting on other worlds, but he once again returns to help fight the ongoing battle on this specific planet. The Spartan III project has begun and has already been perfected. The human race has come close to replicating the plasma weapons the Covenant use. The marines and Spartans still use assault rifles  The Master Chief has gotten his MJOLNIR suit modified and buffed. Its speed, strength, and shields have been upgraded. Dr. Halsley is still working in Section 3.  The Master Chief is still the most combat experienced and highest ranking Spartan.  No new suitable Spartan subjects have been found yet to begin another group.