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The awakening (life of a Spartan) chap 3
Posted By: agsbladerboy55<AGSbladerboy55@aol.com>
Date: 6 May 2002, 1:44 am

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" Well then I guess I haven't introduced myself yet" said the Commanding Officer. "I am captain Calvin Yorker" said The officer as he snapped to a sharp salute. " That's great now I need the fastest ship to earth immediately" said the master chief firmly. " I'm sorry but it's to dangerous to send up a ship right now if we were to be discovered our entire mission would be in danger" replied the Captain. " Well then I guess you wouldn't consider the danger you're putting your self in now, Do you know how powerful a half ton cyber enhanced human that could crush you so much when you went to the medics they couldn't tell witch organ was witch like a tooth pick do to a scrawny little weakling like you" threatened the Master Chief. " I wouldn't really care Sir" said the Captain spitting in The master Chiefs visor. At that moment the master chief grabbed him by both sides of his gut and held him slightly sideways and asked him " Do you remember the thing I said about your organs" said the master Chief? The Master Chief then threw him down weakly on the ground although he threw him weakly the Captain was still in serious danger of internal bleeding. " You will get me on a ship right now or you will pay a serious price for disobeying a superior officer and I don't always follow the rules" said the master chief in a cold voice. " Yes sir" said the shivering in pain and of being scared Captain." I'm not even a Captain I'm a Corporal I was put in charge of these life vessels" said the Corporal. Just then the Corporal got a message from earth it was from Commander Howitzer. " We landed on earth with flood and covenant on board and with many covenant ships following us we were gonna board there ship with the Spartans and then have them get off and go to earth but they haven't arrived and they covenant ships are still alive they have found earth" said Commander Howitzer urgently. " Sir the Spartans accidentally landed on the covenant home world with us they can not talk right now they are boarding a ship back to earth as we speak. Just then a large plasma explosion hit the part of the base where the Captain was. People and supplies and machinery flew everywhere. The master chief told everyone not to get on board and that there was a crisis on their hands. Just the 5 Mortar tanks and at least 10 land transporters came into view about 600 yards from us. Then following up but gaining distance from them 25-30 ghosts, A few Banshees, and ground unit hunter were in drop ships.
The master chief told everybody to load up and prepare for battle He and the Spartans moved as many crates and things up in front of them for protection. Then the marines took 15 wart hogs rode them up to the ramparts and slid them backwards so the back was facing the enemy and the marines manned the warthog guns. 8 or 9 Scorpion tanks were rolling up and at least 30 marines grabbed rocket launchers, or sniper rifles. As the enemy came within 150 yards they were not firing maybe because they didn't see us and thought we ran away. Then all at once the thirty marines rolled over and placed the barrel of there rocket launchers in the holes in the crates and the master chief saw a line of 30 or more rockets just flying towards the enemy it looked spectacular some missing some hitting tanks and a few ghosts the master chief saw 2 tanks explode and quite a few ghosts. Still they were firing one more line of the rockets and then the scorpion missiles flew off taking out lots of ghosts this was an incredibly accurate round of missiles. Then the banshees flew over as hundreds of marines fired there shotguns and assault rifles at the cutting them down like stuffed animals with little signs that say blow me up win a prize. The transports were numbered to 2 now and the tanks to 4 the ghosts only at least 18. And the banshees had almost no effect at all. Just then the transports stopped the dro p ships landed and the ghosts assembled in line. The drop ships let out 20 hunters and hundreds of elites. Just then they assembled in line. And the ground started shaking when 20 more transports showed up letting out another hundred elites and 150 jackals. The supply convoys let out enough ghosts for all of them except the hunters. " Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire" yelled master chief as all the warthogs let out thousands of bullets and the tanks firing there missiles at the ships and the front lines of the ghosts. The took out 3 lines of 50 ghosts, and a lot of transports the drop ships flew away when a rocket launcher fired at one and blew it up. A loud cheer of happy marines let out as the numbers dwindled but still seemed endless then they were in firing range the marines were outnumbered 50-1 and running out of ammo. When The Master Chief yelled "Take cover". And every one ducked or jumped out of the way as a intense wave of plasma fire erupted in mid air flying at impossible speed at the marines it chopped through many men sending there disintegrating bodies flying. Then the master chief got up with a rocket launcher and aimed a bit to the side of one ghost and let loose on the trigger the 30 pound explosive flew through the air like a dolphin in water and hit the ground in between 2 ghosts sending them both flying to the opposite side of the explosion side swiping 2 other ghosts each. The charging infantry was chopped down from the burning shrapnel from the explosion. There was a ocean of purplish blood flooding from the many bodies when a tank fired taking out a warthog. When another line of rockets this time only 15 rockets due to the casualties of enemy fire. Cut through the air like a hot knife in butter. Sending the tank flying away like a cat plays with a little stuffed mouse toy. When the elites reached the front line the marines dropped there rockets and pulled out the shotguns and assault rifles. The tanks were kept in long range fire until the enemy artillery was finished and the marines got out to fight. The other Spartans were running through the enemy blowing them away and thrashing them with the butts of their guns. The Master Chief jumped in the back of a fully loaded warthog gun and from the right to the left to right and back to the left fired and the bullets pierced the enemy sending them into each other and onto the ground as pieces of them flew away and blood squirted everywhere. ( this looked like a scene from a really bad movie where the good guy take a gun and just starts firing at these hundreds of enemies mowing them down like a bush and a weedwacker). When a Elite Pounded the back of his helmet. And Knocked him senseless. Just then his best friend Spartan Kevin jumped on the Elite and started pounding his head into the greenish earth with his gun he hit, and hit, and hit, and hit, and hit until its skull was bashed in and the hole its head was buried in was flooding in purplish blood. The master chief got up after the mild knock out and got back in the fight. He wasn't as coordinated as usual but he did alright. At The end of The battle the marines had won but not by much. The numbers of marines were low there confidence never better. The master chief went to check out the grunt that he captured after he thanked his best friend Spartan Kevin for saving his life. He has known Kevin since training to but they had a low key friendship until now. Just then the grunt saw him and had what seemed like a heart attack.
"What happened" asked the master chief? "He died sir. When you hit him it damaged his brain and he just died of severe stress I would assume" said a medic/marine.
" Well we'll just have to find another one then". said the master chief. " Call for back up I want 400 marines down here tell Commander Howitzer this is more important and that they didn't find the location of earth we knocked out there communications System. And I want 25 more warthogs and 10 new tanks and don't forget ammo lots and lots of ammo. That'll be all" said the master chief. "This is gonna be one hell of a week" thought the master chief to himself when he was alone.