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holy attack pt. 1 Zurree
Posted By: Agnischief@<mjblatter@verision.net>
Date: 12 June 2005, 8:33 PM

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Covenant city High charity [ninth age of reclamation] 04028 hrs.

The dull thud of marching rang in my head as the carbon freezing chamber in my quarters melted. Finally, I thought some real action. I am field master Zukka 'Zurree a battalion leader, if a few grunts, jackals, and elites count. Being an elite is a reward for my species and I. "computer", I said in my gruff, loud voice," access armor chamber." A small sphere - like robot, or "monitor" entered from a small shaft. It hovered around then it beeped and dinged. The room shook as a small rectangular drawer jutted out of the wall." By the prophets..." I whispered to no one. The armors beauty was dazzled me. The golden -olive green armor glittered and shined brilliantly in the light. I donned the armor. With my plasma rifle and grenades at hand, I can never die then the piece de resistance, my energy blade. The keen blade hummed in my hand as I roared, "Those who oppose the covenant Die!!!" My rave was shortly interrupted as the door to my room was ajar and a small creature entered. The small, green armored grunt named Lichen, waddled in. Oh, man she thought as she forced herself to stare at the ferocious veteran elite. Missing one eye, old battle wounds, and scars blanketed his body from his scaly head, all the way down to his sinewy legs. Parts of his mandibles were missing. To Lichen the horrifically frightening eye seemed to see right through her. His mandibles, or what's left of them, spread into a hollow grin. or what the Elites would pass as a grin. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, my dear grunt." He said Lichen stood transfixed. "What is your business here gas- sucker I don't have all day!" Finally Lichen spoke, "e-e-Excellency," she yelped her voice abnormally high and squeaky with fright (to a grunt,), "Y-YYour presences is requested at the launch bay for the Invasion of the planet." It wined piteously. "Indeed my little friend." I murmured. "Tell me your name..." "W-well I...." "WHAT IS YOUR NAME!!?" I yelled at the top of my lungs. It jumped at the outburst and screamed, "Lichen Excellency!""Ok Lichen," I said calming my temper, "How would you like a reward, for being such a brave warrior?" I chuckled at the grunts reaction. "Yes Excellency yes, yes, yes, and yes I would!" This should be good. "Ok." "The reward is......," Lichens face lit up with joy. But joy is always short lived. "To join the ranks of my battalion!" It made a strange gurgling noise as her face paled in fright. She knew as well as I do that my battalion took the most grunt and jackal casualties ever recorded. "Yes Excellency". He agreed. "I'm glad to here it. See you there." she waddled off, muttering. "Muwahahaha!" I laughed. I almost forgot about my shield. The irritating feeling when it charges gets annoying. The door to my chamber opened, again. "What do you what now? You, you......" There in the doorway I came face to face with two brutes armed to the teeth. One smiled (or what would pass as a smile for a brute,) at the horrified expression on my face. "Come this way Elite." One grunted I sighed then they guided me down the long hall way, towards the launch bay.

Launch Bay 04029 hrs.

When we arrived, there was a hover stage in the center with Tartarus the brute chieftain, The Prophet of truth, the hieierarchs, my battalion, and the honor guards standing erect on the stage. The launch bay was filled with drop ships, and phantoms. There were also some wraiths, ghosts, spetres, shadows, and banshees. The assault on the planet was extremely well prepared for. As I walked on the stage, the Prophet of Truth stopped me." My my, my," he said in his soft as silk voice, "Zurree! I understand you were told you were to make a speech." "Yes," I said "I do recall. th..." "Well not anymore!" he interrupted in a casual voice, "you are also relieved of your duties to lead your battalion into battle, the Arbiter shall instead." "But," he added, "You may go along if it suits you." He laughed his reedy laugh. Not only was I denied my ability to speak, but this "Arbiter" was taking over MY battalion! Tarturus stood up. His face was extremely rigid. The fearsome brute with his tawny white fur and ceremonial Mohawk as the humans call it. In his claws was the fearsome war mallet, The Fist of Rukt. "Arbiter!" He yelled, "You know what to do! The great journey awaits, now go!" a large elite in extremely heavy armor stood up. "Yes I shall." He said. Then I saw the branding on his chest. He was the elite that I witnessed being branded for heresy! He was from the 'Fassamee family! Have the prophets gone mad? Allowing a heretic lead my battalion is in turn heresy! Cold sweat spilled down my neck. A special ops elite, named Ukki 'Ontomee, broke my silence. "Field master your phantom awaits." "Wha? Oh yes...." I caught a glimpse of Lichen, screaming and fighting an elite to get out of a drop ship. I chuckled at the sight. Then, I saw the Arbiter enter the same phantom as I. Everything is perfect. I shall put the Arbiter in place. "RAAAAAAAAAA!!" I roared right before the phantom door closed as the drop ships, phantoms, and banshees, speed away.