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Shadow Spartans, Chapter 3: Interrogation and Assault
Posted By: Agent Shade and Arinoth Koby<silent_shadow13@hotmail.com, stklego@hotmail.com>
Date: 13 July 2003, 7:09 PM

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      Arinoth and Colin watched from an observation room, as their captured Elite dropship pilot screamed and howled below in the operating room. The doctors below were attempting to patch up the Elite's wounds, but the big Covenant officer would not allow a single human hand touch him. The Shadow Spartans had tried to get some rest, but the screams and howls were keeping them up (Cause it's hard to keep a good alien down-quote taken from Red versus Blue). General Arnold Abraham walked into the room and stood by the two Spartans.

      "God, can't they get that thing to shut up?" he asked them. Arinoth chuckled silently and shook his head. Abraham sighed and picked up a small radio nearby. "Abraham to Armstrong" he said into the radio.

      "Yes General, you awake too?" came the voice of Major David Armstrong, Chief of Security.

      "Yes Major, I am (Why else would he be contacting you if he wasn't awake?). Can you get someone down there to shut that thing up?" he asked. The Major laughed.

      "Will do sir, Armstrong out." The General put the radio down, waited a few minutes, then watched two burly Orbital Drop Shock Troopers walk into the operating room below and zap the Elite with two stun rods (Gang beats!!). It looked painful and Arinoth sympathized for the Elite for a moment, but he was relieved when the screaming stopped and the Elite fell silent. The ODSTs stepped back, stun rods still at the ready and the doctors moved in. General Abraham turned to leave.

      "Now, let's get some god forsaken shut eye" he said. The Shadow Spartans turned as well and followed the General out of the room and back to their quarters.

      "How did it go last night?"

      "Not bad, the Elite came around another time, but those ODSTs really helped us out (Hmm...I wonder how?). He's in stasis at the moment."

      General Abraham sat in the mess hall of the Naval Base, holding a cup of coffee and staring at Doctor John Phillips, who looked really tired.

      "How long did it take?" asked Abraham.

      "Too long, the insides of an Elite are really confusing" Phillips said, rolling his eyes.

      "Well, as long as the sucker won't bleed to death, I'm happy. Good work doctor, go and get some rest now"

      "Thank you sir." The Doctor stood and left the hall, yawning as he did. Abraham took another sip of his coffee, and then stood as well and left. He walked through a few halls, entered a crowded elevator, and then arrived in Barracks D-1. Normally, the Barracks would be loaded with marines, but today, it was empty. Abraham knew why.

      The moment the door opened, he dropped his coffee cup and covered his ears, as the Elite's screaming could be heard again.

      "God damnit!" he yelled. "Can't we get a bloody muzzle for this thing?" He ran down the rows of cots and entered a separate room. The Shadow Spartans sat on chairs, wearing their armor. Abraham looked at them confused, and uncovered his ears slightly.

      "Why are you wearing your armor?" he asked. Arinoth stood. The sound of a radio being activated could be heard.

      "Two reasons sir. One; to mute out that damn thing in the room next to us. Two; to frighten the Elite into telling us whatever we want. I'm sure that all Covenant know about the Spartans, so he would probably tell us whatever we wish to know if we threatened to kill him" Arinoth explained. Abraham laughed.

      "Well get in there and silence that damn thing" he ordered. The Spartans walked out of the room. Abraham took one of their vacant seats and looked through the mirror that showed the room beyond.

      The Elite was strapped to a chair, two fake plastic legs attached to his stumps (I think anyone would be screaming if they had two plastic legs). A spotlight was over the Elite's head, and a table was in front of it.

      A door at the other end of the room opened and the Shadow Spartans walked in. At that moment, the Elite stopped screaming and stared transfixed at the two behemoths that walked in. When the two Spartans sat down, the Elite began squirming in its chair.

      "No! Don't kill me! No!" he screamed over and over again.

      Arinoth and Colin looked at each other, confused. Normally, an Elite would want to die, since they believe strongly in honor (much like a Samurai or a ninja; Haaiiiii ya!). The Elite continued to scream this, until Arinoth stood, pissed off.

      "Shut the hell up!" he roared. His voice echoed throughout the room and the Elite froze again, looking up at his interrogator. Arinoth relaxed and sat back down.

      "That's better. What is your name?"

      "Imma 'Wimpee (Wonder what that stands for?)" said the Elite.

      "First of all, why do you wish for your life to be sparred? Aren't all Elites honor bound? (I think his name explains that)"

      "Not all Elites are honor bound cyborg. I am one of those who aren't" he growled. Arinoth didn't exactly understand this, but wasn't here to understand the Covenant hierarchy.

      "Ok then. Where did you and your dropship take off from?" he asked.

      "I will never explain the whereabouts of my-"At that moment, Colin stood, stun rod in his hand, "Ok ok! I will tell. There is a large Covenant base camp just down the main path that leads to this human base" he said quickly, looking at the rod in Colin's hand (I would've zapped him anyway).

      "What is the security like at this base?" continued Arinoth.

      "Not strong, since most of the troops we had we used in that last assault"

      "Are there any type of reinforcements on the way?"

      "We get two dropship loads of troops every twenty units" the Elite said, grinning at the fact that the humans had no knowledge of units. Arinoth cursed to himself.

      "Is that minutes, hours, days?" he asked. The Elite shrugged.

      "We do not use those terms, only units" he said defiantly. For the hell of it, Colin poked him once with the stun rod. The Elite howled in pain.

      "Don't play smart with us" said Arinoth. "My final question is; what type of leader is at that base?"

      The Elite didn't move. He stared at the wall, not breathing or anything. Colin prodded him with the rod and he jolted awake.

      "No, I've sworn never to tell. I can't"

      "If you don't tell, then we will take something of value to you (say an arm...or two?)" The Elite shuddered.

      "May the Prophets forgive me. There is a Prophet at that base camp, which commands the troops to attack this base" The Elite lowered his head in defeat and Arinoth stood.

      "Thank you...before I leave, I will tell you now that if you are lying to us, then you can say goodbye to your arms" he growled. The Elite gaped at Arinoth, who turned his back to him and left the room, followed by Colin, who waved his stun rod at the Elite.

      "So, what did you get out of him?" General Abraham, the Shadow Spartans and a few other decorate officers sat around at the conference table. The Spartans sat at one end, while the General and his officers were at another end (Deja-vu going on here). The Spartans were out of their armor and wore black jumpsuits.

      "There is a base camp just down the road the leads to this base. At the moment, it's virtually unguarded, but the Elite told us of a dropship that comes every twenty units, whenever the hell that is and unloads a large number of Covenant troops. There is also a Covenant Prophet at that base" Arinoth explained.

      That last comment Arinoth made, caught everyone's attention. Abraham leaned forward.

      "A Prophet eh? (That is what he said dumbass)" he repeated, his eyes going into the back of his head. Arinoth nodded.

      "We don't know if twenty units, means twenty minutes, hours or days, which is why I suggest we attack now" he stated.

      "I agree that damn dropship could be unloading troops right now. What are our plans of assault?" asked the General (Well gee buddy; you are the General, why don't you make up those plans...dumbass).

      "Air strike?" offered one of the officers to Abraham's left.

      "That would work, but we want to capture that Prophet, not kill it" said Arinoth.

      "Ground assault seems to be the obvious solution then" the same officer said.

      "With all due respect gentlemen, the marine defense forces here are not strong, which is why I suggest that myself and Shade go alone and complete this mission. That way, none of your marines are put into danger, and if another assault comes, you have people here to fight them off" explained Arinoth. Abraham's eyebrow went up.

      "You sure Arinoth? You and your partner against an entire base camp" Beside Arinoth, Colin shook his head and laughed.

      "Piss poor odds for them" he said (Oh yeah!). Everyone at the table chuckled.

      "Very well, you two will be assaulting that camp. What do you need?"

      "All we require are weapons and some sort of transportation to get us there and back, preferably a Warthog" he said. Abraham nodded.

      "Done, Armory Station A still has a full load of weapons. Go there; get what you need, then head to the hangar. A Warthog will be waiting there for you" he said. Arinoth nodded and the two Spartans stood and left the room.

      "Okay Shade, assault weapons are needed here. Most camps are constructed with a perimeter of Shade gun turrets and plasma shield barriers. A S2 AM sniper rifle and M 19 SSM Rocket launcher are definitely needed (What a mouthful!)" Arinoth said, looking at the rows and shelves of weapons. Colin nodded, picked up a Jackhammer launcher and also picked up four extra rounds, which he strapped to his back.

      "Why not just use the weapons we came in here with?" he asked. Arinoth knew that he would take the MA7B battle rifle again, which is what he had chosen when they first landed here on the Naval Base.

      "Good thinking" he said. Colin picked up a MA5B assault rifle, loaded the weapon and pocketed fifteen extra ammo clips, Arinoth doing the same for his battle rifle. The two of them slung their secondary weapons over their shoulders, and then headed towards the hangar at ground level.

      The Spartans moved quickly through the halls, nodding at the marines who greeted them. They took an elevator down to the main floor, and then entered the hangar.

      A Warthog sat in the middle of the large room, with a few marines around it. General Abraham and Major Armstrong walked over to them.

      "Your M12 LRV is ready (It's a Warthog dead man). Take this receiver, if things get really messy, press that and our squad of Longbows will bomb the area you need to be wiped out" Abraham said, handing him over a small receiver.

      "I will have two divisions of marines standing by. If things continue to get messy, press the same receiver two times and they will arrive in more vehicles" Armstrong said, nodding towards a large division of marines on the far left side of the hangar, who all waved at them.

      "Thank you sirs, we won't be long" Arinoth said, jumping into the driver seat of the 'Hog. He turned the key, and the engine started. However, as the engine began to rumble, it was drowned out by a sudden explosion of polka music that came from the Warthog's radio. Arinoth glanced at the dashboard, and then smashed his fist against it, breaking the radio. He looked up and could see a PFC slowly backing away from them, his eyes looking around. Arinoth shook his head. Colin jumped into the gunner's seat and signaled he was ready. Arinoth revved the engine and they zoomed out of the hangar and headed out of the valley and into the small dirt path that ran through the canyon...

By: Agent Shade and Arinoth Koby

(Stay tuned for Shadow Spartans, Chapter Four: Captured Prophet; End Game?)