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Survival, Prologue
Posted By: Agent Shade<shadow_agent13@hotmail.com>
Date: 2 September 2003, 11:21 PM

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Survival, Prologue

~*Author's Note*~

      I'm back!!

~*End Note*~

      The story about to unfold takes place some time after the Covenant attempt to invade and potentially wipe out the human home world, Earth. However, the combined efforts of the Marine Core and the legendary Master Chief, Spartan-117 were strong enough to fight back against the Covenant and push them out of the Solar System.

      After this quite large and vital battle ended, the UNSC began making plans for their huge comeback. This included new tactics, additional members of the Marine Core, but the most important part was the new and advanced weaponry being constructed. The humans realized that to ensure victory, they would have to think like their enemy, and that meant, using plasma technology. Already, they had created body shields for the Spartans, but human scientists went beyond that and began creating the same shields for marines. New weapons that fired plasma rounds were made. A lot of these weapons were experimental, but many of them were put into use, like the MA7B Battle rifle, whose bullets were coated with a plasma surface, strengthening the bullets damage and force. But, the most important upgrade the UNSC were doing, was adding this plasma technology to their ships.

      It seemed for some time, that as long as they had the Spartans, they would always win on the ground. However, when it came to space battles, the UNSC only won when they outnumbered their enemy one hundred to four. Because of this nearly impossible odd, plasma technology was fused into the technology used to create the human's warships. This allowed ships to have their own plasma shields, pulse lasers, plasma armor and some even held plasma torpedoes, but those were proving to be very difficult. Upgrades like the ones stated above were put onto a single ship, known as the Hybrid since it had Covenant and Human technology on it. The massive battle cruiser was the first ship to leave its spaceport, loaded with Covenant weaponry.

      During this time, knowledge about the Flood was limited. The UNSC knew about the various warriors used in battle. Starting from the small, popcorn-like infection forms, to the large and ferocious combat forms. They knew that a single infection form could assimilate a Covenant Elite or a Human adult into the Flood's expanding collective. Other than that, they had no idea what other capabilities the grotesque race had.

      One such unknown ability was the Flood's function to observe and learn. Many Flood forms were successful during the battle of Halo in taking over Covenant ships; however, they did not know exactly how to fly it. However, because of an unknown leadership caste that had been created, certain Flood forms were gifted with the talent of flying any vehicle. However, this talent was not known by Humanity or the Covenant.

      It was time that the Flood put this into play. During a ground battle on Beta Halo, found near the Eridanus system, Flood forces were successful in taking over a Covenant war cruiser and using it for their own purposes. This cruiser left the battle area, taking with it enough Flood forms to wipe out a small army.

      At the same time, the Hybrid was put into space and ordered to take out both the Covenant and Flood forces around Beta Halo, and then destroy the ring itself. The Master Chief had warned them that additional Halos existed, and this was the second one found. Since most of the Covenant and Flood forces were weakened a lot during the large battles, the crew of the Hybrid assumed that victory would be quite easy.

      Unknown to them, the captured Covenant war cruiser was heading straight towards this Covenant-Human ship. What the outcome of a possible battle will be, no one knows.

      The Hybrid, under the command of Captain Malcolm Savard, has a total ship crew of one hundred seventy-five. A single battle division (Fifty or so men/women) of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers and two battle divisions of Marine Regulars made up the ship's internal security and ground assault forces. The two hangars positioned on either side of the ship were each equipped with eight Pelican dropships, fourteen Longbow bombers, twenty M12 LRVs and ten M808B Scorpion tanks. The ship itself was created to look much like the Pillar of Autumn, only the surface of the ship is more reflective and the armor is a lot darker. The ship has four Super MAC (Magnetic Accelerator Canon) guns, two on the top and two on the bottom. Positioned around these canons are five Plasma pulse laser turrets. Naturally, the plasma shield is the ship's main defense, but if the shields are breached, the armor itself is honey-combed with Titanium-A battle armor and a thick, very strong metal, used by the Covenant. The metal is unknown and is merely designated as "Covie" armor. The ship weighs around one hundred seventy tones.

      This is the story of the UNSC's, first
Covenant-Human warship.

~*Author's Note*~

      Sorry about the italics, I can't seem to fix it...hope you enjoyed it and please comment on what you think. Cheers.

~*End Note*~

By: Agent Shade