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The Last War, Prologue
Posted By: Agent Shade<shadow_agent13@hotmail.com>
Date: 4 August 2003, 5:29 AM

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The Last War, Prologue

      The Human-Covenant War escalated to the point where it was obvious mankind would be wiped out in a matter of days. People had been predicting their defeat for awhile, but none had expected it to come so fast. The United Nations Space Command had originally created the Spartan project to take out the Covenant threat, but as more and more Spartans were being created and dozens of battles between Spartans and the Covenant were being won by the Covenant, UNSC officials started breeding a new type of Spartan soldiers.

      These soldiers were not human. Scientists merely took the MJOLNIR combat armor and inserted an AI data chip into it. The AI was a simple design and wasn't hard to create. It was like a computer and would only operate when received orders from a user. They then integrated the MJOLNIR systems to the AI, giving the AI full control of the armor. Once control was established, the armor was upgraded to make the soldier powerful than a Spartan. The armor had a twin defense system. The primary system was a layer of battle armor. The battle armor is an activated system, and acts a lot like the shield system. When activated, it covers the MJOLNIR suit in a multi-layered system of photogenic titanium armor, which is impenetrable to bullet fire. However, because plasma seemed to be somewhat effective against it, the secondary defense system was a stronger shield system that covers the battle armor and suit. The AI operating the MJOLNIR would literally be wearing three large layers of protection, each having pros to the various weapons and battle techniques used against it.

      They were called Xenocides, mainly because they were a weapon that could eliminate any race without breaking a sweat. When tested, they proved most effective and were immediately dispatched into the war. A single computer software application known as Data was created with the most advanced AI battle system ever. It assumed control of the Xenocides and issued them orders to take out their enemy. In simpler terms, Data was the user and when it gave out orders, the Xenocides complied.

       In a matter of weeks, the Xenocides, under the direction of Data pushed the Covenant out of the Solar system and back into their own system. By then, the UNSC had created thousands of Xenocides for the usage of Data, who sent them onto the various Covenant home worlds and annihilated every single alien race in the alliance. The Covenant were beaten and victory belonged to mankind.

      Because of this victory, the UNSC had no need for the Xenocides. However, because they weren't humans, they couldn't just step out of the MJOLNIR suit and walk among a human society. They had to be destroyed, since an everlasting peace was trying to be established.

      The first step in taking out the Xenocides was to eliminate their user/leader; Data. However, because of all the knowledge and information Data was given, it became self-aware and prevented itself from being destroyed. Scientists, hackers, everyone attempted to stop Data, but it moved to fast. It issued orders to all the surviving Xenocides and had them destroy mankind. As the divisions of these robotic soldiers spread out throughout the various human planets they were on, Data assumed control of the various nuclear weapons that the UNSC had and launched them all at major population areas of humans. Not a thing on Earth could stop the AI and the nukes were launched. Total devastation encumbered the planet as large mushroom clouds appeared all over Earth's surface, killing trillions of human lives. Those that remained were then hunted out by the Xenocides who returned to Earth after exterminating humans on other worlds.

      Luckily, large pockets of humans survived the nuclear fall out and survived the invasion of the Xenocides. They were able to hide under the radar and call for help. However, when Data detected these transmissions, the Xenocides moved in. The humans formed a resistance and fought back, but the awesome power of the Xenocides nearly killed all of them. Many escaped, but others didn't. Those that escaped weren't found and Data assumed it was victorious.

      It wasn't. Unknown to Data, the transmissions sent out by the human survivors reached the Spartans who had been fighting Covenant forces on other worlds. When they received these calls for help, they boarded a human and a Covenant vessel and quickly headed for Earth. When they arrived, they immediately launched a full scale assault on Data's control centre in Washington DC. However, the Xenocides proved to be more powerful than the Spartans. Thousands of Spartans marched across an open field and charged into the Xenocide lines. Let it be known, many Xenocides were destroyed, but not enough to dent Data's army. Because of the overwhelming amount of losses, the remaining Spartans retreated. The defeat they suffered dropped the Spartan numbers down to a few hundred. The Spartan four, five and six series were all that remained. The Spartan two series had been taken out early in the Human-Covenant war and the Spartan three series were killed by the Xenocides.

      The year is now 3050. During their retreat, the Spartans came across the human survivors who had sent out the signals for help. Matrix; the leader of the Spartan-IVs, Nemesis; the leader of the Spartan-Vs, Shade; the leader of the Spartan-VIs and Colonel Daniel Conrath; leader of the human resistance formed a Spartan-Human resistance against Data and the Xenocides. This is their story.

Coming soon: The Last War, Chapter One: Defeat at the cost of a Titan

~*Author's note*~

      I realize that many of you may recognize this background information as the plot behind the Terminator. In Terminator, a computer program called Skynet becomes self aware and takes control of the various missile silos over Earth and uses them to annihilate cities across the planet. It then sends out robot soldiers known as Terminators to take out the survivors, however, the survivors ban together, form a resistance and fight them off. Terminators are sent back in time to eliminate the mother of the resistance leader, the resistance leader himself and the resistance leader plus his lieutenants. I am not planning to write about Xenocides being sent back in time to kill the Spartan leaders. I plan to write this in one time span and that is in 3050, not any time else. I hope this clears up any confusion or questions you may have.

~*End note*~