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Project: Shadow Spartan, Chapter 11
Posted By: Agent Shade<shadow_agent13@hotmail.com>
Date: 2 August 2003, 4:03 AM

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      Zachary and Judy stood in the control tower of Naval Base Gamma Twelve, watching the UNSC Helljumpers below run for cover as the Spartans surrounding them opened fire with S2 AM sniper rifles, SMG 900 sub machine guns, Jackhammer rocket launchers and other weapons. Zach took out his pistol and fired a single round, which punctured the helmet of a Helljumper jumping into one of the Scorpion tanks. He sighed.

      "This is so boring, why can't we go find that dark Spartan?" he whined, firing another round at an ODST Lieutenant. Judy had a MA7B Battle rifle in her hands and was shooting at a M12 LRV driving around the compound.

      "Oh quit it, I'm just as mad as you are" he growled, finishing her clip of 7.62 armor-piercing rounds into the driver of the Warthog. As she reloaded, Zach turned around and sat down in a padded chair, crossing his arms across his chest.

      "Just isn't fair. I go through all that hell to bring that Laura person here and now I'm stuck up in this tower with clean up duty" he said. Judy turned around, cocking her weapon.

      "Zach, just shut up ok? Either help us kill these marines off or go whine somewhere else" she growled. Zach stood.

      "Fine" he said and walked off to the elevator. However, as he reached out to push the button, the elevator pinged and the doors began to part. Judy turned back around to face Zach and gasped.

      A team of six individuals all wearing heavy black armor stood in the elevator, all holding M90 shotguns. The six figures raised their weapons, pointing the nozzles at Zach who stood in front of them.

      "Oh..." Zach whispered, watching the weapons aim at him. The Special Ops soldiers each fired eight gauge magnum rounds, which made contact with Zach's body. The Spartan's shields were taken out immediately and at the range the weapons were fired, not a single round missed. Zach fell backwards, huge holes of blood and flesh covering him. He landed hard on the ground and ceased to exist.

      Samuel and his team were on the main floor, looking for the single elevator that would take them straight to level 5. Sam led the way, his assault rifle up and ready. He came to a corner, crouched low and motioned Corporal Lawley forward. The Special Ops demolitions expert held a SMG 900 up and rolled into the opening, weapon up. He nodded and covered Sam as he continued to lead the way, the rest of the team following him. The hall eventually stopped ahead, a door preventing them from going further. Sam grinned as he heard it ping and open, revealing a small compartment, which was their elevator.

      Unfortunately, what stood inside the elevator was not friendly. Four Spartans stood in it, each holding a MA5B assault rifle. Immediately, they sprayed the hall with gunfire, forcing Sam and his team to fall back, Sam firing quick bursts at them. Sergeant Reynolds stood and tossed a frag grenade, which detonated right in front of the elevator. One of the Spartans was weakened incredibly from the blast and Sam finished him off with a few quick bursts. The remaining three began to move out of the small elevator and walk down the hall. Sam's weapon stopped fired and an empty ammo clip fell into the floor. He slung his weapon, and grabbed the hilt of his plasma battle blade. He raised it out of its casing and brought it down on the lead Spartan's head, chopping the man in two. Immediately, Sam walked forward and twirled, swinging his sword around him and slashing it across the second Spartan's chest. Blood spewed out of the large scar and the Spartan fell over, clutching his wound. The last Spartan began to run backwards, firing his assault rifle. Sam ran after him and stabbed the sword right through the Spartan's stomach. The Spartan stopped, grabbed the blade and fell to his knees. Sam pulled it out and the man fell over, dead. Sheathing his blade, Sam reloaded his assault rifle and turned to his team, who stood in front of him, mouths wide open. Sam chuckled.

      "What are you waiting for? Let's move" he yelled. They snapped out of their trance and walked into the elevator. The doors closed and all that was heard was their breathing. Sam swore he could hear some sort of music playing. Sergeant Reynolds looked at the row of buttons near him.

      "Uhh...there it is" he said, pressing a button. The music stopped playing. The man shook his head.

      "Always hated that" he said and pressed another button. Slowly, the elevator began to descend into the bottom of the outpost.

      Judy watched Zach's dead form fall. She swore out loud and brought her battle rifle up, but the team of Special Ops soldiers rushed into the room, and fired their own shotguns. Judy felt several impacts slam into her armor. The shield bar began blinking red. She quickly dove, but additional shotgun rounds slammed into her. She felt the armor surrounding her left hip shatter and a round pierced her skin. She screamed out and fell, holding her wound as blood began to flow out. The Spartans around her turned to open fire, but met similar fates as Zach. Two Spartans were blasted right out of the control room. Two others dropped to their knees and fell over as continuous shotgun cartridges hit them, creating huge holes on their armor. Judy was left with one Spartan left, who held his leg in pain. She winced, stood up and fired several rounds from her battle rifle. The sound of someone screaming and a body hitting the floor pleased her, but the soldiers returned fire. She felt bullets hit her weapon, then her hand. When she brought her arm down, her battle rifle had holes in it and two of her fingers were gone. She gasped at it.

      "Fuck" she whispered. Beside her, the wounded Spartan fell over, blood flowing from a hole in his shoulder. He looked up at Judy, who stared at him. He shook his head and slowly lowered his head. Judy growled viciously and stood, holding a single frag grenade in her good hand. She watched as the five figures dressed in black surrounded her, the nozzles of their shotguns pointed right at her head. She smirked.

      "I'm not that easy to kill" she whispered and unpinned the frag. She heard the soldiers around her gasp, and then she threw her head back and laughed.

      The grenade detonated, ripping apart Judy's armor and spraying her exposed body with fire and shrapnel. The explosion blew her corpse right out the window and she fell into the compound below.

      Josh was hiding in the pantry, accompanied by Ian, Carl and four other Spartans. Ian and the others had their attention focused on the door, while Josh and Carl tried to raise the Spartans positioned throughout the base. Carl had his helmet off and put his head in his hands.

      "I can't get a hold of Zach or Judy" he said. Josh looked at the man, but quite frankly, didn't care. He was more worried about the fifteen or so other Spartans he couldn't get on the radio.

      "What the fuck is happening here? How could Orbital Drop Shock Troopers take out my Spartans" he whispered, turning his radio off. Carl raised his head.

      "You fool; the people invading this outpost aren't Helljumpers. Didn't you see their armor, it isn't standard Ballistic armor, its Special Ops" he snarled at Josh. The Master Spartan shook his head and lowered it.

      "Well, looks like this is the last floor they haven't taken over. Let's make sure they don't get it" he growled, grabbing his M90 shotgun and pumped it several times. Carl shook his head and slammed his helmet on. He grabbed his SMG 900 and loaded the weapon. The two of them then joined Ian and the others and waited for the action to start.

      Slowly, Sam could feel the elevator slowing down. He raised his assault rifle.

      "All right people, get ready. There's bound to be Spartans waiting when we get out. Get out of this elevator as fast as possible, and then spread out throughout the mess hall. Take out the Spartans, and then move through the rest of the barracks. I'll head to the pantry and get Culling. We rendezvous back in the mess hall, then head back up to the surface, clear?" The soldiers around him mumbled "yes" and "clear." Sam nodded and cocked his assault rifle. The elevator stopped abruptly and the doors began to open.

      Lisa sat in one of the mess hall chairs, hey eyes fixed on the wall near her. She was bored and tired. The sounds of gunfire and screaming could be heard around her, but she couldn't do a thing. She was stuck in a mess hall, located deep underground. She leaned back and yawned. There were five other Spartans with her, all bored as well and sitting in chairs, their weapons on the tables. Three of them were chatting while the remaining two had started a game of Black Jack. Lisa watched Spartan 238; Jim bust out with 22.

      "Damnit, that's the third time that's happened" he cried, throwing his cards on the table. Across from him, Spartan-251; Peter smiled and shook his head and revealed his cards. Lisa laughed at the ace and king that had appeared on the table. Jim stood.

      "You're cheating man, I know it" he said. Peter shook his head and merely laughed as he gathered the cards up.

      Suddenly, the elevator that led into the mess hall pinged and the doors began to open. Lisa turned and her eyes went wide with surprise as a Spartan dressed in black armor, accompanied by five other figures in black armor walked into the room. They held an assortment of weapons and all of them were raised at Lisa and her Spartans. The Shadow Spartan tossed a frag grenade right into the middle of Lisa and the others. She screamed and covered herself.

      The grenade exploded, spraying everyone with pieces of shrapnel and blasting them all off the chairs they sat on. Lisa's shields went out immediately and she tumbled backwards of her chair, pieces of shrapnel sticking out of her armor. Jim and Peter, who had been closest when the grenade went off, stood weakly, brushing the sharp pieces of metal of them. However, gunfire poured out of the nozzles of the weapons held by the dark intruders. The two Spartans stood for a second, and then crumbled from continuous gun fire. Lisa stood and felt several bullets hit her. She rolled to the right quickly and crouched up, firing her sub machine gun at the Shadow Spartan. The Spartan however was too quick and strafed to the left, avoid the bullets. He then jumped over the table in front of him, grabbing the hilt of his blade strapped to his back and brought it down on one of Lisa's Spartans. She gasped as the Spartan's head exploded and the corpse fell. The Shadow Spartan began to walk towards Lisa, who screamed and brought her SMG up. The Shadow Spartan leaned over and whacked it out of the way. Lisa stood and bawled her fists.

      "You fucker!" she screamed and punched at the man's head. The Shadow Spartan watched the fist come at him, then brought his sword up and cut off her hand. She screamed in pain and stumbled backwards, holding her stump. The Spartan towered over her and brought his blade up. At the last second, Lisa activated her radio.

      "Carl!" she screamed.

      Sam swung the sword and cut the Spartan's head off. He sheathed his sword and motioned for the Special Ops troops to move out. He looked at the pantry door.

      Beside Josh, Carl grabbed his helmet.

      "Lisa? Lisa!!" she screamed.

      "What is it man!" roared Josh, holding Carl still, who was weeping in his armor.

      "She's gone...she's gone" he said, shaking his head. Josh looked at the pantry door.

      "Oh shit" he whispered and ducked. The titanium door exploded, ripping away from its hinges and flew into the room, crushing a Spartan who almost stood in front of it. Shrapnel flew in among them. Josh's shields flared and took the damage. He heard Carl and Ian fall over as well. Moaning filled his radio. Josh stood and watched through the smoke a head roll into the room. Carl stood beside him and gasped. It was the head of Lisa. Josh looked away, but Carl didn't. His fists trembled and he began to walk to the entrance. However, walking to the entrance was a Spartan dressed in black armor.

      "Sam" muttered Josh.

      Sam watched a single Spartan approach him and he could by his fist that he was pissed. The Spartan pointed at him.

      "You've killed my friends, I'm going to fucking ripe your own head off!" he screamed and charged at him. Sam didn't have his sword up and brought his own fists up. The Spartan swung in with his left first, but Sam caught it. The right fist came in, yet Sam caught the other one. The two of them grappled for a second and Sam was surprised at the amount of strength behind this Spartan. He leaned his head back and swung it forward, smashing it into the Spartan's helmet. His face plate cracked and he recoiled backwards, letting go of Sam, who brought his leg up. However, the Spartan caught it and swung Sam into the kitchen cabinet. Plates and cutlery rained down and smashed on the floor around Sam, who stood and received a kick to the stomach. His armor took the bulk of the punch, but it still left him winded. The Spartan continued kicked him, until Sam brought his own feet up, twirled and tripped the Spartan. He stood, but the Spartan swung his leg up, hitting Sam right in the chin. He stumbled backwards, but then charged forward, making contact with the Spartan's stomach as he stood. The Spartan fell to his knees, but was able to lower his head to avoid a kick aimed at him. Sam stood back and let him recover. The Spartan stood and raised his fists, but Sam came in quickly. He faked a punch with his left and swung his right fist in, smashing it into the Spartan's cheek. The Spartan swung at him, but Sam caught his fist and yanked the Spartan forward, bringing his elbow up. The Spartan fell right into it and he heard the faceplate completely shatter. The Spartan stumbled into the kitchen, his face scratched with the glass. He turned to charge at Sam, but the Shadow Spartan grabbed his sword and threw it like a javelin. The tip of the sword flew through the opened face plate and sank right into the Spartan's face. Blood flew out like a fountain and Sam heard the Spartan gurgle loudly instead of screaming. He fell to his knees, holding the blade and gurgling very loudly. Sam could see blood flowing out of his helmet. He finally grabbed his sword hilt and yanked it out. The Spartan fell forward, dead.

      Josh grabbed hold of the unconscious Laura Culling and swung her over his shoulder. He turned and was about to dash off, however, standing in the doorway was Sam. His blade was in his one hand and he was breathing hard. Josh looked for Carl, but could see blood all over the blade. He shook his head.

      "You killed him?" he asked. Sam nodded and Josh laughed. "Thank you so much, you have no idea how much I hated him" he said.

      "Time for you to meet a similar fate" he growled. Josh shook his head.

      "I'm afraid not Sam" he said.

      "You're cornered Josh, there's no way out, it's over" Sam yelled. Josh shook his head and grinned.

      "You fail to take into account my hidden assets" he said.

      Sam could feel another presence in the room. He turned and stood face to face with another Spartan.

      Josh grinned.

      "Get him Ian" he said and made a dash for the door.

      The Spartan named Ian swung his fist and smashed it into Sam's chest. The strength behind the Spartan was incredible and he fell backwards into the shelves that hadn't been destroyed. He watched as Josh rushed out of the room, his mother over his shoulder.

      "No!" Sam screamed and stood right up, smashing his fist into Ian's chest. The two of them grappled briefly, but Sam knocked out Ian's legs. As Ian fell, he grabbed hold of Sam's arm and pulled him down with him.

      Josh exited the pantry and looked to his left. The body of Carl lay on the floor, a huge puddle of blood forming around his head. Josh shook his head and rushed for the kitchen. A team of Special Ops soldiers stood waiting in there. They opened fire on Josh, but the Master Spartan dropped Laura quickly and rolled, avoiding the bullets. He unslung his shotgun and fired quickly, hitting one of the marines in the head. As he fell over, he heard another marine roar out orders. Josh heard a grenade get unpinned. He stood quickly and fired, hitting the man who held the grenade. He fell to the floor, the grenade fall with him. It exploded. The rest of the marines were blasted out of the way. Josh reloaded his shotgun, then grabbed Laura and made a break for the elevator.

      Ian and Sam grappled with each other again. The two of them growled at each other and tried to break each other's grips but they were both even in strength. Finally, Ian let go and swung his leg up, sending Sam flying back into another shelving unit. He had had enough. He stood up quickly and whipped out his sword. The bright plasma blade light up the entire room and Sam grinned. However, Ian was not freaking out. Instead, he smirked.

      "Yeah, I got something like that" he said. Sam raised an eyebrow. Ian brought his fists up, and then twitched his head to the left. Four plasma daggers stuck out of his knuckles and glimmered in the room, adding more light (Wolverine). Sam's mouth dropped as he looked at the long daggers that were sticking out of the Spartan's knuckles. How could that be? It isn't possible he said to himself, marveling at the blades. Ian chuckled.

      "Nice little upgrade eh?" he said, then charged forward at Sam. The Shadow Spartan brought his blade up and cut down the other plasma blades aimed at him. However, they did not fall apart and Ian came back up and stabbed at him. Sam twirled his blade in front of him and blocked each blow aimed at him. He stopped and swung at Ian's neck, but the Spartan brought his own blades up and blocked the attack. He swung his other arm at Sam, but Samuel side stepped. He brought his blade over his head with one hand and aimed another blow at Ian, who blocked the vicious swing with both blades. Sam grabbed the hilt of his sword with both hands and pressed in as hard as he could. Slowly, his blade pushed forward, the tip glimmering at Ian's neck. The Spartan pushed equally as hard and Sam could feel his sword being pushed back. He stood as tall as he could and pushed downward, forcing Ian on his knees. Ian bent his back so that he was on the ground and pushed up. Sam knew that he couldn't win this. He moved quickly and twirled off to the right, bringing his blade down on Ian's exposed head. Luckily, he stood just as the force of Sam's sword was gone. Sam swung his sword above his head and brought it down on Ian's head, who blocked again. Instead of forcing Sam's blade up, he moved out of the way and Sam stumbled forward. He heard Ian yell and knew that he was about to be killed. Sam turned and watched Ian swung his left fist at Sam. Without thinking, Sam grabbed the blades sticking out of Ian's knuckles and stopped the attack. He felt the blades sear through his finger, but ignored the pain. Instead, he brought his sword up and chopped Ian's arm off from the elbow down.

      Ian howled and stumbled backwards as he clenched fist fell, along with the plasma blades. Sam grinned and lowered his sword, then brought it up quickly, chopping Ian's other arm. The Spartan screamed in pain and fell on the floor, blood flying out of his stumps (Monty Python and the Holy Grail lol). Sam stood over him and raised his sword. He dropped to one knee and brought it straight down onto Ian's chest, who screamed even louder. Sam brought it out and watched Ian writhe around in pain. Sam turned and walked out of the room, sheathing his sword.

      He walked back into the mess hall and sighed sadly as he looked at the bodies of Special Ops marines that lay around. He observed several of them that didn't look dead, and then came across Corporal Dela Cruz. The man's eyes were still open and he coughed up some blood. As Sam approached, the man grinned, showing his blood covered teeth.

      "Buenos Noches amigo" he said. Sam knelt beside him. He had been hit by a shotgun round above the hip and was covered with shrapnel.

      "You okay?" he asked. Jose coughed up some more blood.

      "I look bad, but I'll make it mi amigo" he said. Sam nodded and looked around him. Sergeant Reynolds lay sprawled out along a table, a part of his stomach missing. Corporal Lawley's head was gone. David Elliot lay against the wall near Jose, his face covered with shrapnel. Corporal Brian Andrews was nowhere to be found.

      "That Master Spartan dude came here and killed Lawley first. Andrews was about to frag him, but the Chico killed Brian before he could throw the thing. The grenade exploded, killed Elliot and Reynolds. I was the farthest from the explosion, but I was still hit from the shockwave. The shotgun round came from that asshole as he was leaving" Dela Cruz explained. Sam nodded and handed the Corporal Reynolds's radio.

      "Call for a medic Jose, you've done well today, I'll make sure you get treated properly" he said. Jose grinned.

      "Gracias amigo, now go kick some ass" he said. Sam nodded and walked into the elevator when it arrived. He nodded at Jose as the doors closed then felt the elevator lurch as it ascended back to the surface. Suddenly, Sam's radio beeped.

      "Jameson to Sam" it was Vice Admiral Jameson.

      "I'm here Admiral, are you okay?" asked Sam.

      "Worry bout that later son, we've spotted Josh, he's on top of the control tower. He's got a sniper rifle and is picking us off, get up-BANG!" Sam almost jumped as he heard the sound of gun fire. He listened closely.

      "...he's hit! Fuck, get a medic here!" he heard a marine screaming. Suddenly, the radio went dead. Sam bowed his head, and then could feel anger rising in him. Josh was going to pay deeply for everything he's done. He pressed the button for the control room and hoped that he would make it in time to save his mother. He would kill Josh and go home happy.

      Josh looked at his sniper rifle and loaded his last two rounds into it. He fired them, hitting a medic rushing to an officer's aide, then hit a marine Sergeant. Shaking his head, he then tossed the weapon aside and walked over to Laura. Even if he was killed today, he felt that he had won. He had shown the UNSC that they couldn't just kill Spartans by lining them up and firing at them. However, he still felt that he wished he had won this battle and wished that he could go on, torturing the UNSC for what they tried to do. During the Covenant wars, he had usually won by luck and it seemed that his luck was gone. He was alone now and before he died, he wanted/had to kill one more person. Samuel. Laura Culling awoke suddenly and stood.

      "Where are we?" she demanded. Josh shook his head.

      "At the end of our time Laura. Time for both of us to say goodbye" he said. Laura glared at him.

      "Look what the things you do accomplish Josh. You're beaten, there's no sense in trying to kill more people, and you're finished" she screamed. Josh rounded on her and grabbed her wrist.

      "I AM NO BEATEN, I ALWAYS WIN!" he roared violently in her ear. Laura screamed in pain as Josh tightened his grip.

      "Let her go..."

By: Agent Shade