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Project: Shadow Spartan, Chapter 5
Posted By: Agent Shade<shadow_agent13@hotmail.com>
Date: 19 July 2003, 1:17 AM

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~*Author's note*~

      Hey guys, just a word of warning, I changed my hotmail account (the other one got hacked and was filled with gay porn, not fun). New hotmail is shadow_agent13@hotmail.com Later.

~*End note*~

      Josh stood in the ruined control tower of Military Outpost Gamma Twelve, overlooking the surrounding rocky terrain and in deep thought. The past recent events had been very complicated and disturbing for the Master Spartan and he did not know what to do about them.

      First of all, nine of his Spartans were dead, including Kyle who he had had executed. Nevertheless, the sensation of having nine of your brothers and sisters dead wasn't fun for Josh and he could feel tears welling up in his eyes. He looked around the room quickly; making sure no one was looking. He let a few tears run down his chiseled face, which was a fixed glare at the glowing horizon in the distance. The Master Chief killed six and this new threat killed two and wounded another.

      The new threat was apparently named; Shadow Spartan, a name which had come up briefly while searching the installation John had been hiding in. Obviously, this Shadow Spartan was a weapon powerful than the Spartan-IIIs. This made Josh even angrier. Nothing was stronger than a Spartan, they were elite. However, his theories were wrong and this one Spartan was better.

      Josh had determined that the leader of the project to create the Shadow Spartan was John, but who the candidate was, Josh did not know. It was obvious it was someone close, but he wasn't sure. It couldn't be his wife, since his wife was too old. He searched his thoughts of John for any mention of a child, but found none.

      He swore out loud and smashed his Kevlar battle knife into the console beside him. Why couldn't Josh win? He had succeeded in taking over this planet, but now it was being taken back from him. He had to destroy this new threat, before it became a major problem, even though Josh knew it already was.

      He turned swiftly on his heel and opened the elevator in the far corner of the room. He then descended into the barracks of the base, watching out of the window of the elevator, as the horizon in the distance disappeared. The elevator came to a stop and the doors opened. Josh walked into the mess hall of Barracks D-12. This had been the final battle between the military resistance on Regal V. Josh remembered the marines sealing themselves in here, but the Spartans managed to break in. They put a good fight, which Josh commended them for. They had Jackhammer launchers, grenades, explosives which wounded a few of his Spartans, yet they were low in numbers. Josh had counted twenty-two bodies when the battle was over. Once the sergeant was killed, the planet was his.

      Josh walked behind the kitchen in the mess hall and stood in front of a large pantry door. Two of his Spartans, Charlie and William stood in front of it, in full armor. Josh nodded at them and they moved aside. Charlie opened the door and walked in, Josh following him and William right behind.

      The pantry was a large room, with shelves all over the place, filled with food. There were two other Spartans in here, James and Lisa, who saluted at Josh and lead them over to the far corner. Josh grinned.

      Strapped to a chair, bleeding from the nose, mouth and ear was Master Chief, Spartan 117, John. He had his eyes closed for the moment, but Josh knew he knew they were standing around him. After a few minutes of watching the frozen soldier, Josh balled his fist and smashed it into John's cheek. The Master Chief's eyes snapped open and he looked up at Josh. Josh showed no emotion on the outside, but on the inside, the glare given to him by his old mentor freaked him out. Josh knelt in front of him.

      "Well, it seems that your weapon you created has found its way here. Tell me John, does the words Shadow Spartan mean something to you?" he began, looking at John. John smirked.

      "Sure thing grasshopper" he said. Josh growled and punched John again. John had used that word while he had trained Josh during the way. John grinned.

      "That always bugged you" he whispered. Josh was about to punch him again, but he hesitated.

      "John, this weapon of yours is becoming a problem and I need answers. Who the fuck is he? What is his name?" he asked. John shrugged.

      "No idea" he said. Normally, Josh would've punched him, but he didn't. Instead, he grinned and stood up, nodding at Charlie beside him.

      The Spartan nodded back and took out a syringe. John took his eyes off Josh for a moment and looked at the needle.

      "You fucker" he whispered, looking back at Josh.

      "Sorry Master Chief, I need answers" Josh said with a shrug. Charlie leaned forward and injected the needle right into John's neck. The old Master Chief didn't even wince and glared up at Josh.

      "So, what is flowing through my flood grasshopper?" he asked Josh as Charlie put the syringe away. Josh knew that John knew what he was, but he told him anyway.

      "A Truth Serum naturally John" he said, and then crouched in front of him again. "Let's just wait awhile, let the medicine take affect." John shook his head and spat at Josh.

      "You won't get anything out of me" he said. Josh wiped the saliva off his face.

      "We will see about that" he said and merely waited, watching John begin to sweat a cold sweat and his eyes slowly roll into the back off his head.

      Samuel crouched low in a group of bushes and raised his captured sniper rifle. The Spartan-IIIs had left two sentries along the broken up perimeter wall that surrounded the Military Outpost Gamma Twelve. He sighted one of them and took careful aim at the Spartan's faceplate. He grinned and pulled the trigger. The successful shot left the one Spartan sentry without a head in its armor. Sam switched targets and fired again at the second sentry. The bullet punctured the shield surrounding the armor and drove through the data slot on the Spartan's head. If it didn't kill the Spartan, the resulting electrical shock from the malfunctioning data array would kill him.

      Sam's guess proved right and the Spartan grabbed his head in pain, which was shaking uncontrollably. He ripped it off, revealing a burned up face. Sam fired again, and the Spartan became headless. Quickly, Sam reloaded and rushed forward to the large hole in the wall, obviously created by the Spartan-IIIs when they had attacked. He crouched again, behind a large piece of destroyed metal and observed the interior compound with his M6D pistol. He could only see three Spartans, all standing near the entrance to the small military hangar. It was slowly getting dark out, which would prove to Sam's advantage. He waited as the three Spartans greeted a patrolling one, and then moved in.

      Spartan-251; Lance nodded at Spartan-245; Paul who had appeared near them.

      "All right Paul?" he asked. The patrolling Spartan nodded.

      "Good, almost time to radio check in, just thought I'd pop out here for a bit" he said. Lance shrugged.

      "Nothing moving, quiet as a tomb" he said. Paul nodded.

      "I'll be seeing you" he said and disappeared inside the hangar. Lance turned to his colleagues, Ted (Spartan-228) and Kieran (Spartan-239). Kieran leaned against the base wall, staring at the horizon through the large hole in the wall. Lance looked at him.

      "Hey Kieran, you awake?" he asked. Kieran held up a finger, looked around him, then looked at his friend.

      "Thought I saw something move through the hole" he said. Ted chuckled.

      "Man, there's nothing out here and if you're worried bout the dark Spartan or whatever, he was last reported five miles from here, it's all good" Ted said. Kieran didn't answer and kept looking. Ted laughed out loud.

      "Fine, I will go look and see if it's clear, you'll see" he said and walked off towards the hole. Because of the setting sun, the shadow of the surrounding walls towered close to them and Ted disappeared into them as he continued to walk there. Lance stopped watched and looked at Kieran.

      "He's right you know dude, there's nothing here" he said. Kieran shook his head.

      "I know what I saw and was no animal" he said, his hand gripping the MA5B assault rifle beside him. Lance sighed, and then looked back at the hole. He frowned slightly.

      "Ted, anything?" he called. There was no answer. Lance shook his head.

      "Stupid jokester, come on, this ain't funny, come out" he yelled. Still no answer. Kieran stood straight after awhile, weapon up. Lance steadied him.

      "Easy man, he's just playing" he said and continued to call Ted's name.

      Sam gripped the handle of his plasma battle blade strapped around his back then walked out of the darkness, behind the Spartan calling for his dead friend. He grinned, whipped out the blade and swung at the Spartan's head.

      Kieran felt water hit him and looked down at his suit. His mouth dropped when he saw blood all over his armor and not water. He looked up and saw Lance's corpse fall, a shadowy figure standing over him, a shimmering blade in his hands. Kieran gasped and was about to scream, when the blade was raised into the air and brought down on Kieran's head.

      Josh walked back into the pantry room and looked at Charlie who was standing near the shaky John.

      "Is he ready?" he asked. Charlie checked John's pulse and nodded. Josh crouched in front of him the Master Chief and looked at him.

      "Listen to me John; you are going to tell me exactly what I wish to here. Any question I ask, you answer, do you understand?" he said slowly and calmly. John looked like a zombie who scared Josh, but he looked at John, whose eyes were back into his head. John nodded.

      "Good, now tell me, tell me what a Shadow Spartan is?" he asked. John sat there, shaking and sweating. He let out a few gurgles, and then nodded again.

      "Shadow Spartan...is...secret project....candidate becomes weapon...powerful" he muttered. Josh nodded.

      "Okay. Do you know of the Shadow Spartan you created?" he asked John. The Master Chief nodded. "Who was your candidate you used for the Shadow Spartan project?" Josh asked. John took awhile to answer the question and Josh knew he was trying to fight the serum. Josh knew it wouldn't work. Normally, interrogators would put a single test tube of the serum into a victim, but because Spartans were a lot stronger then a regular human, Josh had put in seven tubes of the serum. It was working. John's mouth moved, but Josh couldn't hear what he said.

      "What? Answer me John" he said. Slowly, John spoke out the words.

      "My...my...s-s-son...S-S-Samuel" he stammered. Josh grinned evilly and stood.

      "Thank you John, you may rest" he said and walked out of the room, feeling very good about himself. As he left, John became aware of what he just did and tears began flowing out of his eyes, which now faced forward. He looked up at the Spartan beside him and growled viciously. The Spartan known as Charlie stepped back, frightened. John shook his head and watched Josh leave.

      "It makes no difference grasshopper, he will still destroy you!" John yelled. Josh stopped and looked at the Master Chief.

      "Shadows stay in front of behind John, your son shall feel pain in all ways" he growled and left the room. John knew what was going to happen and swore.

      As Josh walked through the mess hall, the elevator door opened and Ian walked in, fully armored and carrying Josh's armor. Josh raised an eyebrow at his friend and stopped.

      "What is it?" he asked. Ian stood in front of him.

      "Our nuisance is here" he said. Josh's eyes widened and he spread his arms, allowing Ian to strap his armor on.

      "How many dead?" he asked. Ian attached the chest plate first.

      "Did a radio wide check in, five Spartans didn't report in" he said. Josh swore.

      "Get the entire base at full alert, we must find him" he said, and then grabbed the helmet handed to him, strapped it on and rushed to the elevator.

      Sam stood in the control room of the Military Outpost, looking at the compound below as groups of Spartans moved out along the walls, flashlights on. Floodlights positioned around the place were activated and Sam retracted himself from the window, as several lights passed near him. He couldn't stay here long, so he called for the elevator, by pressing the button near the steel doors. The elevator took awhile and Sam took out his battle blade again. Sure enough, the door opened and a Spartan stood in the compact room. It looked at Sam, who waved at the Spartan, then stabbed his sword into the Spartan's stomach. He watched as the plasma and steel blade cut through the Spartan's shields, tore a hole in his alloyed armor and pierced the skin. The Spartan let out a yelp and fell to his knees, clutching his stomach. Sam watched it reach to activate his radio, but he swung the sword at his neck and beheaded the man. He walked into the elevator and headed to the bottom floor, marked; Barrack D-12.

      Josh stood near the entrance to the hangar, watching his Spartans search the compound. Josh knew that the Shadow Spartan wasn't there, but he still had to seem like he knew where he was. He looked at the five beheaded bodies in front of him, grimacing at the gruesome death his brothers in arms had gone under. He looked away, then frowned and looked up at the control room.

      "Where is Fred, I told him to activate the spot lights in the tower" he asked Ian who stood beside him. Suddenly, it his Josh and he looked at Ian, who looked at him. Josh swore.

      "Everyone! Search the interior! Now!" he yelled. Josh rushed back into the hangar, grabbing a MA5B assault rifle as he did, then headed for the hangar doors, Ian and the other Spartans behind him.

      The elevator stopped and opened, revealing the mess hall of Barrack D-12. There were two Spartans in the room, who looked at the elevator. Sam walked out, sniper rifle in his hands. He fired two quick rounds and the Spartans dropped dead, before they even had a chance to raise their weapons. Sam looked around, seeing if anyone else was in the area, then headed for the kitchen. Why was he going this way? It was if something was calling him. Another Spartan was hiding behind the counter and Sam killed him quickly with his sword. He walked to the pantry door and turned the knob. It didn't move. Growling, he raised his sword and cut open a hole in the steel door. He walked in and felt bullets ping off around the walls around him. He rolled forward, assault rifle up and he fired sustained bursts at his attacks. He could see shields shimmering around the shelve units in the pantry, and he targeted them, firing full auto at them. One shield went out, and Sam heard a scream, followed by a body hitting the floor. The second Spartan rushed at Sam, who dropped his assault rifle and blocked the two punches aimed at him. The Spartan followed up with a kick, but Sam spun to the left, avoiding it and elbowing the Spartan in the back of the head. Temporarily dazed, the Spartan stumbled forward, and then swung his fist. Sam grabbed it and sent the Spartan flying into the shelving units he had been hiding around. The Spartan stood, but Sam jumped into the air, sticking out his leg and making contact with the Spartan's visor. It shattered, the glass cutting at the Spartan's face. Josh grinned and finished the man off with a punch to his exposed face. The Spartan dropped, unconscious. Sighing, Sam searched around the pantry, and then gaped at what he found in the far corner.

      His father, Spartan-117, John sat strapped in a chair, blood flowing from wounds on his face. He looked up at Sam and grinned.

      "Samuel!" he said and Sam ran to him. He was about to hug him, but checked his motion, since he would most likely crush him. Instead, he began untying him.

      "Told you I'd see you soon" he said causing John to chuckle and spit up blood. Sam shook his head.

      "Don't talk dad" he said, but John shook his head.

      "You gotta get out of here Sam, I mean it, and I'm not being a hero. The Spartans called for assistance when they called for their friends outside and heard nothing. Josh, the whole lot is coming" he said. Sam was about to protest when he heard footsteps outside. He backed away from his father as the door opened and a Spartan walked in, assault rifle up.

      Josh scanned his surroundings and saw the bodies of Charlie and Lisa in the room. Holding back his anger, he swung around, looking behind the door and saw nothing. He turned again and moved farther into the room. He knew Ian was behind him, along with the rest of the Spartans at the base. As Ian walked in, Josh heard movement to his left. He turned, and then felt something grab him from behind.

      Sam grabbed hold of the Spartan around the stomach, took his out blade and brought it to his neck.

      "Any movement and this blade slit your throat" he whispered. The Spartan looked at him.

      "Ah, you must be Samuel, son of John" he said. These words hit Sam like a Jackhammer rocket. He whirled the Spartan around, put his blade away and took out his pistol, pointing it at the Spartan's visor.

      "I see you and my father have had a talk together" he whispered. The Spartan nodded.

      "Yes Sam, we have. My name is Josh, I am the leader of the Spartan-IIIs" he said

      "Sorry mate, you mean the ex-leader. Your rebellion here has ended" he growled. Josh laughed.

      "Oh no young Spartan, I'm afraid it hasn't, it has only begun" he said. Sam heard the sound of a weapon being cocked. He grabbed the hilt of his sword and looked into the corner. A Spartan was dragging John forward, a combat knife held to his head. Sam's eyes widened and he looked back at Josh.

      "Well, nice little situation here isn't it?" he asked Sam, who looked back at his dad. John looked up at Sam and grinned. Sam shook his head.

      "Let go of me Sam, you can't win here" Josh said. Sam watched four Spartans enter the room, weapons pointed at Sam. He swore and looked at Josh.

      "I always win Josh" he said. Josh shook his head.

      "Other way around Sam, I always win" he said. Sam heard John clear his throat and he looked at him. John was mouthing something to him. Sam squinted and watched his lips move. Find...find...mum...find mom he said to himself. He nodded and John nodded back. Sam suddenly saw the tears in his eyes. He looked at his dad and watched him blow him a kiss. Sam's eyes widened.

      "No!" he roared, but it was too late. John had managed to get both his hands free. He grabbed the Spartan's knife and smashed it away. He stood; grabbing the chair used to hold him and swung it around, smashing it over the Spartan's head. Sam moved quickly, hitting Josh over the head with his pistol and rolled backwards, avoiding the bullets fired at him. He brought his pistol up and fired off quick rounds, killing two of the Spartans firing at him. However, the third wasn't firing at him and Sam looked in the direction of his fire.

      Time seemed to slow down as the bullets that exited the Spartan's weapon flew at John, who was grabbing another chair to smash at the wounded Spartan who had been holding him. Time sped up and the bullets struck home.

      "Dad!" Sam roared, standing and grabbing his blade, chopping the Spartan in half and rushing at his falling father. John looked up at him.

      "Find mom Sam, find your mother" he wheezed. Sam held him.

      "Always the hero dad" he said, tears welling up in his eyes. John grinned.

      "Love you son" he said, then went limp. Sam looked at John's blank eyes. The last Spartan-II, Master Chief, Spartan-117, was dead. Sam felt anger rise into him. The door to the pantry opened and the Spartans outside began rushing in. He slowly dropped his father, closing his eyes then whipped out his sword and screaming in anger as he charged at the Spartans, swinging in around him.

      There were only seven Spartans in the mess hall. Sam moved quickly, stabbing into the first one, spinning and bringing his blade about, stabbing a second one. He held the blade aloft and brought it down on a third Spartan's head. The remaining four circled Sam, firing their weapons. A few bullets hit his shields, but Sam ignored them and charged at the two Spartans facing himself. He jumped at them, stuck his sword out into the air and spun. Like a whirlwind, he cut both the Spartans down. He stood straight, and threw his sword like a javelin at the sixth Spartan. It pierced the visor and dug into the man's skull. Blood squirted out and the Spartan fell. Sam raised his fists as the last Spartan charged at him with a knife. Sam grabbed the man's hand with the knife, hit him on the elbow and felt the man drop the knife. He let go of the Spartan's hand and smashed his fist into the Spartan's stomach. Although the armor took in the bulk of the blast, the Spartan was still winded. He crouched low, clutching his stomach. Sam walked over to his sword, pulled it out of the man's head and swung it around at his side like a rope. He then brought it up into the air, slicing through the Spartan's head. Then, it was quiet.

      Sam stood frozen for a full two seconds, before he grabbed a Spartan's assault rifle and a few clips, and then rushed for the stairs. He ran up them, encountering no resistance, and then reached another hallway. He turned left, sprinting down the corridor. He turned right then faced large doors marked "HANGAR"

      Grinning, Sam opened them and walked into the small hangar. Two Spartans stood in there. They raised their weapons, but Sam had already thrown a grenade. It exploded, wounding them both. He finished them off with two quick bullets. There was still one Pelican dropship docked in the hangar, which he climbed into via the troop bay. He sat in the pilot's chair and activated the dropship's engines. He cycled through a few system checks, then grabbed hold of the controls. Slowly, he eased the Pelican into the air and backed moved it forward. As he did, the hangar doors opened and Josh, along with a group of Spartans rushed in. Josh pointed at the dropship and fired his pistol. Sam heard the rounds bounce off the hull, but he was already in the air. He eased his way around the door and into the air. He pulled back on the stick, sending the Pelican straight up. He leveled out and sped off into the setting sun. He looked back at the base, paying his final respects to his father.

      "So long dad" he said, then turned the Pelican eastwardly and headed for his mother.

      Josh watched the Pelican disappear. He roared in anger, and threw his pistol on the ground. The Spartans around him backed off and went back into the base. Ian walked up to him, rubbing his bruised head. Josh looked at him.

      "Call all the Spartans to this base. Where is everyone?" he asked. Ian stopped rubbing his head.

      "Carl and his group are north, Amy is south, Judy is east and Zachary is west" he said. Josh had posted large groups of his Spartans across the planet, incase the UNSC assaulted. He would definitely need everyone back together again.

      "Call them here, we need to destroy the Shadow Spartan" he said. Ian looked at him.

      "How sir?" he asked. Josh grinned at this, feeling a small amount of happiness return to him.

      "It's time we visit John's wife, Sam's mother; Laura" he said.

By: Agent Shade