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Project: Shadow Spartan, Prologue
Posted By: Agent Shade<silent_shadow13@hotmail.com>
Date: 11 July 2003, 3:13 AM

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~*Author's note*~

      Okay, there have been two stories made called "Project Shadow Spartan." The first one made by Shadow Spartan didn't get finished and the second one made by Shadow Spartan and Arinoth Koby didn't get finished. Well folks, I, Agent Shade plan to start a story called Project Shadow Spartan and finish it. Don't worry, I'm still doing Shadow Spartans with Arinoth Koby, but because of our busy schedules, we haven't had the time to get together and write the next one. Be prepared for both stories. Enjoy...

~*End note*~

      With the annihilation of the alien alliance known as the Covenant, Humanity began to rebuild her once blooming and powerful territory. Most planets used by past colonies had been completely taken out; however, terra-forming projects started by scientists in the UNSC began to prove successful. Systems like Jericho VII, Sigma Octanus IV, Reach and Eridanus were brought back and colonized. Since the Covenant were gone and the Flood infestation wiped out, various war weapons like the vast UNSC fleet and Marine Corp. were no longer needed and disbanded, leaving billions of people with no jobs, no money, and no place to live. The government made up a system that allowed people who served in the war to receive a certain amount of money, then be given a place in a system of their choice. At first, this system worked, but there was still one problem.

      The Spartans still existed, even in this time of peace and prosperity. At first, it was thought that the Spartan-IIIs could live peaceably around fellow humans, but because of their enhanced abilities and combat skills, they could not. The UNSC government realized they had once choice and it wasn't a good one.

       Spartan=213; Josh and the remainder of the Spartan-III group slept in the Barrack room 6-D, near the back of the semi-large military complex on the planet Linear. Josh was having a nightmare, like usual. He and his fellow Spartans were being lined up by masked UNSC marines. Josh and his Spartans had no protection whatsoever on them and these masked marines were armed. No weapon, no armor. Josh felt alone and naked as he stood there. It was cold and dark. He could barely make out the marines ushering them around. All forty-six Spartans stood in a single line, with a marine facing them. Suddenly, each marine raised their assault rifles and fired a full clip into each Spartan. Josh felt every single bullet impact. He watched his body tear apart as the bullets smashed into him, ripping through flesh and cartilage. Josh gasped, and choked on his own blood. He fell and like dominoes, the line of Spartans fell, blood pooling around them all. The marines walked away, leaving their bodies their too rot.

      At that moment, Josh bolted up, wide awake and alert. Before he could move, he heard a small cough, followed by a jolt of pain run through his neck. He could see movement near the entrance to the barrack room but as he tried to stand, he felt his entire body go numb. Slowly, Josh fell forward, out of bed, and just before he hit the cold cement floor, he blanked out.

      "Was their any trouble?"

      "No sir, we got them all while they were asleep"

      "Good, let's do this quickly" Josh could hear the voices far away as he fell into a swirling black vortex. Memories of his childhood and bad missions flew around him and as he tried to fight through, he couldn't. Although his brain was focused on this dream, Josh could feel that whatever device he was lying on, it was moving. He struggled to wake up, but couldn't. He knew he could if he wanted too, but the sleep drug in him wouldn't let him. Josh roared in his dream and the vortex disappeared and he merely floated their in empty space. He concentrated hard on waking up and did.

      His eyes snapped open and the sleeping face of Spartan-234; Ian stared back at him. Slowly, Josh turned his head and looked around briefly. From what he could tell, they were standing in a military hangar. Hangar 51 probably, he thought. There was a lot of noise, but not from vehicles, but from people. He lay on a stretcher, as did his fellow Spartans. The stretchers were lined up in a horizontal line, facing the entrance/exit to the hangar. Looking down on them, through observation windows, Josh could see shadowy figures moving around and pointing down at them. The leader of the Spartans put his head back down and saw Ian staring back at him. He raised his eyebrows, but Josh shook his head, rolling his eyes. Ian nodded, turned his head and lay there, waiting. Josh could see that all of his Spartans were awake, not moving. He caught some of their eyes, and motioned with his head and eyes to inform them to not move. There's gotta be a window of opportunity coming up, he thought, looking for any marines. Sure enough, his thought was answered.

      Forty-six masked men, all armed with assault rifles and protected with Ballistic body armor walked forward and approached the stretchers. Josh glanced around again and could feel anger surge through him. After all the work I've done, we've done, this is how they repay us, genocide, but I won't have that he said to himself, glaring forward. Some Spartans saw him and grinned evilly, and did the same to spread the message. The masked, armed marines stood beside a stretcher and turned to look up at the windows overlooking them. A single figure stood forward.

      "Wake them up and let's get this over with" he said, his voice echoing throughout the room. The marine beside Josh turned and looked at him. Josh looked up at him and glared at him. He could tell by the marine's sudden gasp and stoppage of movement that he was scared. John swung his legs around, grabbing hold of the marine's neck and breaking it. The marine fell and Josh stood. The other marines around the other Spartans met similar fates.

      As Josh stood, he could hear screams and shouting from all around. He stood over a dead marine, and picked up the man's assault rifle and pistol, along with the body armor he wore and extra ammo. The Spartans all wore gowns, similar to the ones used in hospitals. Josh knew that gowns wouldn't stop a 7.62 armor-piercing bullet, but the body armor would help. The Master Spartan (equivalent to the rank of Master Chief) turned and looked up at the people looking down at them.

      "You think you can just dispose of us like this, huh?" he roared, brandishing his assault rifle around. His Spartans stood around him, glaring up. The man who had spoke first looked at them.

      "What do you mean, we weren't thinking of disposing of you" he said, his voice full of worry.

      "Shut your lying mouth you coward. Seems the solution here is to kill us all. I don't know about my other Spartans, but I won't come easy" he growled. And with that, Josh raised his assault rifle and began firing at the man who had spoken to him. Four bullet impacts and the man fell. The Spartans emptied a full clip into the observation room windows, breaking them and killing several people inside.

      "Let's get out of here and find our armor" Josh yelled. Before they could get to the exit, the hangar door opened, revealing a fire team of twenty marines, holding MA7B battle rifles. The Spartans were quick though, and used M6D pistols and a few grenades to take out the team. Josh led the way out of the hangar and to a flight of stairs. He knew exactly where their armor was and so did the CO of this base.

      Sure enough, General Alan Kimble was rallying several divisions of marines and Orbital Drop Shock Troopers to the science lab on C-deck, which was were the Spartans were headed.

      "Where are the Spartans?" yelled the General, who stood in the main security room, looking at all the security camera video screens. A technician looked up at the General, sweat all over his face.

      "Science labs sir" he said. Kimble whirled around.

      "What?! Get everyone to the labs, now!" he roared. The video screens with alive with movement, showing marine and ODST divisions rushing through halls and stairs, and also showed forty-six Spartans getting their MJOLNIR armor on. Kimble couldn't believe this was happening. He watched two divisions of marines rush into the lab, only to be shot down by four Spartans standing guard.

      "There is no way we can kill them" he whispered, watching a division of ODSTs go down from continuous weapons fire. The Spartans began filing out of the room, armor on and weapons loaded. Kimble was running out of options as more and more divisions of marines fell.

      "That's it, order everyone to evacuate, I want every damn human in this building to get out of here" he ordered, turning on heel and leaving for his personal Pelican dropship. And so the war starts again thought Kimble as he rushed down the red colored hall, shaking his head at the UNSC government. He left the army base within seconds afterwards.

      Josh finished his clip into an approaching Marine regular, then motioned his team forward. They had entered a large lobby area, which led to Bay 19. The lobby was slowly filling up with marines and ODSTs trying to kill them. However, although vastly outnumbered, the Spartans used explosives and dodging techniques to pull through, leaving the lobby a blood mess. Bay 19 had four Pelican dropships waiting, guarded by an additional forty marines. Quickly, the Spartans moved forward, firing at the marines who were caught off guard. Within in minutes, half of their numbers were down, including their CO. Another few minutes, and the last marine let out a gurgled death cry as he fell. Josh motioned to all four Pelicans.

      "Ten Spartans here, here, here and here, the remaining six, split up as best you can and sit on someone's lap if you have too, we're getting out of here" yelled Josh, moving to the far left Pelican. The Spartans split up into small groups, jumping into the troop bays of the Pelicans and awaited take off. The doors to the lobby opened and another group of ODSTs moved in, only to be taken out by a group of Spartans who were covering their six.

      Josh climbed into the pilot's chair of the Pelican, activated the engine and adjusted himself to the controls. Ian climbed into the co-pilot's chair and flipped several switches, looking outside.

      "Looking good sir, rudders are moving, we have engine ignition" he reported.

      "Let's get out of here" said Josh. The small group of Pelicans lifted off the pads they sat on and drifted in the air for a second. Another group of marines rushed into the bay, but couldn't get a clear shot, as the Pelicans zoomed out of the bay and into the rolling sky above. And thus, began the Spartans rebellion against the UNSC...

Two weeks later...

      "Well, what the hell are we going to do about this?"

      "This is definitely a surprise sir, the Spartans were our best. We have nothing to fight them off with..."

      "There must be something we can do...make more Spartans?"

      "The technology we used to make them was destroyed sir, after the annihilation of the Covenant"

      "Damn...don't you think it's possible to overrun them with multiple assaults and overwhelming numbers?"

      "Sir, a good half of our ground and space forces was laid off, because of our recent victory. The Marine Corp has been disbanded; all of our warships are gone. The only types of resistance we have are small pockets of marine forces that still need to be sorted by that new system the government put out"

      "Is there anyone in this room who believes victory is possible here?" Vice Admiral Adam Jameson glared at his colleagues who sat around him at the conference table. Not a single one stirred and most stared at the floor.

      "Well?" Jameson asked again. A small voice at the far end of the table spoke up.

      "I do sir." Heads turned all the way down and Jameson squinted to see how it was.

      "I beg your pardon, but how are you?" asked Jameson. A large figure stepped forward, wearing his dress uniform that was covered in campaign ribbons and medals. Jameson gaped at him. The man, who looked slightly old, saluted.

      "Master Chief, Spartan-117 sir. My name is John" he said. Jameson gaped at him.

      "You're a Spartan-II?" he asked.

      "The only one left sir" John said.

      "And you feel you have an idea on victory John?"

      "Yes sir" John had been holding a folder in his left arm. He leaned forward, handing it to Jameson who took it. The usual stamps of Top Secret, Eyes Only littered the front page, but when Jameson turned the page, he grinned.

      "Project Shadow Spartan" he said, looking at everyone in the room, who all looked away.

      "Sir, I was the one who created that project, but because of our victory over the Covenant, it was shut down. I believe that when re-activated, Project Shadow Spartan will stop this rebellion" John explained. Jameson looked through a few of the notes, and then closed the folder.

      "Does anyone else have any ideas?" he asked. Once again, no one spoke. Jameson nodded.

      "We not only disbanded it because of the Covenant, but because of the risks involved. Do you still have a candidate?" asked Jameson.

      "Originally sir, I was planning on becoming the Shadow Spartan, but I felt it wouldn't be safe, so I had someone else do it. We were halfway through his training when the project was shut down" said John.

      "Where is he now then?" Jameson inquired.

      "Oh, he's still in the same lab I used sir, in hibernation. I felt the need to keep him around, just in case" said John. Jameson grinned/

      "So be it, from this day forward, Project Shadow Spartan is on. Don't take up too much time in his training John, the Spartan-IIIs have attacked four military outposts and taken lots of equipment. We need him now" said Jameson, staring at John. John saluted.

      "I will sir. He will be the best" John said. Jameson returned the salute, then stood, as did his colleagues.

      "Start tomorrow, dismissed" he said and with that, the entire assembly filed out of the room.

By: Agent Shade