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Shadow Ops, Chapter 4: The Alliance
Posted By: Agent Shade<Agent_Shade13@hotmail.com>
Date: 21 June 2003, 4:03 AM

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Shadow Ops, Chapter 4: The Alliance

~*Author's note*~
      Just so no one gets confused, here is the Shadow Ops 1 squad...

Lieutenant Alan "Shadow" Pearson, Squad leader (assault, Red team)
Master Sergeant Jonathan "Dusk" Henderson, second in command (assault, Blue team)
First Sergeant Paul "Specter" Howe (assault, Blue team)
Corporal Colin "Shade" Thompson (sniper, Blue team)
Corporal Fredrick "Spirit" Owens (assault/medic, Red team)
Private First Class Daniel "Wraith" Clarkson (support/radio, Red team)

      Exams are over, so I will be writing my series a lot more =D

~*End note*~

      Lieutenant Pearson awoke with a jolt; M6D pistol raised and pointed up. In front of him, in the shadows of the night, Master Sergeant Henderson knelt beside him, weapon at the ready. He wore his helmet and grinned at his leader.

      "Easy there sir, just me" he said. Pearson relaxed, nodded and put his pistol away.

      "What is it?" he asked. Henderson looked over to his left for a moment, before looking back at the Lieutenant.

      "A Covenant convoy was spotted by Shade a few minutes ago, heading our way. The same convoy is now walking past out position. Problem is; they don't seem to have intentions of assaulting us. They seem to be in a hurry as well. For the past hour or so, we've been hearing sounds of gunshots and screaming throughout the jungle" he explained. This made Pearson worried and curious. He nodded, grabbed his helmet and MA5B assault rifle. Just in case, he pocketed two clips of ammunition. He then strapped his helmet on and headed after his second in command.

      The rest of Shadow Ops 1 were gathered around the left side of the ex-Covenant camp perimeter. They had successfully fought off two full divisions of Covenant reinforcements that charged at them yesterday. Pearson knelt beside one of the Shade gun turrets and looked at his sniper who was sitting in it. Corporal Thompson handed the Lieutenant his sniper rifle. Pearson took it gratefully, and then activated his radio.

      "Sergeant McKinney, gather your marines in a line along the tree line of the valley. We might be able to take this Covenant convoy prisoner" he said. The big marine Sergeant acknowledged him and barked orders to his marines. Pearson then activated his team frequency radio.

      "Shadow Ops, form a line along the tree line" he said. They all moved quickly, running while crouched and keeping low. Pearson knelt behind a decomposing log, Thompson right beside him. The marines then joined him and fanned out. McKinney nodded at Pearson to signal that they were ready. Pearson nodded back, and then used the sniper rifle to zoom in on the approaching convoy.

      Four Hunters, five Brutes, three Elites, seven Jackals and ten Grunts, all moved in three individual lines. Although most of them were keeping silent, two of the Elites were chatting with one of the Brutes. The one Elite wore the gold armor of a Field Master. Most Brutes had a dark blue armor on them, but this one Brute had total black armor on him, as did the second Elite who walked next to the Field Master. Pearson continued to watch them, and then listened.

      Field Master Ikna 'Favlor shook his armored head at the Brute Special Op leader Qatar. The Brute had been questioning the Field Master's motives for the past few hours and finally, he felt it was time to tell him.

      "We have a new enemy that has broken out of that human Outpost back there. From what I found out, most of our task force was wiped out by their first assault, but then the cowards retreated and hide. You know of which enemy I speak off Qatar. I know we have no chance of defeating them, so rather waste all of these soldier's lives, I plan to get off this world with all of you in a dropship a few units away, then glass the planet afterwards" he said, staring at the big Brute who looked at his Field Master, jaw open.

      "I thought the Prophets knew that our enemy was hidden in the human mine fields?" he asked. 'Favlor nodded.

      "Yes, they did know, and so did I, however, we didn't think that they would attack the humans. However, when our spies reported in and told us the humans were being attacked, we had to move in and stop our enemy from spreading" he said. With that said, Qatar went silent and fell into formation, allowing 'Favlor to think for a moment as they walked through the jungle.

      Pearson had heard enough. He gave the sniper rifle back to Colin, and then activated his radio.

      "On my mark, we move through the surrounding shrubbery and surround the convoy. Do not open fire, I wish to interrogate the leader. We might have a chance here to form an alliance" he said. No doubt, his men were probably all confused about the Lieutenant's last remark, but they acknowledged and got ready. Pearson watched the middle of the convoy approach him, then stood.

      'Favlor heard movement and ordered everyone to stop. Before he had a chance to raise the plasma sword he had sheathed at his side, close to twenty humans appeared out of the forest, weapon's raised. 'Favlor checked his motion to grab the plasma pistol he had on his belt and watched the humans surround them.

      "We have you surrounded, drop your weapons" yelled one marine. 'Favlor knew a lot about the human military and could tell by the way he was dressed and the rank insignia that the man who yelled out was a Sergeant. The Field Master realized they were screwed, so he nodded at his team, and dropped his pistol and sword. When he looked up, one human walked forward. Immediately, the Field Master could tell that this was the leader and that the human was some sort of special trooper, by the way he dressed and the weapons he carried. The human took off the helmet he wore, and looked at the Field Master.

      "My name is Lieutenant Alan Pearson" he said. 'Favlor nodded at him.

      "I am Field Master Ikna 'Favlor." The man known as Alan Pearson nodded.

      "I've been listening to the conversation that you were having with your Brute there. I and my team were sent here to find out what the hell was going on at that Outpost you guys obtained. From what I've heard, the situation is a little messy?" he began. 'Favlor nodded, and then took a different approach.

      "Lieutenant, I do no wish to fight with you. Would if be possible if we could take up refuge in your newly acquired base camp, which will offer us all protection from the forces of evil that are at work" he asked the human. Although he didn't express it, 'Favlor could tell that the man thought long and hard. Finally he nodded.

      "All right, but on a few conditions; no weapons, your convoy will stay in the centre off the camp under close watch, and you will come with me into one of those tents of yours and tell me what is exactly going on" he said. The Field Master agreed to these terms. He had no intention of trying to betray the humans. They needed their help. Plus, the base camp would offer good protection.

      Lieutenant Pearson ordered his team to escort the convoy into the camp. The Shadow Ops and the marines formed a circle around them and lead them into the camp. The Covenant all sat down and the marines were kept under watch of them, while the members of Shadow Ops watched the perimeter. Pearson and Master Sergeant Henderson led Field Master 'Favlor into one of the Covenant tents and sat down at a makeshift desk. The Field Master took a deep breath and began.

      "This planet has been under our watch for years, since it harbors a deadly secret. Your people came several months ago and began setting up bases and outposts all over. We kept a few of our spies in the area, to keep watch over your actions. This particular Outpost began mining operations for various metals required to build your fleet ships. Well, your people dug too deep and they reached the underground holding cells for the parasitic alien force known as The Flood" began the Field Master. Pearson showed no emotion, even though inside, he was swearing and cursing. He knew about the Flood and hated them. He nodded and let the Field Master continue.

      "So, the Flood basically killed everyone at the mining fields and used them for a source of food. You sent warriors out there to find out what happened; the Flood killed them too. Our spies reported in to us that the Flood was released here and we moved in. Your human friends obviously didn't want us there and fought for a little, but we overwhelmed them and they surrendered. This task force is commanded by two Field Masters. Myself and Field Master 'Liondar. 'Liondar is totally loyal to the Prophets and hates humans, which is why he ordered many of them executed. I do not have that sense of hatred towards the human race. I feel we are two races in this universe that if steered correctly, can make peace and conquer this universe together. I didn't have all the humans at the Outpost executed and had some of them taken to various base camps located around the Outpost" continued the Field Master. Already, Pearson was beginning to like this Elite and let him continue without further interruption.

      "Just yesterday, the Flood came out of the mining fields, killing the warriors we had positioned there and attacked the Outpost itself. At the time, I was out at one of our base camps and only found out about the attack till later. Apparently, Field Master 'Liondar was killed during the assault and the surviving Covenant forces are now scattered throughout that Outpost, fighting for their lives. My original plans was to take everything I had and go rescue them, but when you came and took over this camp and destroyed the reinforcements I sent in to take back the camp, I realized that saving those Covenant is hopeless. However, this may have changed again" he said, looking right into Pearson's eyes. The Lieutenant smiled, and then leaned forward slightly.

      "If you seem to like us this much, why were the humans we found in this camp being tortured to death?" he asked. At this remark, he could tell that the Field Master was pissed.

      "I apologize for my warrior's actions Lieutenant. I'm sure you have felt this way before, but I do not have complete control over a base camp if I'm not there. If something happens, and I'm not there, there is nothing I can do. If the Covenant I had placed here were alive, believe me, they would be dead" he said. Pearson nodded at this. Yes, he was still mad about it, but when the Flood get pulled into the equation, you have to let it go. He nodded once more, and then leaned back.

      "What do you propose Field Master?" he asked. 'Favlor's mandibles spread open like a grin.

      "I propose an alliance between our two forces. We gather all my remaining troops and all the marine survivors and assault the Outpost, take it back, then move in and destroy the underground holding cells. This betters both of us" he said. Pearson thought about this. They would definitely need more people. The amount of troops they had at the moment just wasn't enough. The Covenant would be a big help in taking out the Flood. Their weapons weren't the best, but they had numbers greater than theirs and a few extra soldiers couldn't hurt, He nodded.

      "All right, we'll go to the other base camps you have around here and get Covenant and human troops from them. Every human Outpost has a weapon cache hidden somewhere around it. If we could find it, we could dish out a few shotguns and Jackhammers, which are very effective against the Flood" he said. He could tell that this was exactly what the Field Master wanted to hear and nodded. Pearson stood and offered his hand, and the Field Master took it and they shook. They two walked out and addressed their troops. Pearson began.

      "A situation has come up. Outpost Sierra has been invaded by the alien force known as the Flood. They were the cause of the deaths at the mining fields. They have caused death again. This entire planet is like an underground holding cell and it must be destroyed. From now on, the Covenant you see, are your friends. Our combined races will take out the Flood threat and save the universe from its tentacles" he said. From what he saw, he got nods from his team and big smiles and nods from the marines. The Field Master then addressed his people.

      "The plan is simple. We gather what troops we have in the area, assault the Outpost and take it back, then move into the mining fields and stop the Flood from spreading. The alliance we have between the humans will not end and hopefully this small combined effort will put a stop to the war we've been going through" he said simply. Pearson watched the entire Covenant convoy nod. The Grunts were jumping around with excitement. Pearson nodded.

      "All right, we'll rest for the remainder of the night. At dawn, we move out and gather our army" he said. With that, a huge cheer rose among them and the marines and Pearson's team began shaking their hands with the Covenant. Pearson turned to look at the Field Master. 'Favlor nodded, and brought his fist up to what would be his heart. It was obviously their type of salute. The Lieutenant saluted back at the Field Master, and then they went about setting up a defense perimeter for the night and setting up additional sleeping quarters for their troops. As Pearson barked out orders, he realized that this fight was going to be a lot different then originally though.

By: Agent Shade