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Battle for the Norah: Prologue
Posted By: Agent Shade<silent_shadow13@hotmail.com>
Date: 11 May 2003, 1:35 PM

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Battle for the Norah: Prologue

      In the year 2525, mankind had evolved to an age of space travel and had explored the vast recesses of space, colonizing every habitable planet that they came across. On November 2nd, contact with an alien race was made. A large colossal object had wiped out a small human colony known as Harvest. When a United Nations Space Command scout vehicle and battle group was sent towards the Harvest system, the object wiped them out except for one destroyer which was part of the battle group. As the object left the system, the commanders of the "ship" sent a bursted transmission to the wounded UNSC destroyer. "Your destruction is the will of the gods, and we are their instrument."

      For the next 27 years, the human race began fighting a losing war against an alien race they called "The Covenant." A large collection of alien species, the Covenant's religious leaders believed humans would bring the downfall of the universe and felt the need to wipe them out. After Harvest, dozens of other human colony worlds became floating dead planets as the Covenant Armada moved quickly. Naturally, the humans fought back, but their various space vessels were no match for the awesome power of the Covenant war vessels. The only comfort the humans had was the military planet known as Reach, which harbored a deadly secret. Here, a large handful of human candidates were being trained to take out the Covenant for good.

      They were called Spartans, but the UNSC called them "super-soldiers." Their main purpose was to wipe out the Covenant threat. First used in 2552, in the destruction of a Covenant destroyer, the Spartans immediately began bringing back the glory to the human race. There was only one flaw. The Spartans couldn't save the colony worlds they fought to protect. Spartans were trained to fight on the ground and not in space, which was where the UNSC was weak. The Covenant merely wiped out the ships in orbit, then used their plasma weapons to take out the planet itself. There was nothing to Spartans could do about that.

      It was on August 30th, 2552 when the Spartans knew that something had to be done about their flaw. The Covenant had found the military planet Reach, where the Spartans had first been trained. A fleet of over 150 human ships formed a defensive wall and the 20 gun platforms orbiting the planet, formed in a diamond shape, preparing to wipe out any vessel headed towards the planet. However, the small human fleet and limited gun platforms was no match for over 300 Covenant ships, which came into the system and wiped out the planet, including all of its defenses.

      During that battle, the majority of the Spartan forces had been on Reach and when the blasts from the Covenant ships came down upon the planet, there was nothing the Spartans could do. A lone Spartan, the leader, known as Master Chief was the only surviving Spartan of that battle. He and the crew of the old human cruiser Pillar of Autumn were able to leave the system. The Master Chief still had a mission to complete. Wipe out the Covenant.

      When exiting their random Slipstream jump, the PoA came across a large floating ring in space, which the Covenant called "Halo." It was here on Halo, were the Master Chief would make a stand. The crew of the PoA crashed onto this ring and began their guerilla war against the small Covenant armada that had followed them. With limited resources, the humans were able to fight off the Covenant for awhile, until they accidentally released the secret of Halo.

      A new race, simply called "The Flood" had been hiding in Halo and was set loose upon the humans and Covenant by the humans. Immediately, the Flood went to work, looking for "food." Vastly outnumbered, the Master Chief was able to find the PoA and detonate its fusion core, which then destroyed Halo. It was assumed that everything was wiped out.

      However, not everything was destroyed. A single piece of Halo, which harbored the actual environmental systems of the ring world had survived the nuclear blast and was thrown into the recesses of space. On this single piece of the ring world, the remaining marine forces, Covenant forces and Flood army finished the battle of Halo. The only means of escape from this nightmare is a Flood controlled-Covenant cruiser known as the Norah, This cruiser had been knocked out by the nuclear blast of the PoA and all the crew aboard were killed by the Flood, who then took it over once they had found it.

      This story tells the tale of how these warrior races continued fighting on Halo and were able to get off. Who wins? Who losses? Who reaches their home? Find out. (Coming soon, Battle of Norah: Part 1)

By: Agent Shade

**Hey folks, I'm the author (no shit) and I'm here to clear up any confusion. I've always had an idea about a piece of Halo that survived the blast and still had the Earth environment that allowed humanoids to survive on it. This cruiser known as the Norah is the only way of getting off Halo and the humans, Covenant and Flood fight over control of it. I hope that you enjoy this part of the story and please tell me if you see any problems, which I will do my best to clear up. Cheers**