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Revenge Part I: the Shadow
Posted By: af'pooaopfasofo<Qaz813@cs.com>
Date: 18 September 2003, 2:16 AM

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UNSC Earth Shipyards
Orbitting Earth
Expiremental Shipyard

General Hutchinson walked down the cooridor of the shipyard to the airlock. Next to him was a scientist, explaining the new ship. "We call it the Shadow class destroyer", said the scientist, a wiry thin figure in a grey baggy jumpsuit. Holographic schematics came from a HandHolo. "This is the Shadow. It is 4/5 the size of the Covenant counterpart. It weighs more than three times the standard UNSC destroyer however. This ship is built solely for space. It has a crew of 5; a Captain, Gunner, Navigation, Communications, and Slipstream. The AI handles everything else. It showed the Shadow on the hologram. It was like a normal UNSC ship, with a flat plate-like structure, and armor over the hull, but it was night black, with several long spikes coming out of it. "Tell me about the weaponry on this thing", said the general. They where apporaching another cooridor. "The shadow is armed with 6 heavy fusion beam cannons and 12 light fusion beam cannons, along with fusion missiles. There are no fighters on the ship", said the scientist. They reached another bend. "What is a fusion beam cannon?", asked the general. "It fires a superheated plasma beam at the target at high speeds, and the plasma beam is pulsed. When it hits the target, the kinetic energy with make it fuse, making it a fusion canon. The power outputs are enormous. The heavy fusion beam cannons are simply larger and more powerful than the ligh ones. The heavy fusion beam cannons are for engaging capital ships, while light fusion beam cannons are for small ships and fighters. They have a rapid rate of fire", said the scientist. Another bend of cooridor. "What is the armor and sheilds of this", asked the general. "The ship is protected by 2 heavy sheilding, much more effective and stronger than Covenant static sheilds. It than has a 15 meter thick hull made out of nanodiamond", said the scientist. "It cn take a lot of punishment, and the hull is laced with superconductors to absorb energy from Covenant plasma", said the scientist. Nanodiamond was the black material. "These ships are produced at nano factories. There hull is much, much more efective than Titanium-A, and is now cheaper than glass", said the scientist. That would be good. "The nanodiamond is stronger than Covenant PlasmaMetal building material", he added. "What is the power source for all of this", said the general. They reached an airlock and were boarding a smal shuttle. "The power reactor takes up 2/3 of the ship. It is a quantum singularity generator, supported by 8 smaller gravitametric fusion generators. Our reactors are essentialy light years ahead than Covenant plasma reactors", said the scientist. The shuttle lifted up, and tiny thrusters launched the ship to the black destroyer. "What are the weaknesses of the ship", said the general. "The main thing is that it is much slower than covenant ships, or even former human ships. The thick nanodiamond hull takes up most of the weight, along with the quantum singularity generator. Massive ion engines are placed the propel this ship. Also scanners are less effective than Covenant scanning technology. It will be our strength against their speed", said the scientist. "Another thing is that the desttroyers will always be outnumbered by Covenant. The size of the destroyer doesn't matter, for a heavy fusion beam cannon shot can take out medium sized Covenant ships in one shot", said the scientist. The general nodded. A ship technologically sperior heavily armed would be the key to defeating the Covenant. "How many destroyers are there so far?", asked the general. "We have a fleet of 20 now. You will take lead of this destroyer fleet and destroy a Covenant colony we found. The fusion beam cannons are able to bombard planets", said the scientist. "When will we start this raid?", asked the general. The scientist glanced at his watch. "Now", he said.

UNSC Shadow-class destroyer Proteus
Mission: Destroy Covenant colony planet

General Hutchinson sat on the black diamond command chair, holographic displays and computers in the wide command center, deep in the heart of the small destroyer. Hutchinson, in command of 19 other destroyers, was going to lead a raid to a Covenant planet. Hutchinson didn't remember how they got the coordinates to this planet, except that some legendary AI named Cortanna hacked into the Covenant mainframe a few weeks ago and downloaded the locations of all Covenant fleets, planets, installations, and the homeworlds. This planet, named Hammorrohna'Channah, was the closest to Earth, a slight slipstream jump away. Hutchinson remembered looking at the map of the Covenant planets. They had half of this Milky Way, and a third of the Magellan Clouds under their arm. A big empire, with millions of worlds. And this was only one. Hutchinson remembered that the Covenant were egnaging 11 other alien races now, humans were just one of them. In fact, the Covenant barely noticed humanity, just sent one fleet after them. Now it's payback. The other 19 destroyers were closely behind him. "Slipstream drop off 5 seconds ahead", said the AI, a miniature Medusa. The space in this deformed dimension boiled, and Hutchinson's destroyer, the Proteus, rolled out, and the 19 other destroyers followed suite. "Sir, we are picking up 216 Covenant ships orbitting the planet", said the gunnery. "Tell this to the fleet. 'Form up and power your weapons'", he said with authority. He saw the familiar forms of cruisers, corvettes, frigates, and carriers. He also saw assault ships; destroyers, assault carriers, and destroyers with those slicing beams. It was going to be a hell of a battle. A class IIIa attack formation, consisting of 9 frigates and a lead destroyer, slipstreamed out in front of the destroyers. "Target lead destroyer with a HFBC and fire", said Hutchinson. One of six HFBC's, or Heavy Fusion Beam Cannons, fired a thick blue beam at the lead destroyer, a sleek oval with a single laterall seem. The blue thick beam struck the middle of the ship, and erupted in an explosion. The beam stopped, and the destroyer was vaporized. Hutchinson grinned. "Target ships with separate HFBC's anf fire. Arm LFBC's and target for any corvettes or Seraphs", said Hutchinson. He heard the familiar whine of LFBC's, or Light Fusion Beam Cannons. The other destroyers, night black ships with several long curved spikes coming from them, opened up their blue beams into the heart of the Covenant war machine, now swarming to kill Hutchinson and the other ships.